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Mozart in the Jungle: A Sweet, Magical Composition

After accidentally binge-watching the first season (which consists of only 10 episodes) I have to say that Mozart in the Jungle is a beautiful show.

Here is a spoiler-free review for you.


It’s basically about what happens behind the curtains at the symphony and how musicians handle being musicians.

Even though the characters are relatable, sweet and interesting there are scenes where they can feel less than realistic or what they experience may feel like it belongs to a dream sequence. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a flaw, it’s just that the show lets you experience life through each character’s point of view, so it all depends on who you’re watching.

Mozart is sadly, only seen as a figment of Rodrigo’s imagination but I personally think that he’d make a great ghost.

Some relationships and interactions can be fast-paced, even come out of nowhere or be reflected superficially but they fit in the world the show created. They’re simple but engaging.


The characters are generally cute and likeable, so you want to know what happens next and you genuinely get happy or excited for them.


And the best thing is that everyone has a unique personality made of beautiful details which make them appear more real to the audience.


What really makes watching this show easy is that there is a sense of peace throughout the season, people have problems but they also have solutions. There is no big drama, painful revelations or angst that lasts more than a few seconds to give you stomach cramps, confrontations are either funny and passionate or gentle and awkward. The show’s optimistic sweetness is soothing and lovely.


It asks you certain questions you can’t help but try to answer:

Do you follow your dreams because they make you, do you have no other choice?

Would you spend your whole life to accomplish just one thing?

What would you sacrifice to achieve it?

Would simply doing it make you happy or do you need other motivations like using your talent to make the world a better place?

How about when you’re not ready?  And what if you’ll never be good enough?


If you like music, if you ever imagined being a musician or if you’re passionate about anything at all, you could enjoy this show greatly. It’s not without flaws and a couple of caricature-like characters but it can leave a smile on your face with its dialogues alone.

Mozart in the Jungle is a lovely show worthy of your time.

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One thought on “Mozart in the Jungle: A Sweet, Magical Composition

  1. I love the way you’ve summed this up. I myself have just finished binge watching this myself simply by randomly clicking on the first episode out of curiosity. I cannot wait for the next season.

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