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What To Do When You Need Hope

Someone asked me what I do when I am down. So I made a list.

What To Do When You Need Hope:

  • If it’s not a temporary feeling, I talk to someone and tell them what I’m worrying about and I actually let them comfort me. I try not to argue because that’s not the point. Just let them cheer you up and help you.
  • Sometimes people may not be available or I might not feel comfortable enough to share something. So I use affirmations and talk to myself. I’ll say: I’m fine. It always works out. It’ll be better than I imagine. I trust that it will be okay.
  • If there’s anything I can do, I’ll do it. Even if it’s only a tiny step in the direction of whatever I want.
  • The next one is my magic trick: I read children’s books. I have some favorites which give me the I can do anything confidence that only children boks can give you. When I was younger (even in college) I used to read them whenever I needed comfort. Especially books that deal with fear and loneliness help because they speak to the scared part of you. People write them with so much love and hope because it’s mostly the story they think the children need to hear the most. It’s almost as if they speak to that part of themselves in a compassionate way, so you’ll find some kind of softness and imaginative support in them along with the honest advice.


  • Another thing I do is watch something that makes me laugh. I watch the bloopers of a favorite show or a movie, I read funny things on the internet. Joy takes you out of that mental state where you feel despair. It’s healing.
  • I write things to make other people laugh, which helps greatly because knowing you’re making people feel better is a very healing action for yourself as well. You can do something different for others, anything nice.
  • I go out or if I can’t, any open space does the trick. Watching the sky and breathing fresh air definitely makes you feel better. Focus on your breathing and soothe yourself, give yourself hope. Talk to yourself as if you’re talking to someone you love. That should be the norm. It might feel awkward at first but you’ll get used to it.
  • I do something that I’m good at. Find what that it is for you. Singing? Drawing? Writing? It could be something ordinary like cooking or making someone laugh. You can cuddle with your pet, organize things or just take care of your body, like brushing your hair and teeth. It will help. Focus on what you can do. Let it comfort you.
  • I remind myself it’s useless to be afraid of what I can’t control so I let go. If I let myself get carried away, there is no end to thinking what could go wrong. Worry is exhausting and if you need help with anxiety please ask for professional help. It’s not weak, it’s not wrong.  None of us feel good all the time. We all need help with different things. Do yourself a favor and take care of yourself. Hope is about reminding yourself that it’s worth the effort.

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