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The Witcher – Recap

Seen The Witcher yet? There’s something beautiful about calmly enjoying a show like this without having too many expectations from it other than hoping it doesn’t completely suck. And guess what? The Witcher is pretty enjoyable on its own, no matter how much you know of the books and the games, you can be pleased with the companionship and follow the story of this devastatingly charismatic monster hunter and his friends.

The first episode of the show opens with a sweet little fawn feeling some awkward vibes in the woods at night.

A white haired Henry Cavill emerges from the water, fighting some kind of monster spider.

He kills the sweet and friendly looking spider with his sword.

The fawn gets hurt in the meantime.

Geralt has a one-liner to subtly let us know that he’s in fact, will be ending the poor thing’s life, and maybe – possibly eat it.

Later we see him enter a tavern, looking all broody and mysterious.

And for some reason, people dont like him? Not really making sense, since he’s just killed a monster.

A woman interferes and tells them to back off.

This lady apologizes for her rude men and tries to chat.

Then this young girl shows up and offers to take him to her dad, who is the alderman, and will pay for the dead monster.

When she sees it’s a kikimora instead of the graveir her father wanted, the girl leads Geralt to the wizard’s house, where he meets the sorcerer Stregobor.

Right, of course.

Stregebor talks about evil women of Lilith, born during the black sun who will bring the end of the world. He says they need to be killed for the lesser evil.

Geralt calls bullshit.

He tries to convince Geralt that Renfri is a monster who could destroy them all and repeats the lesser evil aspect.

Geralt disagrees.

“Evil is evil, greater, lesser, middling, it makes no difference. If I’m to choose between one evil and another, I’d rather not choose at all.”

We see a little girl playing knucklebones and soldiers come to pick her up. We enter the court of Cintra, where the Queen is performing serious queen duties while we witness the banter between the little girl, who’s definitely the princess and the older man, who’s definitely the King.

During the royal dance, the king and the queen talk about the upcoming war with Nilfgaard.

Back with Geralt, Renfri shows up and tells him her backstory. She was a princess and because she warn born on an eclipse, Stregebor sent his men to kill her, who instead ended up raping and robbing her.

Who’s telling the truth? The wizard or the girl? Who’s the real monster and how can Geralt take it upon himself to make the decision?

Renfri asks him to kill Stregebor, if he wants.

“No thanks,” is the answer.

At the court, Princess Ciri is safe with Mousesack, waiting for The Queen- her grand mother and the King to return from the war.

The King and Queen are bravely fighting along their soldiers, refusing to give up.

Then the King gets struck by an arrow, righ in the eye.

The archer stands triumphant on the hill.    

She returns to the castle seriously injured.

Meanwhile, Geralt tells Roach about his day.

Renfri’s back.

Then they kinda kiss. 

Meanwhile Queen Calanthe is dying.

Kinda last minute, but.

Later, after she escapes the castle with Mousesack, Ciri is taken by the creepy guy who killed the King with an arrow. She screams at him, causing an earthquake and a large crack in the ground. Then she runs away on her own.

Back with our white wolf:

Renfri appears in his dream. “You were in the market, covered in blood. You say you can’t choose but you had to. And you’ll never know if you were right.”

Please, Renfri. Boundaries.

Geralt, of course, goes to the market to see what the fuss is about.

The boys get on his nerves.

He ends up killing all of them and finds Renfri who’s threatening Marilka.

Renfri says she will kill every one until she finds Stregebor, so they fight.

After trying to convince her and resisting her attacks, Geralt eventually kills Renfri.

Sad, so sad.

Stregebor aka the worst, comes to celebrate.

He’s so excited to see Renfri dead.

Stregebor is quick to turn everyone against Geralt.

Oh, Renfri was right.

Now, was this the lesser evil? Who knows, not Geralt. That’s for sure. Geralt was right though. Evil is evil. He made his choice, and that choice was to protect people even if they were evil, he didn’t choose to kill whoever he personally thought deserved death. That is noble,  but he’ll never know if it was the right decision. Especially considering how much of an a-hole Stregebor is. 

Toss a coin to your witcher,

See ya next time.

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  1. Oh it was a great surprise to get the email saying you were doing this recap.
    I always enjoyed your work but I think the last I saw was Penny Dreadful.
    Happy to be back at any rate. Keep up the good work 🙂

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