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Daredevil: Introduction

Hello Daredevils,

This will be a an extremely spoilery introduction/review/a sample of my Daredevil feelings (with cartoon hearts and flowers, just in case any of you is allergic), so beware.

I’d been excited about this show since the first trailer came out but I didn’t really have high expectations, just hoped it would be worth watching.


And then after the first five episodes there was no going back, I devoured it all.

First thing first, Marvel, congratulations on the impeccable casting. matt

This is our main man, Matt Murdock. His character can be summed up as: matt (2)mnvlcsnap-2015-04-12-01h07m46s5

Okay, this one wasn’t really necessary but let’s enjoy it for a moment.


Yeah, okay, moving on.

Matt’s a lawyer and vigilante.

His hobbies include: Being the darkness, being the night, justice, throwing people off roofs, hanging out in trash cans, parkouring, charming ladies, making speeches about morality, protecting people, being a Catholic, adorableness/badassery in general. He is blind and has heightened senses.

Then we have Foggy Nelson. He is capable of feeling love for all, including fax machines.


(Same, Karen. I too am worried and blurry.)

Foggy is Matt’s best bro and partner in their own law firm. Aside from office equipment, he likes being kind to people, making jokes, doing good things for old ladies. He is loyal and brave.

He and Matt do things like:


A lot of Bro lovin’ here.

Sometimes Matt has this attitude though:


He can be an endless frustration source to Foggy.


Next, we have Karen. She is a sweet, intelligent, courageous girl who’s had some traumatic stuff happen to her right in her very first scene and she does pretty cool things later. Notice my super recapping powers? “She does stuff and things.


She has this sometimes creepy crush on Matt. dsf

There are moments when she looks at him like she’d like to lick his face. I’m not blaming her and I can see why she feels whatever she feels but let me remind you her scene with Foggy where she asks him to touch her face like a blind person (I WONDER WHO) would touch her.

A bit too much, Karen, honey.


Other than that, she’s amazing. (And gets even more so in the later episodes.)

Speaking of crushes and being amazing, all hail the queen.


This is Claire Temple, and chances are she’s probably better than you. She is a super nurse without super powers. Matt has feelings for her but I won’t go into detail.


He likes it when Claire patches him up, which is what happens during the majority of their time together.

lol (2)

The feeling’s mutual.


Then we have Ben Urich,  super journalist, truth seeker, fearless and sweet.

An all-around great guy who deserves only the best.


Finally we meet our villain Wilson Fisk or He-Who-MustNot-Be-Named.

His interests: Being emotional, paintings that make him feel alone, artists with fabulous hair, best friends who take care of business, cutting heads off with car doors, Hell’s Kitchen, Hell’s Kitchen and Hell’s Kitchen.


His romance skills:


Our precious hero Matt spends his time subtly using his powers.


Subtly trying to get information on his enemies.


Learning things from people on their death beds.

Feeling things:


Getting beaten up as much as possible:

1wvlcsnap-2015-04-12-02h38m05s185 1wvlcsnap-2015-04-12-02h22m10s104

And upsetting Fisk:


The best part is, you’ll care about every one of these characters. The show isn’t perfect and there are times when a couple of lines might make you cringe but other than that the writing, acting and production quality is pretty impressive overall.

If this cute review fooled you into thinking this show won’t tear you apart and break your heart, you’re wrong. It will get a bit bloody and sad but I have faith in you.

Go and watch it. Hell’s Kitchen’s waiting for another hero/villain to join the team.

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4 thoughts on “Daredevil: Introduction

  1. Started watching this, tried to get the hubby into it but the car door beheading was a bit much for us both… but I’m watching again today, home sick. It really is good! Dark, yes, but worth it. Matt just got cut to ribbons by a blender in a red suit so I’m hoping we’ll see Claire again this episode. Fun intro, thanks!

    1. I should have put a warning that it’s not always as cute as I make it look in my recaps 😀 But it’s a good show and Claire is my favorite after Matt. What a lovely character.

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