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The 100 Season 6 Trailer Recap

“Book II” of The 100 begins.

The 100 Season 6 trailer is finally here.

First, we hear Montys voice-over.

The new planet awaits.

Kane is hopeful.

Bellamy and the others seem to take a little trip while Clarke watches them leave.

We hear Bellamy’s conflicted words while he presumably looks back at her.

“You called me every day for 6 years but you left me to die in the fighting pits.”

Isn’t that’s just how love goes?

Then Clarke is probably forced to dress up according to the new planet’s fashion trends.

Raven confronts Clarke about their unresolved issues. So many issues.

Octavia also seems to be going through confrontrations.

Bellamy basically says she’s dead to him. This is what happens when you force your brother to fight people to death. Never a good idea. Don’t do it.

Miles and Raven share a moment before they separate for a while.

Clarke visits the president (?) of the new planet.

I love how pained she looks to meet a new potential ally/enemy.

But for a while, this new world looks like a happy place.

Unless this is a dream sequence, Clarke is happy at least for a full minute.

So are Raven and Miles.

Miller and Jackson too.

They all deserve it.

Then things get intense because of course…

So Red Sun causes some kind of psychosis.

You can smell the angst.

Bellamy attacks Murphy.

It turns out this world isn’t as safe as they hoped it would be.

Survival will remain an issue.

No, seriously, they need to talk about this.

Then again, Diyoza might help… or cause absolute mayhem.

Madi sees a mysterious commander in her dreams.

Clarke is given a fair warning.

She remains calm and peaceful.

Everybody fights their inner demon. Clarke vs Clarke.

Octavia vs Blodreina.

Madi and the Commander ghost

Echo and some poor, unfortunate soul

And so much more.

Will they be okay?

Who will be the first one to break?

Will they all finally forgive each other?

Can’t wait!

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One thought on “The 100 Season 6 Trailer Recap

  1. Oh my gosh I was so happy when I saw you recapped the trailer!! I miss your The 100 photo recaps so much! I seriously want your thoughts on this season.

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