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The 100 Season 4 Trailer Recap

The new trailer is up!

Let’s see what happens in season 4 of The 100.

  • It gets a bit hot.
  • What’s Octavia trying to do?
  • Murphy and Emori have some sweet moments.

  • Raven seems to be in trouble (of course she’s in trouble.)
  • Remember when ALIE warned Clarke? So what she meant was everyone melting.
  • Luna won’t die though. She’s just resting.
  • Monty tells Clarke she always justifies her actions with her dedication to her “people”. But I ask, what else is she supposed to do to save all the butts she has saved?

  • Monty has feelings.
  • Clarke looks at people.
  • Bellamy won’t let innocent people die.
  • Everybody dance now.
  • Oh, hai Jaha.
  • Kane’s distressed.
  • Isn’t that Miller’s dad?
  • Octavia beats everybody. Are you surprised?
  • Bellamy gets attacked by fans.
  • Murpy’s like: I saved u. Clarke’s like: so?????????????
  • Sad Clarke only shares her hopeless sad self with one person.

  • Is that Clarke’s room? Or Bellamy’s? Or theirs? Or? *KDSFRGBFDGRT*
  • Roan ships himself with Bellamy and becomes besties with Indra. The man has good taste.
  • Niylah and Octavia bond.
  • Why do we only see Raven hurting? Why?
  • Jaha…
  • Octavia has new friends.
  • Abby being precious.
  • Miller’s here but where’s Bryan? Seriously. You better have Bryan back, show.
  • Harper looks sick but let’s say she’s just woke up from a nightmare.
  • Jasper just wants to live.

  • Kane and Abby are going at it.

  • Pardon Clarke’s French. She’s a bit impatient.

  • If you keep going like this all of you will die before anything happens, Bellamy.

  • Clarke looking like a pizza is probably Bellamy’s nightmare or is it Abby’s?

What do you think will happen this season? Comment below!

Note: This was a recap loaded with more images but I lost the rest of the files while fixing the database. So =(

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4 thoughts on “The 100 Season 4 Trailer Recap

  1. “whut is happening” “dont worry its probably something bad” LOL, I like this one, its really on point 😛 :DD

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