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The 100 Recap: “We Are The Grounders, Part 1”

Is there anyone who is not left gaping after every The 100 episode?

Personally, it I felt like I was holding my breath the whole time I was watching this one.

The episode began with Jaha telling his people they were going to die and it was heartbreaking.

Then we were back at the camp with Raven being the badass she is and telling Bellamy to test her landmines when he questioned if they worked.

Both Raven and Jasper were visibly concerned about Clarke, Finn and Monty while Bellamy’s main concern was (understandably) keeping the camp safe.

Although it is worth noting that he seemed extremely distressed with the responsibility of leading everyone without Clarke.

After that we saw Clarke with Anya since her escape wasn’t exactly successful. But when the Grounders saw a fire warning them, Anya gave a masked guy orders to kill Clarke and she left with the others.

Back at the camp Bellamy simply didn’t know what to do with all the moaning sick people around him.

And Jasper was very disappointed with Bellamy’s reluctance to look for Monty, Finn and Clarke.


Even those puppy eyes reflecting his inner turmoil couldn’t gain him sympathy.

Then we had to watch Murphy kill Miles, another helpless guy. Thank you Murphy, another cute person is dead, thanks to you. (I will not cap that scene because I feel personally offended. Okay, people tried to hang you. When will you get over it? It was like a few days ago maybe?)

Jasper saw the incident and felt the same way I do. He ended up gagged and bound, left to Murphy’s mercy. (I can almost smell the fanfictions.)

Later we saw Clarke and Finn reunite. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised when Lincoln saved them. He’s cool like that and he probably felt like he owed Finn after he let him leave the camp before. (Also there’s the Octavia factor.)
They escaped through some mines where Anya and her gang wouldn’t follow them.

Back at the Ark, Abby (Paige Turco) made me cry. She’s really good (at acting AND making me cry apparently) because I practically sobbed at the scene she tried to save the girl and failed.

At the camp, Bellamy was trying so hard to keep it together. I have to give Bob Morley props because he is very talented at reflecting subtle emotions while pretending not to feel them.

He offered Murphy to trade places with Jasper while Octavia was worried about him.

avlcsnap-2014-06-05-21h09m43s209 avlcsnap-2014-06-05-21h09m46s237

I loved that Bellamy would risk his life to save Jasper BUT he probably thought he could easily handle Murphy anyway. (As Murphy later points out.)

Finn, Clarke and Lincoln spent some quality time underground and Lincoln told them he was helping because he didn’t think it was fair that Grounders picked on them.

Then there was this cuteness.
Aww. How cute are they? Jaha was watching his son and Clarke be cute and I honestly can’t think of a better thing to do if you think your death is inevitable. We’ll probably never see them again but since we miss Wells, this was a nice moment.

As Jaha watched the video he got an idea which could possibly mean a solution to their problem.

In the meantime Raven and Jasper was working on saving Bellamy from Murphy who wanted to hang Bellamy.

He is truly like a ray of sunshine, isn’t he?
Bellamy didn’t seem to think so.

That look says everything.
Murphy was really angry at Bellamy. He blamed him for giving people what they wanted and letting them hang him.
He was right. His anger was justified. But he didn’t only want Bellamy to acknowledge what he did wrong, he wanted him to die.
(And this is Bellamy, he can’t die. I’m looking at you, writers.)

Bellamy knew what he did was wrong but he was getting reeally uncomfortable with a noose around his neck. So he really needed Raven and Jasper to hurry and save him.

In the mines, Clarke, Finn and Lincoln came across creepy people who were called The Reapers. They seemed to be eating people? I might be wrong though. (Please someone tell me I’m wrong.)

Lincoln sacrificed himself to let Finn and Clarke escape but we didn’t see him get killed. So let’s hope he survives and comes back.

In the meantime Bellamy was saved by our awesome gang of heroes but seeing him just hang there was extremely disturbing and hurtful to my feelings.

The next time we saw Finn and Clarke, they were trying to find their way. Finn was feeling horrible about killing a Reaper. (I was genuinely worried about him in this scene because with this show, you never know when your favorite characters will die.)

Clarke told him they all had to do it (murder) at one point. He was touched and he immediately told her what he’d been regretting for some time now. He was sorry for not being straightforward and telling Raven about her.
avlcsnap-2014-06-05-21h11m15s97 avlcsnap-2014-06-05-21h11m34s35
Clarke was hurt. At this point I wanted to reach inside the screen and grab her and fly her away to a safe place where she could never be hurt again. Which basically means that Clarke has officially reached the status of being adressed as “My baby”.

Back at the camp, the bastard escaped. (I’m just voicing Bellamy’s thoughts)
I have to admit, I love that Murphy is such a slimy “villain” because he is also a survivor. From his point of view, things haven’t been exactly easy. But he kills cute people so he should maybe go far away from the camp anyway.

Then Bellamy told Jasper they were going after Clarke and the others. And this happened.

Bellamy after the hug:
Are you smiling, Belle?
Someone alert the media.
“The effects of a hug on tough guy Bellamy Blake.”

Seriously though, Jasper was really scared of losing Bellamy after Clarke and Monty. It was touching to see them have a bonding moment.

Before they had to leave the camp, Clarke and Finn showed up and warned them about The Grounders and told them they’d have to leave.

Jasper and Bellamy were visibly relieved at seeing them (Jasper hugged Clarke as well) but Bellamy was very concerned about leaving. So he made a Braveheart style, encouraging speech that even made me believe it would be fine to stay and fight.
Then this happened:
And Clarke’s speech was even better. She had a point. And I loved how everyone immediately listened to her instead.

Back at the Ark we had another lovely moment when Jaha told Abby and Kane they could just land the Ark down.
Kane’s face says it all:
Jaha asked Abby if she was ready to see Clarke.
Abby’s eyes filled with little lights of hope.
So maybe, just maybe, they won’t die trying. Maybe we will actually get to see our cool Ark heroes on the ground. Let’s hope.


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