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The Scared is Scared: A Story About How To Handle Fear (Warning for cuteness)

This begins as a cute story and turns into a touching reminder of what we often forget to do as adults.

The advice this little boy gives is probably what we always hear about closure, anxiety and fear but somehow his words are heartwarming.

I guess when it’s communicated through the language of a little boy the genuine truth speaks to our inner child more easily.

I don’t want to take it away from you so I think you should watch it first:

The Scared is Scared from Bianca Giaever on Vimeo.

Bianca Giaever asks a six year old if he wants to tell a story for a movie.

First, he tells this cute little fun story of two animals you wouldn’t really imagine being friends (one being a huge bear and the other being a tiny mouse) and he makes them go to the pool and have fun but then it ends too soon because the pool is closing for the winter. But he makes them find other things to do so it’s a happy ending and we don’t get too sad for them.


After that, it slowly starts to get deep as he tells the point of the story:

You don’t really wanna go when something’s closing, then you’ll have to wait to go back there.

I love that even as a child, he doesn’t make missed opportunities into a sad thing. Waiting is the natural consequence but we can still make that process fun by doing other things we enjoy instead of regretting what we’ve missed. That’s serious advice.

The bear and the mouse had a great time even without the swimming pool. They enjoyed other activities (I love how he whispers at this part) like having a sleepover without telling their moms.

What truly moved me were his thoughts about closure and being nervous and afraid when Bianca told him she was graduating and she felt her school was closing for her:

If something feels like you’re closing, you should just say okay, I’m fine.


“I usually let it go. I just think of something that I really like to do. You just think of something else until the nervous has gone out of you. I let that thing disappear out of my head. Out of my ears, out of my mouth.


When the scared feeling comes into you, the scared is scared of things you like.


Then he makes a little list of the things he thinks of that make him happy, like pizza, cookies and milk.


He reminds Bianca (and us) how we should all hold onto the things that give us joy. Then Bianca also remembers the things she loves: reading, holding someone’s hand, walking in the snow, swinging.


I hope watching this made you remember to look at things differently and take shelter in what you love.


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