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The 100, “Ye Who Enter Here” Photo Recap

The 100, “Ye Who Enter Here” was another angsty episode with several betrayals, heartbreaks, deaths and everything else The 100 is all about.

I should warn you, this won’t be a serious, informative recap.

The episode starts with Lexa, who wants to talk to Clarke but it’s not that easy.

a (1992)

Great question. Clarke?

a (1994)

It’s not something you can just get over but Lexa starts talking like Dumbledore again, telling Clarke she needs to move on.

a (6) a (3)

Later at a meeting, a guy from Ice Nation gets all sassy. On top of that he’s stolen Clarke’s hair, which probably gets on Lexa’s nerves.

a (1935)

Lexa seems surprisingly calm and mature about it.

a (1933)

But then:

a (1928)a (1923)

In the meantime, Kane and Abby are also a little angsty but supportive.

Abby’s worried about Clarke.

a (1896)a (1894)

Their relationship has grown so much.

Guess who else is angsty and worried about Clarke?

a (1882)a (1861)

Gena’s smart.

a (1870)

But Bellamy’s quick to pretend and get all cute.

a (1865)

Maybe because you’re totally obsessing over saving Clarke, bb.

Back at Polis, Prince Charisma suggests killing Lexa but Clarke doesn’t approve.

a (1822)a (1818)

Later Blake siblings have a heart-to-heart where Octavia tells Bellamy she doesn’t fit in there and he understands, they hold hands and have a nice moment. Aww, let’s hope this lasts forever.

a (1802)

Then Echo shows up to warn Bellamy about danger, betrayal and murder.

a (1788)

Of course he trusts her.

a (1787)

We see an assassin doing a little ritual so she must be telling the truth, right?

a (1770)

We meet Kane and Abby as they take a look around Polis.

a (1769)

Are those plastic?

A woman offers Abby some food.

a (1745)a (1764)  a (1743)a (1742)a (1734)

Kane is so happy.

a (1726)a (1721)a (1722)a (1712)

Indra and Kane greet each other. When did these two become besties? I don’t know but Indra’s smile is so lovely I forget to question things.

a (1714)

Bellamy and others find some dead people.

a (1700)a (1699)

Probably a trap.

Later Clarke tries to kill Lexa but she can’t, so she decides to accept her offer to protect her people, which is to become the 13th clan.

The ceremony begins.

a (1232)a (1241)

This lady sings a heartbreaking song.


It’s really classy and enchanting.

And with his great timing, Bellamy comes in.

a (910)a (903)

He accuses Lexa of being Lexa.

a (840)

But suddenly Echo isn’t there so they have no proof and it almost looks like Bellamy, Octavia and Pike crashed the ceremony for nothing.

At Mount Weather, Raven and Sinclair talk about why she suffers in silence.

a (883)a (885)

After their moment, Gena is killed by the assassin and Mount Weather is destroyed. Only Raven and Sinclair survive.

At Polis, Kane isn’t really happy with Bellamy.

a (861)

But then Raven calls to say everybody’s dead at Mount Weather, which makes Ice Nation happy.

a (836)a (828)

Lexa does not approve.

Bellamy tells Clarke to come with them because it isn’t safe.

a (812)

then it’s like

a (822)a (809)a (808)  a (817)a (814) a (806)a (804)a (794)

Clarke says she needs to stay to make sure Lexa doesn’t betray them but Bellamy doesn’t think that’s smart.

a (775)

(I love his angry face so much.)

And Clarke’s so cute because she’s trying to look cool.


But her eyes are screaming HEARTS.


Then it gets real, remember the song?

a (966)

Everybody joins in.

a (959)a (411)    a (362)  a (233)

He tells her to come home to her people/him but she says she’s sorry and he looks really hurt.

He also gives this look to Lexa which speaks on its own.


Then he leaves and Clarke is sad.

a (198)

Oh, Clarke. Just run to him, give him a good hug, make those cute puppy eyes and tell him to trust you. Although at this point, Bellamy only wants her to come back and reasoning with him probably wouldn’t work anyway.

Aren’t these two sweetly frustrating? My only consolation is that when they finally start communicating it’ll be wonderful to watch all that tension… dissolve. Right? We saw a real hug in the season three trailer and I’m counting on it, which means I’m ready to cry.

Later Clarke tells Lexa she only stayed for her people and Lexa kneels like she’s about to propose and swears fealty to her.

a (17)

And look what’s happening somewhere else.

a (14)

Ice Queen. (and the annoying Mount Weather guy from season 2 )

Hmmm, something wicked this way comes?

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7 thoughts on “The 100, “Ye Who Enter Here” Photo Recap

  1. Your recaps are THE BEST. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying! Will you ever recap 3×02? I would LOVE to see you recap the Bellarke reunion! You’re amazing

    1. Thank you1 I probably won’t have the time to do the whole episode but I might do a Bellarke special later to cover their big moments from this season. =)

    2. Thank you1 I probably won’t have the time to do the whole episode but I might do a Bellarke special later to cover their big moments from this season. =)

  2. “No one dishonors my Wanheda but me” OMG I’M CRY
    Also, only you could turn that song into something deep <3

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