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Outlander, “By the Pricking of My Thumbs” Recap

Yep, not a full, long Outlander recap this time. Just thoughts and some cuteness.

This should save us time. (My recaps take 2 days to complete, not even kidding. So, this is delightfully easier for me and much shorter for those who’d been reminding me of the length of my recaps, I hope.)

Let’s get to it:

  • Whoa. Hello there, what I’d like to call “Morning gymnastics with Jamie Fraser”. (Also a visually beautiful scene.) I tried to cap it but died trying. How dare you, Jamie Alexander Adorable Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.


  • Murtagh’s getting more and more distracting with his fabulous hair and eyebrows combo. I don’t think I pay him enough compliments. Please remember, he’s not a model. (Call Ned Gowan for bookings)


  • Speaking of Ned, isn’t he the cutest? (I really don’t care about the Duke, Claire warned them about his relationship with Jack Douchebag and they’re discussing or something, whatever.)


  • Claire on the move.
  • Leeeeeerie hey! Sup? By any chance did you try to kill me and steal MY HUSBAND?


  • “He’s mine.” Laoghaire (Leerie), you’re gonna get slapped.


  • *Sigh* Clearly, Jamie should’ve said Gurl, ME LOVE CLAIRE. Letting her down easy doesn’t seem to be working.
  • Wow, when you meet a very naked friend summoning Mother Nature at night maybe you shouldn’ t watch. (Manners)


  • Yeah, Claire, just join her.
  • Now they’re talking about her nipples. OK.
  • Of course the baby is Dougal’s. Everybody, hide yer wives.
  • Aww, this friendship is mostly based on their shared weirdness but still.


  • A baby’s crying in the misty forest. Let’s search for the source. Obviously, nothing bad can come from it.


  • They kill babies “because reasons”, Jamie explains.
  • When in doubt, put a dead baby in a tree.
  • Dougal throwing a tantrum. Sad, I think. Angus and Claire agree.


  • The Duke is fabulously annoying. But Claire has upped her game. (Yes, that’s a cartoon crown on her head but everything looks good on her.)


  • The Duke’s obsessed with Jamie. Can you blame him?


  • No one can resist Jamie’ s charm. *softly touches his face through the screen*
  • A duel. Of course. A day’s never complete unless Jamie’ s life is in danger.
  • Guess what, MacKenzies and whatever these dudebros are, they are enemies. Huh, shocking.


  • Jamie, this might not be the best time for Your mom jokes.


  • Of course they fight.


  • Claire silently patching up Jamie as he keeps talking.


  • Jamie’ s worried Claires not scolding him. Quiet anger can be very effective.
  • Geillis’ husband is dead. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FARTS, GOODBYE.


  • Yeah, she does look very sad.


  • Colum is everything I love. “I’m not asking you anything you half-wit. I’m ordering you.”
  • Dougal: He had gas problems, bro.


  • I want Colum’ s laughter as my ringtone, ending with an insult. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha half-wit!
  • Okay now Colum you’re being harsh. Let the man have some love in his life because well, trust me on this.


  • You will not speak until you’re spoken to + Jamies face = Another You little shit moment with Jamie and Colum. (I live for these because of Jamie’s reactions mostly.)
  • Colum’s being a bully right now. Honestly, F. U. I’m actually sad for Dougal.
  • Separating Claire and Jamie is a bad move. Colum, say goodbye to your fanbase (me).
  • Dougal wants some lovin. So envious of Claire & Jamie kisses. And that was a hell of a kiss. Don’ t go, Jamie.
  • Jamie’ s advising Claire to stay away from Geillis. I wonder how that will work out.
  • Oh, didn’t really work out after all. Shocking.
  • So the dudes are there to get Geillis but then they see Claire and of course they decide, “Oh, let’s take this one too.” Great. Amazing.


  • We meet again, Leerie. I wish this was the last time and I wish you’d just stop in general. I understand how much it would wound someone to know they lost their chance with Jamie. But YOU MUST STOP.

Remember my campaign from last recap #LeaveClaireAlone ?

Yeah, I know it’s never gonna happen. We should all get used to this constant state of danger.

At the same time, I’m excited about the trial business. Bring it on, show!

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