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The 100 Season Finale: “We are the Grounders Part 2” Photo Recap

The 100 season finale was a roller coaster of emotions. I was worried, touched, scared for my favorite characters (everyone in the show basically) and I actually expected/prepared myself for several of them to die.

The episode began with Finn, Clarke and Bellamy talking to Raven about leaving the camp. She was badly injured and couldn’t move. So someone would have to carry her.

For some reason Bellamy decided to take his angst out on Finn as if he was the only one who wanted to leave instead of fighting.
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Bellamy: “Can’t run away fast enough, huh? Real brave.

Finn: “Dying in a fight you can’t win isn’t brave Bellamy. It’s stupid.”

Bellamy: “Spoken like every coward who’s ever run from a fight.”

Oh Belle.

Don’t get me wrong, I live for the tension between amazing characters like them and I love how different they are from each other even though they both care a lot about the people around them and they’re doing their best to protect them in their own ways.

But thank GOD Clarke put an end to it with her “ARE YOU GUYS DONE BEING KIDS???”
Just look at her face: So done.

Trust me, if it wasn’t for Clarke (and Raven & Octavia) these guys would maybe last two days.

On a serious note though, I love how this show breaks down the image of always righteous, perfect heroes and gives us broken, selfish, immature people who can be selfless and courageous instead. The contrast between these characters is what makes them real.

Moving on, Finn says Bellamy can just stay behind if he wants to (oh Finn)
Which makes Bellamy sad.a56
But it’s not okay. Clarke moves in real close as she always does when she needs to convince him.
She basically tells him that people look up to him for inspiration and everyone might end up dead anyway so maybe he should just come along.

They leave the camp and start walking in slow motion epic and sad music.

Then they get attacked and the dude who talks about going to surfing dies. (He had it coming.)

They return to camp and they argue again whether they should stay and fight. Finn and Octavia try to convince Clarke to leave and try again but Bellamy is like:
She says he gets the fight he wanted and Finn & Octavia are upset as the idealistic peace keapers they are.
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(That could actually be the title of her biography)

Then they actually talk about their plan which is to hold the gate and keep grounders from coming inside but Raven comes up with a solution (Like I said, without these ladies they would all die ten episodes ago)

In the ark they explain how they can survive landing (or not) but Jaha tells them it’s their only chance to survive at all.

Back at the camp Raven tells Clarke and Finn that she can’t feel her legs and Clarke says she’s bleeding internally.
Finn decides to go to Lincoln’s cave and find the cure to slow down her bleeding.
Raven doesn’t want him to risk his life for her.
But he tells her everyone will die without her (Truth) and she accepts it.

Clarke and Finn have a small moment of “I can’t lose you for the 4th time this season”.
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Then we’re back at the ark and they’re getting ready to launch but it doesn’t work and someone has to do it manually. So a hero slowly rises and greets his people for the last time. Abby doesn’t like that.
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Of course Jaha just leaves without making a show (maybe learn something, Kane) and saves everyone.

At the camp our delinquents get ready to shoot some grounders and Raven is guiding Clarke to find the right wires.
Raven tells her she used to be picked first for everything and now not so much.
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-Hey Raven, I’d pick you first.
-Of course you would. I’m awesome.

May I just say how happy I am that this show didnt undermine these characters and make them attack one another because of a male character? Instead theyve been trusting, caring and extremely supportive of each other. Do you realize how rare that is?
Thank youThe 100 writers.

Later the girls need Jasper to splice the wire while he realizes that the grounders were making them waste bullets. (I thought Bellamy would figure that out with them just running around but okay)

Then the grounders actually attacked and Octavia was shot with an arrow.

In the meantime Finn was looking through Lincoln’s stuff (rude) and Lincoln came. When he told him what was happening Lincoln not only gave him the medicine but also decided to come along to help (amazing guy.)

Then Finn saw a reaper drawing in the ground and had a “really bad” idea. (Which was actually more desperate than bad in my opinion)

Back at the camp Raven’s situation was getting worse.
Reapers were chasing Finn and Lincoln to the camp where the grounders were very happy to see them. Except not really. So they just kind of attacked each other.
So Finn’s plan had worked.

Bellamy couldn’t carry Octavia to the camp while the grounders and the reapers were fighting so Lincoln was right on time. He’d take her to somewhere safe so Bellamy could go back to camp.

They emotionally said goodbye (hopefully for the time being.)
Bellamy started fighting grounders.
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Then Bellamy rises and attacks another.skfdskfsd
In the meantime others are coming and they have to close the door while Bellamy and Finn are outside.

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Then she got inside and closed the door.
But Anya jumped in and Clarke stopped people who were attacking her.

After Jasper managed to explode everyone outside they stepped out and some suspicious gas bombs were thrown around them.
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It was the “mountain men”.

But we also had good news. The ark had landed and they were amazed by Earth’s beauty.
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They told Jaha what it was like to an extent that I expected them to say “THIS PLACE IS AMAZINNGG JA, YOU SHOULD BE HERE”

I really think it was unfair to him. But anyway.

Clarke was sleeping in a white room. (ALWAYS a good sign, right?)
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Uh oh.
She looked around and everything was neat, she seemed to be under medical care and “Starry Night” was hanging on the wall. But the best part was her neighbor.
I knew we’d see Monty again! But Clarke was shocked.
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THE End.

I am so happy the show is renewed for another season because if everything ended this way I would probably never start a new series again.

Now, I think there is still hope for everyone including Jaha. (I know I’m an optimist)

But I also don’t think that Bellamy and Finn are dead either.

The next season will probably open with them bickering and picking on each other as they try to get to their beloved delinquent friends and not get killed/eaten by anyone.


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