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Outlander, The Watch Photo Recap

Hello Outlander lovers,

We’re back with another “Thoughts During” recap.

So, where were we? Yes. Jamie’s in trouble. I can hear you say “When isn’t he in trouble?” and I agree, dear reader. This precious cinnamon roll seems to be too good for the world and he should be protected at all costs, even though he’s practically a red haired giant and could probably lift you and me both.

smto1 (2)

“Misfire and I’ll run my pistol down your gut.” Jamie, this might not be the best time to sass these people.

smto1 (9)

Claire’s like, “Can I panic now?” She can’t catch a break.

smto1 (18)

Jenny to the rescue. She has such great timing. I also love her crisis management/super fast lying skills. “He’s my cousin.”

smto1 (37)smto1 (30)smto1 (34)

Look who else is coming:

smto1 (99)

This nervous ball of sunshine is so important.

smto1 (104)

So they’ve been providing shelter, food and whatever The Watch needs and Jamie’s not enjoying this.

smto1 (139)

He’s actually following Jenny into the kitchen because he has some yelling to do.

smto1 (158)

“Are you daft, sister? Welcoming The Watch into our home?”

“Oh, hold your tongue. It’s not like we had a choice.”

I love how Jenny doesn’t take sh*t.

smto2 (7)smto2 (9)I smto2 (15)

And I also love Ian’s Hufflepuffy interventions. Calmly telling Jamie this is a burden for them but he’s free to give them a better idea if he has one. Classy. Honestly, these two Fraisers would bring the house down if it wasn’t for Ian.

smto2 (41)smto2 (51) smto2 (40)

Jamie likes these guys sooo much. But he could at least try not looking so intense. *Sigh*

Ian’s just as nervous as Taran MacQuarrie’s like: “Ian never mentioned you.” He knows something’s up. Thankfully Ian and Jenny are great at laughing it off and Ian’s practically begging Jamie with his eyes to stay cool.

smto2 (77)smto2 (47)

And he’s trying to will Taran to shut up.

smto2 (56)smto2 (68)smto2 (61)smto2 (103)smto2 (104)

The next day, this bastard decides it would be fun to burn the hay.

smto2 (120)smto2 (118)

Jamie immediately turns into Hulk.

smto2 (146)

I guess Taran likes his super fighting skillls.

smto2 (159)

Jamie: No, thanks.

Guess who’s back though? Horrocks. What a delightful person.

smto2 (171)smto2 (172)  smto2 (174)smto2 (180)smto2 (175)smto2 (182)

Jamie regrets coming back home. But Claire’s like: We’ll handle it.


Horrocks and The Watch are planning something.

smto2 (191)

Look who’s being cute? Love this kid’s laughter.

smto2 (197)smto2 (204)

Claire and Jenny talking about children and siblings.

smto2 (221)

Jenny’s water broke, her baby obviously thinks it would be a nice time to be born now.

smto2 (252)

The baby’s not turning around and Claire’s worried. Jenny says not to tell Ian, protecting her man from worrying.

And of course, guess who wants something to keep silent and not give away Jamie’s real identity? This guy!

smto2 (270)smto2 (269)

He just wants Jamie’s money. Preferably all of it.

smto2 (286)smto2 (292)

Jamie’s really patient, not killing him right there for his threats. But we all know what he’s thinking:

smto2 (289)

He agrees, just as long as it means he won’t see Horrocks ever again.

Both siblings are struggling but Jenny’s having a more difficult time.

smto2 (344)smto2 (343)smto2 (351)smto2 (338)

She’s telling Claire how being pregnant feels. Here’s an interesting part of the dialogue:

“And towards the end, when the child moves a lot, it’s a feeling like when your man’s inside you? When he comes to you deep and pours himself inside you and that throbbing begins? It feels like that, only much bigger, like it’s him yearning to get inside. That’s what they want sometimes, you know. They want to come back.”

Jenny wants a drink and doesn’t care if the baby’s drunk too. “Then he’ll come into the world a true Scot.”

Ian and Jamie are discussing Jamie’s attitude towards The Watch. And Ian has the best lines/attitude as usual.

 Ian: Ever since they got here, ye have the look on your face like you’ve got a thistle stuck up your arse. You’re provoking them.
Jamie: They’ve burned hay we need for winter. You’d have me turn the other cheek?
Ian: That’s why ye’ve got two cheeks, ye lemmer.


smto2 (387)smto2 (384)

Ian’s officially the best. You know, the kind of fictional character you wish were real and you could be buddies with.

This scene keeps on giving.

Jamie’s angry Ian’s been friendly with Taran. “So you’re boon companions with him.” All that sass.

smto2 (400)smto2 (401)

Ian’s saying yes. He likes to have someone to drink with who doesn’t look at him with pity. Also because he’s a soldier and hear this: he reminds him of Jamie.

smto2 (416)smto2 (415)smto2 (426)

What a great friendship. They’re actually like brothers and I’m very emotional right now.

Ian says they need The Watch to protect them from Jack Randall. Jamie doesn’t like it but it’s the truth.

Jamie tells him about Horrocks. Ian wants him to take the money Jamie’s father left but he says half of it belongs to Ian and Jenny. Also just like Jenny’s not letting Claire tell Ian about the baby being breech, Jamie doesn’t want Jenny to know.

