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How To Know They Love You: Fictional Characters Edition

Since it’s Valentines Day, here’s a little special about some of my favorite characters and how they would show their love.

Hannibal Lecter

He insists on cooking for you and feeding you himself, wants to meet you at a museum, always says something poetic, makes sculptures for you, cooks chicken soup and visits you when you’re sick, acts like he’s your doctor/parent/boyfriend all the time, subtly talks about murder, jokes about eating you and/or other people, doesn’t mind when you’re rude, laughs with his eyes when he looks at you, smiles warmly like he finds you cute, draws you like one of his favorite renaisance paintings, feeds your dogs when you’re not there, drives for hours to see you, talks to you about his past/family, plans having a life together, shows you his mind palace, looks at you longingly, wants to give you a child, sends someone after you to test your survival skills, carries you bridal style, might surrender for you, doesn’t like sharing you with others, might kill everybody you know just because, is confused why you don’t appreciate his murder skills more.

Verdict: Don’t break his heart. Seriously. He’s not for everyone but if you love him back, hold onto him. He’s truly one of a kind.

Bellamy Blake

*Sigh* Where do I start with Bellamy Blake? This guy will risk his life for you, multiple times, too many times. He can torture people for you, watches you when he thinks you’re not looking, supports you fully in everything you do, makes puppy eyes, makes angry eyes, wants you around him at all times, highly protective, very impulsive and reckless when it comes to you, just wants to have a drink together dammit, comes to you when he’s troubled, trusts you with everything, respects the hell out of you, thinks you’re a princess, he’s proud of you, your words and actions affect him more than anyone else’s, he shares your burdens, he’s always up for a challenge, he’s a really vulnerable cupcake around you, gets hurt easily, is very distracted and excited when the two of you have any physical contact, if you say anything that indicates you care about him you will actually see his systems fail, he might even shut down for a while.

Verdict: If you find a Bellamy Blake, you don’t let him go, ever. Bellamy Blakes are hard to find. Actually, you know what? Just send him over to me.

Vanessa Ives

If Vanessa Ives loves you, you’ve been touched by the hand of God (and the Devil probably.) She will steal your boyfriend, girlfriend, your friends too. She might ruin your life because she loves you too much. On the upside, she’ll fight anyone to save you. She might suddenly speak unknown languages and mention eating souls, ignore her. Find a priest. Find two priests. Find Ethan Chandler. If you’re Ethan Chandler, you know what to do. She’s extremely understanding and compassionate. She’ll be physically affectionate, hugging you, touching your face and your hair even when you’re fully morphed into a monster. She’s really supportive as a person. She’ll tell you how you belong, that you’re together for a reason. She’ll trust you with her life. She’ll be honest with you. She’ll have a big smile whenever you’re talking. She’ll teach you how to dance. She’ll cook for you. She’ll never leave you when you need her. No matter what you are or what you do, you’ll find her ready to embrace you in the end.

Verdict: Vanessa Ives is the best. If you find her, hold her tight. She seems very huggable.

Clarke Griffin

Clarke Griffin will be there for you as long as she thinks that’s for the best. She might stay away from you to protect you, which doesn’t really make sense but she probably thinks she’s doing the right thing. She can sacrifice everything, including herself, to keep you safe. She loves you unconditionally, so she can forgive you for almost anything. She usually says the right words to ease your mind but sometimes she’ll only speak with her eyes, especially when you need to hear how much she needs you. When she misses you, she’ll run into your arms and give you the biggest hug ever. You’ll see her love written all over her face so you should pay attention to all the things she doesn’t say. Her voice will shake when she’s worried about you. You’ll always know she has absolute faith in you. She’ll admit she doesn’t want to lose you, she can’t lose you. She’ll smile at you often, finding comfort in your presence. She’ll tell you she believes in you no matter what. She’ll see the inner you that you hide so well and understand you better than anyone else. If she has to, she’ll play dirty to save your life. Her main flaw is thinking she’s being selfish when she loves too much. You might need to remind her love is not weakness.

