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The 100 – 3×05 “Hakeldama” Photo Recap

I love this show for all the reasons other people love this show: Action, adventure, fun storylines (even when they hurt) but the best thing about The 100 has always the challenging stories of wonderful yet fallible, imperfect human beings and watching them get knocked down to get back up again (Hey, Lincoln!) That’s what I’m interested and invested in. So as long as their development makes sense, I’m ready to see everything and everyone destroyed just to be built back up again. Even if I’m heartbroken when the characters can’t always save the day like all-seeing heroes, it’s the reason why I feel for them. They’re vulnerable and prone to making irreversible mistakes like us.

My “no judgment” policy goes for most shows but The 100 especially. When it comes to fiction, my main focus is seeing complicated people with interesting dynamics. Fictional worlds offer us a safe place to understand life, they provide a distance where we can afford to be compassionate to those who we might not be tolerant towards in the real world. It’s where we have nothing to lose if we choose to trust and love unconditionally. Here, we can observe what’s going on without risking real damage. Although I should admit that’s not always the case for me, because I tend to get really attached to fictional characters and go “ouch” every time they stub their little toes.

All that said, this is all I have to say about the moral issues of the show and what awaits you is not a serious recap. Good news, right?

So let’s begin!

The episode opens with Lexa and Clarke happily heading to Arkadia and flirting on the way.


She actually smiles too. (Alycia is gorgeous. Hello cheekbones!)


Notice how Lexa looks happier than Clarke.


In the meantime, Bellamy and angry gang return from killing the 300 warriors that were sent to protect them.


His pain is all over his face (along with the blood of Tree People) and we don’t even have to see what he did to understand how it affected him. Now he looks like he’s having an inner war with himself.


I’m worried.

So are Lincoln and Octavia.


Same with Kane and Abby.


Octavia walks up to Bellamy but he can’t look her in the eyes.


Pike gives a speech about how they’ll kill even more Grounders if they have to.

Bellamy looks like he’s still not sure about all this.


Some of the others are having a great time though.

In the meantime Lexa and Clarke see the dead army and Indra is the sole survivor.

q16 q29

(can’t be these two)


q31  q38q34

Can you blame Lexa?

q39 q9q8q7

Lexa is ready to make Clarke her prisoner but Clarke convinces her to let Indra contact Kane so she can get to Arkadia to talk to Bellamy and solve everything. I admire how optimistic she is. Lexa is such a softie lately but we all know if it was anyone else she wouldn’t even hesitate.

We’re back at Arkadia and let me just say, I understand their reasons but I’m completely against Kane and Abby’s decision to respect the election. This is the worst time to be fair, democratic leaders. Just tell your people Pike fell of a cliff and you’re sorry. Because then this wouldn’t have happened:


Bellamy’s not feeling it.


Right? You tell him Bellamy. You have to draw the line somewhere.

But Pike don’t curr.


We know Bellamy’s not thinking straight but it’s not like he suddenly turned into a moustache swirling villain so he tells Pike they’ve gone too far.


Pike has his motivation speech ready.

a1107a1109 a1122a1112



*Sigh* Good luck with that, Bellamy.


For someone whose favorite emotion is guilt, Bellamy will probably have a hard time letting this one go when he’s back to his usual “let me risk my life to save everyone else” self. He’s falling deeper and deeper in despair and there’s nothing to do but wait to see just how deep he’ll end up. Bob’s acting is on point here because Bellamy’s face is heartbreaking and even when he doesn’t say a word his whole body speaks for him. He’s like sadness in human form, with eyes looking completely numb when they’re not silently screaming in pain and you almost want to reach inside the screen and pull him outside, give him a hug, tell him to stop listening to this guy but we know it’s too late. I wonder what will truly wake him up from this nightmare and I know he can’t blame Pike for everything that happened.

Oh, pain, how I love you so.

So we’re back to this:


Bonus scene for Bellamy fangirls:


Whoa Pike, we finally agree on something!


I’m telling you it’s magic.


in gif form for reasons:


That’s better. (Gotta keep warm, Belle.)