*Sigh* Frasers. Good thing Claire and Ian have that Fraser Spouses Support Group thing going on.

Ian says he doesn’t care about the money, it’s what Jenny would want and what he wants.

Later, Jamie’s talking to Claire about using the money for their future children.

Claire says she’s not sure she can have babies. Jamie immediately consoles her.

smto2 (444)smto2 (476)smto2 (479)smto2 (494)

Jamie: There’s… there’s so many things that can go wrong. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to ye… Or for ye to suffer.
Claire: I wouldn’t mind the pain.
Jamie: I would. I can bear pain myself, but… I couldna bear yours. That would take more strength than I have. 

This is one of the best book quotes and it was very heartfelt. I want to praise Jamie for hiding his sadness here. He doesn’t make it about himself and avoids making Claire feel guilty for what she can’t change. But of course, he wanted children and he’s pained.

smto2 (504)
Horrocks dude is getting on my nerves. He wants Jamie to sell his father’s land and provide for him for the rest of his life.

smto2 (521) smto2 (535)smto2 (550)smto2 (566)smto2 (579)

But then?!

smto2 (588)

Of course Ian’s got his bestie’s back. But he’s really shaken because he obviously doesn’t like to murder people for fun.

smto2 (636)

Jamie cautiously reaches for Ian’s sword as he reminds him how they thought they’d go to hell.

smto2 (639)smto2 (642)

And Ian says the sweetest thing anyone could say in this situation:

“Well, if you’re going to hell, I might as well go too. God knows you’ll never manage alone.”


Jamie tells him to bring the shovel because they’ll bury the body together, just like best friends should.

*wipes tears*

Back at the house, Jenny’s afraid she might not survive the childbirth but Claire reassures her.

smto2 (708)smto2 (713)

Claire’s compassion and sympathy seems to help Jenny admit her fear. All this time they spend together is strengthening their bond. I love the sibling/friendship parallels in this episode. The way people care for each other in this show (and the books as well) is extremely inspiring.

The Watch excluded.

smto2 (721)

Taran’s suspicious of Jamie.

smto2 (748)

But Jamie’s like:

smto2 (762)smto2 (768)

Next morning, of course Horrocks is still not around so Taran says it’s not hard for him to understand Jamie had something to do with his disappearance.

smto2 (811)smto2 (812)smto2 (832)   smto2 (839)smto2 (849)smto2 (851)

(I’m sorry but Hannibal would approve.) Anyway. Taran’s reaction is surprising.

smto2 (870)smto2 (872)

Poor Ian’s not really used to all this excitement.

Taran basically tells Jamie he’ll have to come with him instead. Ian says he’ll come too. Once again, my emotions.

Jamie and Ian are saying goodbye to their wives. Jenny says Claire’s with her so they can go. I love how she trusts Claire now.

Jamie and Claire’s lovely scene. This episode is beyond beautiful (directed by Metin Hüseyin).

smto2 (951)-vert

Claire gives Jamie the wooden snake his brother made for him when they were kids and he’s emotional.

smto2 (970)smto2 (965)

Then Claire tells him if he doesn’t come home soon she’ll go after him and drag him back by his curls. And of course, Jamie’s very into that.

smto2 (977)smto2 (983)smto2 (995)

Aww. Just look at them. Sam and Caitriona are very good at making this soul mates thing work on screen.


You can feel the love, can’t you.

And also this:


I have a feeling Jamie doesn’t want to go now.

But he goes. Leaving Claire like:

smto2 (1018)

Later Jenny’s giving birth and not really having fun.


Let me translate:

smto2 (1108)

Jamie’s enjoying his time outside.

smto2 (1060)

Of course it is.

Taran’s asking Jamie what anyone would ask Jamie:

smto2 (1026)smto2 (1027)smto2 (1022)

Yup. Better listen to Ian.

Taran says he would never give Jamie to the English. Which makes us all feel warm and cozy. I like this guy.

But then…

smto2 (1137)smto2 (1155)smto2 (1161)

Yup, Horrocks managed to screw them over from the grave. Honestly, this guy. *Sigh*

On the upside, Jenny’s birth goes fine and she has a daughter.

smto2 (1171) smto2 (1167)

After three days, Jamie and Ian’s still not around. Claire’s keeping herself busy with Jenny’s baby.

smto2 (1185)smto2 (1194)smto2 (1196)

Jenny gives Claire her mother’s bracelets. She says Claire should have them as the Lady of Lallybroch.

smto2 (1218)

Claire shows her affection with a kiss on the cheek.

smto2 (1227)smto2 (1228)

I love Laura Donnelly’s performance as Jenny. She expresses so many emotions at once, she looks just as tough as Jamie but on the inside, she’s just a big softie who loves greatly. She probably hasn’t been kissed the way Claire–who has no problem showing her emotions–kisses her. Now she has a sister and a friend and it’s cute beyond words.

smto2 (1226)

Their bonding is interrupted when they hear voices and this scene is really beautifully shot because even though you pretty much know what’s gonna happen at this point, you still hope to see Jamie.

 smto2 (1249)smto2 (1255)smto2 (1279)smto2 (1286)

Ian says Jamie stayed back with Taran and the Redcoats have him.

It seems Claire will have to keep her promise to bring him back now.

Her face says it all:

smto2 (1296)

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