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The 100, 3×07 “Thirteen” Photo Recap

Were you surprised when this episode of The 100 opened with Murphy like this:

I’m never surprised, he’s had more than his share of abductions and he’s one of the main characters in our constantly tortured anti-hero squad.

Titus is a cool guy. He just wants to learn what Sky People know about the sacred symbol.

So he asks nicely.

Yup. That’s what you get with Murphy.


We’re back 97 years to witness this baby’s creation process and Becca’s a proud mommy.


Chris calls and he’s like “we messed up”.

I honestly don’t know why I thought these two were married? I had this whole idea of them working on ALIE together as a couple.

Chris is just as surprised.

Then the world ends. Just like this:

Back at Polis, in present day, Octavia’s brought to Lexa as a war prisoner.

The guy’s genuinely worried about Lexa’s commander skills.


She does, truly but we’re talking about Clarke’s people here.


Suddenly he’s really happy. Too happy.

Titus welcomes the hug instead, so the dude’s heartbroken. He just really wanted to hug Lexa.


Back in the past, Becca receives some praise.

And friendly support.

She’s not having it.

Later Octavia’s in Clarke’s room and she’s done with everything.


One thing I appreciate about her is how action-oriented she is but she also wants everything to happen fast and expect a bit too much from Clarke.


Octavia insists.

Lexa meditating in her room is the best. Because she definitely needs all that serenity.

Also I thought maybe she could be talking to the previous commanders while she was in trance.


Then Clarke tries her best.

Ah, problem solved?

Titus doesn’t agree.

Octavia tries to convince Indra to join her, doing what she and Bellamy do best (other than fighting and being cute, independent, loyal, stubborn af butterflies).


You can’t fight the Blake motivational speech. Honestly, these two would kill it at a Ted talk.

Murphy realizes he can’t beat Titus so he makes it interesting.


In the flashback Becca can’t be persuaded to let go of the ALIE project.

Sometimes you need to give up. Or not. Who knows. Not me.

Another hand holding scene, another Blake.


This time it’s Octavia’s turn to tell Clarke they need her.

Her face was really pained so I have a feeling Clarke remembered that exact moment.

She decides to leave so she goes to say goodbye to Lexa but emotions and romantic lighting interfere.


I might favor Bellamy and Clarke but I have a heart. Even though the scene seemed to be specifically set up for the right mood, it was also full of feeling. Alycia/Lexa had the saddest look on her face, like she wished they could have a different life together where she wasn’t bound to her duties.


Then they kissed and it was beautiful. Clexa fans, some bonus gifs for you:

I like the smiles on their faces, we get so few of them on this show. These ladies carry heavy burdens and to see them connect in any way is beautiful.

This is exactly why what happens later is a disservice to the audience but let’s be patient.

In the meantime, Octavia and Indra team up again.



Later Clarke goes to her room to see this:


She checks on him.

I loved seeing her worried about Murphy because they’re a part of the Season 1 squad and both are precious.

I also just realized how much I like Murphy.



When Titus shows up with a gun she even asks him what he did to her “friend” and I have feelings coming out of my eyes.

So Titus decides it’s better to kill Clarke now so Lexa can make decisions without worrying about her in the future, right?

Okay. But then this happens:


Lexa is shot. Accidentally.

Really, show?

I waited for a twist that involved Lexa not dying because 1. I like her as a character and 2: Even if she had to die, she’d die in an epic way, right?

I’ve read Alycia could only be in seven episodes but she could have a better death surely? Dying right after they make love felt like the writers were handing the Clexa fans a gift and then taking it back a second later. That’s cruel.

In the flashback, Becca goes back to Earth:

I love Becca.

In Polis, present day, Murphy really wants to leave.

Titus cuts Lexa’s skin to remove this little guy here.

I’d guessed Lexa was connected to ALIE but this? Not really.

Clarke = the audience.


Just like that, they’re locked up again.



  • Is Clarke gonna be okay?
  • Are you as excited as I am for the Clarke/Murphy scenes?
  • Will the next commander have awkward sexual chemistry with Clarke?
  • How will they stop ALIE?
  • Is anyone else we love going to take the chip?

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2 thoughts on “The 100, 3×07 “Thirteen” Photo Recap

  1. Good recap I really love those ! =)
    It’s funny though, I just watched the episode today and I was thinking “I wonder what’s gonna be Ozge reaction to Lexa’s death?” …Yeah well it’s a win for team Bellamy (me). Bye bye Lexa /o/
    (Who am I kidding I CRIED.)
    You’re doing a great job, thanks =D

    1. Thank you!
      I got super emotional about her death, mostly because Alycia made me feel so much for her this episode. I liked her and I’m kind of a multishipper in a way, or at least I can enjoy multiple ships at the same time even when I’m passionate about one of them. It was really unfair to the Clexa fans, I feel like they were cheated. I hope the writers can make up for this by introducing other lgbtq relationships that will survive.

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