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The 100 Season 3 Trailer Photo Recap

Honestly, I don’t really know what to expect from this season aside from lots of angst, tears and my favorite characters suffering, so basically it’s a party!

So I’ll be guessing what’s going on based on what I’ve gathered from the trailer:

100 (41)

Clarke walking in badass slow motion in full grounder mode: hot. I don’t know how she decided to be a grounder warrior/commander but I love the make-up and it can stay.

Speaking of make-ups, there’s this confrontation we’ve been waiting for:

100 (34)

Which seems to turn into:

100 (47)100 (81)

In the meantime a rugged hero seems to be looking for his queen:

100 (230)

Of course, where there’s Bellamy, there’s pain.

100 (1)

I have a feeling these two are up to no good.

100 (2)

Kane warns Bellamy there’s a threat inside the walls.

100 (3)

As you can see, Kane’s got a glorious beard this season, which makes him look 100 times wiser.

100 (4)

And this guy doesn’t like that. Nope.

100 (6) 100 (5)

Then these two are reunited:

100 (89)100 (93)

I’ll take it.

Back to Lexa & Clarke looking at dead bodies.

100 (99)

Jasper has a new haircut and he asks Monty how he can be fine. Monty says he isn’t and I say more Monty this season.

100 (111)100 (37)

They do. So, take it easy, Monty.

Later Jasper harasses Clarke too.

100 (7)100 (8)

Back to the City of Light storyline:

100 (10)

I feel the same, Murphy.

Raven, baby what’s wrong?

100 (9)

Later she looks like she’s trying to crack open her own skull.

100 (117)100 (118)

She needs a break real soon.

And what is it with this weirdness?

100 (119)


Then we see this random intense moment between a bloody, angry dude and Clarke.

100 (11)

But wait, there’s romance on the way.

Abby & Kane:

100 (120)

Lincoln & Octavia:

100 (125)

I’m worried.

Clarke and a sexy back that possibly belongs to a woman.

100 (12) 100 (229)

Does the red signify sin because Clarke looks like a sin-namon roll and I love it.

Another upcoming couple I’m excited about:

100 (13) 100 (14)

U better. He might be a murderous puppy but he’s our murderous puppy.

Then comes the couple of all couples.

The legendary (insert professional wrestling voice-over here) Bellarke.

100 (131) 100 (132)100 (133) 100 (130)100 (134)

I can feel it in my soul because COME ON.

Then we have Lexa casually judging you.

100 (140)

And Indra is back and she’s ready to stab errbody.

100 (141)

Clarke is sad and a guy comforts her.

100 (144)

Then this mofo walks in slow motion because he likes to torture people sexily.


Octavia thinks he’s on the wrong side but we can’t be sure yet.

100 (16)100 (17)


Then everybody randomly hug attacks everybody else.

100 (19) 100 (18)

Bellamy and Lincoln, how about you two don’t kill each other.

100 (21)

It’s really sad, yes.

Monty’s having a little crisis as well.

100 (20)

Considering how he’s been completely mature and calm until now, seeing him break down should be intense.

Speaking of intense, Octavia beats Bellamy for reasons I don’t want to know.

100 (22) 100 (23)100 (24)


We won’t know until 21 January.

Will you be watching? What do you think will happen to our babies?

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