Later he runs into Lincoln and Kane who are waiting outside. These two have been getting closer but this isn’t a friendly encounter and Bellamy doesn’t look like he’s ready for it.


Still he tries.

a1378 a1391 a1380

Then Kane tells him to wake up and we cheer because Kane’s like a father figure so he’ll surely get through to Bellamy, right? RIGHT?

a1423 a1556

He asks Bellamy if this is who he is now, reminding him he just started a war.


For a moment we expect Bellamy to let his walls down but what happens is the opposite.

a1621 a1624sa1641

(Okay, hopefully it won’t take that long. Maybe three episodes?)


He can’t even look him in the eyes. Then it gets real because Lincoln wants his bff bracelet back.


Are they… are they breaking up?


Bellamy looks like he’s gonna cry.



Writers, please fix this.

In the meantime, someone’s happy for a change.


Murphy and Emori are totally the cutest criminals on Earth.


At Arkadia, Jaha’s back with a surprise.


With his arrival, Kane practically saves Abby from another trauma after she asks Jaha about the the 12 people that left with him.

Can you imagine what he’d say? “Just fed them to the monster, Abby.”


Haha poor Kane.


I just love Abby & Kane and their reactions to everything that goes on.

Then Jaha talks to Pike about his mission.

la13la10 la11 la15lsd la5

Octavia runs away with Kane’s help to meet Indra, Clarke and Lexa.

She tells them Bellamy was involved but Clarke hopes she can still get through to him.


Then she convinces Lexa to let her talk to Bellamy.

a2327 a2328

Okay, he’s more like half sin, half cinnamon roll.

Then Murphy and Emori have their first? fight because she wants to go after her brother but he doesn’t want to take any risks.


She tries to convince him to wait for her but he’s suddenly like:

m15 m12

He’s so vulnerable and his defense mechanism is always on. I love him.


Then he decides not to.


Later Lincoln finally gets a chance to be his badass self.


This guy is begging to get his ass kicked.


Bellamy tries to interfere and Lincoln ends up beating the guy and hitting Bellamy.


It’s not getting better.


Outside, Jaha is trying to sell drugs.


Guess who calls him out?

a3085 a3089

♪ ♫ At last my love has come along ♪ ♫

All I’m gonna say is A.L.I.E.’s got great taste in women.

Why do you think she’s so interested in Raven? I wonder… *looks pointedly at the camera*

Then, Octavia shows up and confronts Bellamy when she sees Lincoln getting locked up.



The Blakes are on the move.


*Sigh* Then this scene happens. The scene.

bs1 mhr nrt clks blmk


The tension. The angst.

*takes a deep breath* I’m here for this.

So Bellamy’s surprised to say the least.

a3645 a3686a3714a3743

Another inner struggle.


*Sigh* Bellamy, you poor, confused war puppy. You’re so lost, it’s painful to watch you reunite with the person who made you think you can belong with other people no matter what you’ve done.

Honestly, it breaks my heart but we (you, me, Bellamy and Clarke) can do this. We’ll probably cry but that’s okay.

a3792  a3845

How’s Clarke feeling?


Yeah, that probably sums it up. She’s so worried and pained it’s difficult to watch her face.


He’s so defensive. Look at that body language. The head tilt. The shoulders. He’s not gonna back off or go easy on her.




So he asks her what she’s doing there.

kld a4430

Bellamy says:The mighty Wanheda, who chose the Grounders/Lexa over her own people/me, who turned her back on us/me when we/I came to rescue you.”



Bellamy Blake: jealous, bitter, understands Finn better now, very sad about everything.


Clarke says he let Pike ruin everything and he asks her why she came.


“Please tell me that going to war is not what you want.”

Look at her getting all teared up. Eliza, if you cry, I’ll cry.

Bellamy’s really sad when she says that and somehow I ended up copy pasting these little hearts around his face.


She tries to make him see how this could go wrong.

a4781a4784  a4770 a4832

He looks truly sad when he tells her they’ve been at war since they landed.


Clarke says,”This isn’t who you are.”

“You’re wrong, this is who I’ve always been.”


Too many Bellamy gifs? Yes, I know this is turning into a Bellamy Blake special but this scene kind of took over my life ever since the episode aired so, bear with me.


