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The 100, 4×13 Praimfaya Recap

The episode opens with Bellamy and Octavia saying goodbyes. Bellamy’s taking his time.


Bellamy: “You gave people hope when there was none. You’re Prometheus, stealing fire from the gods and giving it back to the human race.”
Octavia: “Prometheus got chained to a rock so that eagles could eat his liver.”
Bellamy: “Thanks for ruining my metaphor, O.”


Just then, they lose connection and Clarke comes in to speak to her mother.

Then they hug as Clarke cries.

They could probably stay there for a while longer but of course they get interrupted.

Back at the bunker, Octavia’s having doubts about her leadership skills but Indra encourages her.

You can always panic later.

In the meantime, Raven’s also thinking of the worst things that could happen.

Bellamy: “Now we know the many ways we might die today, why don’t you tell us what we have to do to live?”

Bellamy and Clarke watching Echo and Emori.

Bellamy: “Grounders in space. It’s an oxymoron.”
Clarke: “Survival’s a team sport, especially up there. It was the only choice. Only choice, also an oxymoron, by the way.”

ın other words:

♪ ♫ sha la la la la sha la la la la ♪  ♫

Clarke, stop with those lovey dovey eyes.

Then she gets serious.

Clarke: “We’ve been through a lot together, you and I. I didn’t like you at first, and that’s no secret, but even then, every stupid thing you did, it was to protect your sister. She didn’t always see that, but I did. You’ve got such a big heart, Bellamy.

“People follow you. You inspire them because of this *points to his heart*, but the only way to make sure we survive is if you use this, too.*points to his head*”

let me upgrade this since Clarke is saying goodbye here.

“I’ve got you for that.”

I rest my case, your honour.

In this special moment, something goes wrong and Raven’s seriously distressed.

Right! She then quckly finds a new solution and gives everyone a mission.


Monty and Murphy are paired. How does it go?

Later Monty’s hands melt and he faints.

Murphy carries the machine but doesn’t really want to leave Monty behind.

Clarke gets worried.


*drops face in hands*



Clarke doesn’t have much time so Raven tells her to run fast if she wants to get back in time.

Bellamy and Murphy find Monty.

Aww, a hug.

In the meantime, Echo has to do something unnecessary to compensate for the time she spent doing helpful things.

I was worried for a moment there.

Everyone’s back except Clarke.

Of course, there is.

Clarke knows she won’t be able to get back so she focuses on her mission.

Bellamy looks for Echo.

Okay, okay. This was what I did with this scene first:

But it was sad to see that she thought she had no other way out or that she didn’t even deserve to survive. Bellamy convincing her was a sweet moment.

Then Raven shows up.

They have to leave now and Bellamy’s struggle begins.

Then he listens to Clarke’s advice, leaving her behind.

They start their journey.

Echo and Emori are impressed.

Clarke succeeds right in time.

But she’s exposed and we see her in an uncomfortable situation.

Our team back in space feels a bit tired and breathless.

But everything works out.

Echo saves him back! How nice.


Raven and Bellamy share a moment.

Raven: She saved us again. You think we could do this without her?

Bellamy: If we don’t, she died in vain. And I’m not gonna let that happen. You with me?

Raven: Always.

That’s so random, Bellamy.

At least these two are safe and together.

Even later:

What a babe.

She goes to wake up a girl we haven’t met before.


Is this a Bellarkefaya? The answer is yes.

But then a twist:

*SIGH* Yes, let’s imagine for a MOMENT, what would happen if we actually saw Bellamy and Raven land with the rest of the gang?

We would be happy and no, we can’t have that. Then where would be the worry that must drive us nuts until the next season?

The hope, the blood and the tears we must shed? We’ll have to suffer to earn it. Then we’ll suffer again since our babies are never safe. There’s always new trouble, new enemies, new destructions. Is there a happy end waiting for us somewhere or are we going for the perfect doom?

Seriously, why are we so addicted to this kind of emotional turmoil? All these questions are eating away at my Bellarke heart.

See you in the next recap!

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