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The 100 3×11 Nevermore Photo Recap

Is it too late for a recap? Let’s get to it.

Previously on The 100:

Clarke and Jasper had the most awkward road trip ever.


The Blakes were being The Blakes.

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How much do I love all of these people sharing scenes? Too much.

Though not as much as I love these two.


Yes, this is how stunned I look when I see my platonic friends.

So this is how the scene really went:

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Avengers Delinquents Assemble! You got a Raven to save.


Clarke to the rescue.


This is the part I started singing “Is this real life. Is this just fantasy?” Because Bellarke heads, together, in a small space.

Bellamy felt the same way.


Then Niylah is there all bamf and ready to fight.


Which is the exact moment a wild Bellamy appears.


*Sigh* It all gets out of control really fast on this show.

Calm down, Bellamy. Let’s not point guns at cool people, especially if they’re innocent. Can we make this a rule? Please.

I don’t know about you but I think Raven’s new girlfriend is slightly too controlling. Not my type.


She really wants to know where Raven is and also wants to chip all of her friends. Which is simply too much to take in any kind of relationship.

Later Clarke talks to Niylah and Bellamy subtly watches them.


She convinces Niylah they have nothing to do with her father’s death. After her innocent puppy eyes and amazing emotional manipulation technique succeeds, she checks on Bellamy, asking him the one thing no one else asked him until now.


So many moments emphasizing their bond and how important they are to each other, I’m overwhelmed.


In gif form for reasons:


I love this moment of Sinclair and Monty telling Bellamy and Clarke how they planned to get rid of the chip in Raven’s head.


And they didn’t understand any part of it.


They kept stealing glances at each other during this episode, always checking on the other one like “Are you with me? Are you getting any of this? Is this okay for you? What do you think?”


I love it. So platonic! Obviously, all these moments aren’t meant to highlight their larger-than-life connection, the one we’ve been made aware of since season 1.

Then Octavia joined them, making my heart soar.


No, Raven/ALIE. Bad Raven/ALIE!


*Grandma chuckle* *deep sigh*…Kids.

Then Clarke found the way to make her stop.

t301t304 t302t310t308

Jasper cries.


Later Clarke’s alone with Raven/ALIE and it becomes full-on Exorcist with her provocations.


It escalates quickly.

t407 t411

She’s finally at peace.


Raven/ALIE, we have something in common.


Monty and Octavia share a moment.


My dear Monty, Octavia is a Blake. Which means she feels like she’s the loneliest person ever, like she doesn’t “belong” and she has a hard time speaking about her feelings and needs. Surprised?


Monty tells her she’s one of The 100. It’s an emotional moment but she doesn’t accept that.


Oh, no. Another Bellarke scene? I’m not used to this.


Why’s Clarke looking at Bellamy like a sad kitten meme?


She really needs some comfort after everything. I mean, Lexa died, her mother’s a zombie, her friends are either possessed or emotionally unavailable and the only other person she can usually rely on handcuffed her the last time they saw each other. Life is tough.

But she tries.

t457    t461

Bellamy is a Blake. They have that eternal soft spot of undying devotion and tenderness for those they love the most.


Yes. Clarke, you both need each other. You’re sorry. He’s sorry. “You’re forgiven.” We’re all heartbroken. God, I hate these two so much sometimes. And by that I mean I love them. Their faces have two paragraphs of private dialogue in every scene.

“I let her get to me.”

“You don’t say”

This is everything I wanted from a Bellarke moment. Thank you.

But when she tries the same genuine approach with Jasper, she’s denied.


Parallels everywhere.

Clarke and Bellamy confronting the people they’ve hurt, Clarke and Bellamy being denied any comfort except when they’re with each other.

I like how the show makes it clear that“There are no good guys,” because everyone does the best thing possible for themselves, which can make them the worst person ever for somebody else. Regrets don’t mean much to those who suffer because of your actions, it doesn’t matter if you thought you were doing the right thing or you had no other choice. Like Octavia says: “There are consequences. People get hurt.”

But you know who shouldn’t be getting hurt?


t515t514 t520

I’m not.


Why didn’t this show ever take the time to make us like Hannah? At least a little bit? I mean she raised Monty, who’s the angelic cupcake of this show so I do have a tendency to like her. It should have been easy.

t580 (2) t579  t577t576


Raven/ALIE started with harassing Jasper.


Then he left and it was Bellamy’s turn. Can I take a moment to say how perfect Lindsey was this episode?

Because look:


First Bellamy’s almost amused because she can’t possibly tell him anything he hasn’t told himself a million times.


But then


Oh hell no, you didn’t.


Telling him he basically murdered his mother isn’t something new. He already blamed himself for that. But telling him he wasn’t devoted to Gina nearly as much as he’s to Clarke is just a low blow.

Especially when Clarke’s listening in the next room.


Right? Totally.

Later everyone comes together to fry the chip and save Raven which can be summed up in one cap.


I love having my favorite characters in the same episode, the same room, the same frame so much.

Look at this. This is art.


Their plan works and ALIE is gone but their faces are heartbreaking when they think Raven might be too.


Jasper decides that’s the right time to destroy the chip ALIE wants but Clarke says Lexa’s still in there.

Her face is too sad.

No jokes here. I’m officially unable produce any more jokes.


Clarke comes up with the idea of cutting Raven to get the melted chip out and it works!


Jasper tells her he couldn’t do what she did.


Monty realizes he could have saved his mother.



Clarke tells Niylah to run.


I start to ship Octavia/Niylah a little.


Then Clarke comes out and checks Bellamy’s bandage.

See, he waited for her. Now it’s her turn to be the one to offer some tenderness, to let him know it’s okay. Remember, she heard everything Raven/ALIE said so his face has a very platonic “now she knows” expression and it’s killing me. Um, yup, this is supposed to be the recap of the episode, not my Bellarke feels. But I don’t care.


Where are the jokes, you ask? And I answer crying. Does this look funny to you?

I’ve lost the capacity to be funny about these two.

“What do you do when you realize when you might not be the good guy?”

“Maybe there are no good guys.”


Abby’s words were clearly helpful for Clarke, so she makes them her own and shares them with Bellamy.

It’s important for them to realize they both made mistakes and hurt people and they might hate themselves for it but they will always understand and accept each other and that’s everything.

You know what else is everything? This moment between the delinquents.


Epic squad is epic.



In the meantime:

t933 t934

*Sigh* Yes, Jaha. You heard right. Maybe now you’ll see she’s not all that great. MAYBE.


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