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The 100: “Fog Of War” Photo Recap

This episode of The 100 began two days after the previous one’s tragedy.

Our leaders/babies were discussing their plans to save the rest of the 47 from Mount Weather with the help of Clarke’s map.

Bellamy had concerns about Abby.

Clarke told him he wouldn’t be alone in the mission no matter what.

Then Finn (who happened to kill 18 innocent people last episode) made things awkward for Clarke by showing up.

Bellamy had more sympathy for him, considering how they’d bonded over trying to survive together.

Also he seemed to be remembering his own mistakes.

But Clarke was like:

Finn seemed hurt because Clarke avoided him like the plague.

It was probably a good time for Bellamy to leave them alone.

How would anyone deal with their ex mass murdering people and then wanting things to get back to normal? And by normal, I mean “survival mode”.

Clarke’s reacting the best way possible under these conditions.

Then came Murphy.

Clarke can’t help it.

He seemed to be disappointed in her. When Murphy said they were cleared Finn made a point to tell Clarke that they did what they had to do.

Then Finn took off because he was hurt.

Murphy: Trouble in paradise?

Then Raven came to tell Clarke that Mount Weather was jamming them.

This soldier lady was totally spying on them.

Raven told Clarke all she found out.

She would just bomb the tower if they could locate it.

Clarke told her about Mount Weather and explained to her how saving her friends and finding other guards would be helpful in a war.

Abby seemed pretty pleased with Clarke’s strong will.

Meanwhile, Doctor Tsing suggested that Jasper’s blood could be a permanent solution for resistance to radiation.

Its healing power seemed to be eight times more effective and she asked for President Dante’s permission to start using the rest of the 47.

Dante was given morals, this episode. He said he didn’t deserve to go outside if he put them in cages like animals.

So does that only apply to The 47 or did he forget about the Grounders? Oh, right.

Kane and Jaha were hanging out.  Jaha was extremely calm and full of wisdom.

Grounders left a young girl, telling her to let them know when one of them was dead.

Kane was silently losing it but Jaha just sitting there was the best.

In the meantime, Raven found the tower.

Abby noticed Bellamy and Octavia weren’t there so she sent her men after them and Finn volunteered.

Clarke and Raven didn’t think that was a good idea.

After he ran away and Clarke went after him he told her the massacre was an accident.

Of course the fog decided to come out right in the middle of that conversation.

Thankfully Octavia, being the smart queen she is, followed the bugs and found where they were hiding.

Clarke and Finn hid inside the bunker where the corpse of the Grounder he killed was rotting. It was like a Christmas gift for Clarke.

Back at the Mount Weather, Jasper was trying his best.

Then Maya showed up.

They followed her outside. She told him they risked her life to get Jasper to give blood.

They saw the Grounders in cages.

Maya explained how they would die without the treatment. Monty suggested they actually died. Maya told them they could be next but after Clarke ran away the security had been increased so escape wasn’t an option. Monty told Japer they needed to try anyway but Jasper wasn’t willing to leave the others. Also he had a plan to buy them time until Clarke came back. (They are soo her children)

Back with our badass ladies, Raven managed to find and listen to the Mount Weather’s communication.

Abby wanted to bomb the tower but Raven reminded her it would also ruin their chance to know more about what their enemy was actually up to. She also played the Clarke card.

Bellamy and Octavia were looking for a sign of life when they ran into someone.

Lincoln, no.

Then we were back with Kane and Jaha.

Kane really wants to die a hero, he’s been trying to do this for two seasons now.

After Jaha asked the girl to help Kane, he decided to take her hostage. *sigh*

In the meantime, The Blake Siblings were deeply traumatized.

Bellamy promised her they’d get Lincoln back.

The girl kicked Jaha’s butt. Her real name was Lexa and she was the commander. She’d just stayed there to find out their true intentions.

Smart, badass warrior lady, basically.

She said she believed Kane’s desire for peace and she sent Jaha to give The Camp a message.

In the meantime, our brave and sweet Octavia was trying to get Lincoln. Bellamy used the taser on him because Lincoln ate people now.

Back in the bunker, there was more of that relationship/murder drama. On a serious note, I’m thinking Finn is going to have another major breakdown soon because how can he live with himself after killing so many innocent people? He admits to Clarke that he doesn’t know who he is either.

On a slightly more cheerful but still creepy topic: Monty was donating blood. And he was high.

President Dante seemed pretty enamored with Jasper.

Jasper also gained my admiration this episode, making up for his naive actions during the previous ones.

Dante went to his creep club meeting. Doctor Tsing didn’t think everyone else would be willing to donate but Cage showed his approval. Dante thought Cage was behind the security breach.

Jasper was all smiles as he put on some music to drown out their secret meeting.

Abby bragged about doing the right thing.

Raven talked to Finn.

She told him to suck it up.

I did expect her to be a little more upset or worried at first, but I guess ain’t nobody got time to worry about Finn right now. She cares about him and for all we know they might have shared a scene during the two days we didn’t get to see.

Then of course, Jaha appeared.

Jaha needs his Kane. But he didn’t waste time and just gave them Lexa’s message:

Leave or die”

And she had just become the chancellor. Poor Abby, this must be too much pressure for her but as long as she has Clarke and Raven by her side, there’s hope.

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