Verdict: I know it’s hard but sometimes you need to stop expecting her to come to you. Be patient, she’s worth it. (You hear me, Bellamy? Be patient.)

Will Graham

You’re blessed. This is practically a human puppy giving you all the love in the world. He’s not the best at human interactions but he sure learns fast. He’ll love the parts of you that you thought no one could ever accept or love. He’ll be comfortable and less awkward around you compared to how he is with others. Sometimes he’ll make bad jokes. He’ll get flustered when you compliment him. He’ll be very flirty when he wants to tease you. His hair might look different depending on the reaction he wants from you. He’ll be really sassy when he is playful. He might be manipulative because he knows you love him too much. He’ll break you out of prison if you ever need it. He’ll break your heart if you hurt him but he’ll still come to you every time. He’ll know you too well, understanding you better than anyone else. He’ll play any game you want and you’ll be the only person he is truly himself with.

Verdict: Will is the perfect combination of sunshine and darkness. Love him carefully.

Ethan Chandler

How did you find him? Ethan is the perfect mixture of wonderful hair, inner strength and loyalty. He’ll follow you anywhere. He’s not one to mess with but he’s also really vulnerable when it comes to his freedom and the people he loves. He’ll go through hell for you. You could be eating wallpapers and rapping satanic verses but he’d still be there for you. You could be coughing up blood and dying but he’d still be kissing you. You could be a soulless murderer but he’d still think you’re cute. Err… he just has a big heart. He pretends to be a tough guy but you’ll see he’s just doing it to protect himself. At the same time, he does have a tendency to eat irresponsibly during full moons so yeah, be careful. Chances are, even when he’s at his worst he’ll still be guided by his love for you so he’s not one to break your heart. If he thinks he’s harming you in any way he’ll stay away from you. He’s ready to protect you with his life. He can be painfully honest sometimes but only because he truly cares for you. He’ll be extremely compassionate and loving no matter what. He might be all you need to exorcise your demons.

Verdict: Ethan Chandler is a saint. Ethan Chandler is a sinner. Love him and protect him at all costs.

Claire Fraser

She’ll literally travel through time to get to you. Claire is fearless, she’s not afraid of change and she’ll use her ability to adapt to overcome the obstacles standing in your way. She’s ready for every challenge in the name of love and she’ll be your rock through it all. She’ll fight you about everything and it’s only because she loves you. She’s not one to give up on the people she loves so don’t ever try to push her away. You’ll probably feel her love no matter where you are and what you’re doing. She’ll be caring, nurturing, playful, loyal, protective and fierce. She’ll do anything, go anywhere, face anyone just to make sure you’re okay. She’ll always express how much she supports you. If your name is Jamie Fraser, you can be sure Claire Fraser loves you.

Verdict: If you love Claire, she’s probably your soul mate and you can’t help it anyway. Good luck!

Jamie Fraser

I have a lot of feelings about Jamie Fraser. If you’re reading this, you too probably have a lot of feelings about Jamie Fraser. He can be a stubborn, frustrating hot mess as well as a generous, warm-hearted hero. If he loves you, there’s no way you wouldn’t know about it. Jamie is vocal about his feelings. His body would also speak on its own around you. He’ll flirt with you shamelessly, his eyes will pierce into your soul, his smile and voice will probably end up killing you. He’ll kill anyone that hurts you in any way. He’ll get emotional really fast, whether that emotion is anger, love or passion. He’ll be affectionate, he’ll tease you to death. He’ll be all cute and playful but then he’ll suddenly get really intense. He can spend years away from you, risking a whole life without you as long as it means you’re safe. That’s how Jamie loves.

Verdict: If you’re not ready for an epic love that feels like a blessing and a curse at the same time, he’s probably not the one for you.

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