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Twin Peaks 3×01-3×03 Recap

It starts with Agent Cooper having a wonderful chat with The Giant.

Basically. He’s given you all the facts, Cooper.

Later a guy watches a glass box for super secret work and his girlfriend visits him.

Later the other Cooper shows up with longer hair.

He takes these two with him.

Later the couple make out in front of the mystery box.

Something shows up behind the glass.

So that’s how you summon this thing!

A cute lady calls the police for the smell coming from her neighbor’s apartment but she is very much like Dory from From Finding Nemo so we have some funny moments before the cops find the body.

Then not so funny moments.

The Log Lady calls Hawk to give him a message from her log.

Bill Hastings is arrested for killing Ruth Davenport and his wife is really sad about it.

Later the good Cooper has a chat with another old friend.

Laura Palmer.

“I am dead yet I live.”

They share a cute kiss.

And she gives him some info.

Then Mike asks if it’s the past or the future.

Tell me about it.

We see the evolution of the arm.

You can’t expect too much when you’re a weird shaped flesh thingy with branches.

Evil Cooper kills Jack for reasons.

Neat trick.

Then he goes back and questions Darya.



He plays the record and it’s all there. The cookies are gone.

I guess someone’s gotta die.

Later Cooper sees Leland.

So Cooper falls out of the lodge.

Later Shelly’s drinking with friends and James shows up.

He seems to be tenderly gazing at Shelly’s friend.

That’s also when Red makes eye contact with Shelly.

Why? Who knows? Not us, that’s for sure.

Back to Cooper, he’s still falling.

He goes into a room and sees a blind lady.

Then they go outside to do something.

She pulls a lever and falls because of the electric shock.

Then he goes to another room to find another woman sitting there looking at her watch.

Then he’s sucked into the thing.


Dougie Jones is transported to the red room.


And the doppelganger feels disturbance and vomits before fainting.

Dougie pops like a balloon.

Cooper ends up in Dougie’s place.

He seems to have no memory and he walks around like an overgrown baby.

He has no car keys so Jade gives him a ride.

“Jade give two rides”

The neighbor’s son watches them from inside while his mother is kinda doing her own thing.

Back at Twin Peaks, Hawk is tested.

“It’s not about the bunny. Is it about the bunny? No. It’s not about the bunny.”

We see Jade dropping Cooper at the casino where he eventually sees a man win the jackpot.

Then he’s guided to the machines that will win.

He keeps winning, gaining some haters on the way.

At the FBI headquearters Tammy shows Gordon and Albert the thing that killed the young couple.

Later Gordon receives a phone call that tells him Cooper is alive so he tells Albert and Tammy they’re going to see him.

Yes we are.

Meet me in the next recap!

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