Then it’s Clarke’s turn to make puppy eyes and she says she needs him, which always works on Bellamy.


But not this time.


Clarke’s not used to being pushed away by Bellamy but it’s a storm of emotions and these two are stuck in the middle of it.


It’s not entirely fair to blame Clarke for her deal with Lexa going wrong but Bellamy has every right to get mad at her about Octavia and Tondc. We know why Clarke made that decision and we might agree or not but Bellamy almost lost his sister. He reminds Clarke they had to kill Maya and the others at Mount Weather because of Lexa’s betrayal. So from Bellamy’s point of view, seeing Clarke by Lexa’s side must really, really suck. Not to forget he must be feeling guilty over Gina’s death because he trusted Echo and he was trying to rescue Clarke when it happened. It’s a big mess.

The thing is, we see how Clarke has different experiences from Bellamy’s. They’ve been apart far too long to communicate clearly at the moment, there are too many things left unsaid and Bellamy’s pain is getting in the way of a real heart-to-heart. I just wish they had a chance to speak before those 300 people died but then, there’d be no drama.

Now they’re both feeling horrible and Clarke is crying and telling Bellamy she only left because she trusted him to be there for their friends.

My heart is doing things and Bellamy’s heart is doing things. I have a feeling we would all feel better if we just hugged each other.

That’s exactly when Bellamy can’t handle her tears, so he walks upto her and kneels down like a knight and looks into her eyes. And I’m thinking, “YES. SOMETHING’S HAPPENING. I DON’T KNOW WHAT YET BUT IT’S HAPPENING!”


Who am I kidding? This is turning into a Bellarke recap. Get out if you want to save yourself.

slwrhn pb1 cl1 bsmlcl2

I’ve never seen Bellamy sadder and Clarke more hopeful than they are in this moment. I could write about this moment forever but it would only end up destroying me.

I think the most important question here is this: Do you like pain?

Because what comes next is gonna be even better, and by “better” I mean it will kill you.

a5863a5818  a5876 a5982 a6027 a6252a6253a6283 a6316 a6375




Dear The 100 writers, if you’re reading this, I love this. I expected a hug or a kiss but somehow this was better? Do I like suffering? Yes, probably. This delicious angst will feed my soul until the next Bellarke moment, so I’m thankful. In the long run, I trust you with these two, please don’t let me down.

Having said that, I should scold Bellamy because it’s downright rude to handcuff your best friend/soul mate. I’d be mad too if I were Clarke.

*slaps his hand* Bad Bellamy.

a6412a6435 a6440

Then he leaves and both me and Clarke are left like:


Also my reaction:


In the meantime Jaha’s harassing Raven and she finally breaks.


I’m worried about Raven. I’m worried about A.L.I.E’s crush on her. I’m worried about the City Of Light I’m worried about everything.

Back with Bellamy and Clarke:


Right when he tells her he’s doing this for her own good Octavia shows up to beat up the guy Lincoln beat up earlier.


Then she turns to Bellamy.


Right then Clarke tazes Bellamy. That’s love for you.

a6925 a6967

I feel the same way, Bellamy.


Yup, completely agreeing with that. He’ll be fine.

Octavia offers to take Pike with them but Kane and Abby are against that. “It’s not how we do things.”

Clarke asks Abby to go with her.

a7162 a7174

Yeah, that’s a valid reason.


I loved this moment between them.



You want to know what else is adorable?


Someone’s being a lonely “survivor” but then…


Emori’s not gone!

a7312 a7392

She says she’ll wait for him and he’s pleasantly surprised.


This moment’s so beautiful. Murphy looks like he wouldn’t mind if the world ended because Emori stayed for him and now he seems peaceful for the first time.



But then grounders show up.


So they take him away and Emori looks worried. But just like Jaha, I know Murphy will be okay. He’s important.

Meanwhile, a hero tries to persuade a ruthless commander to forgive her people. Just like that.

a7594 a7572

She works her persuasion powers.


And we wait.

a7623a7631 a7619

YESH! I mean how? But YESH.


Lexa tells Indra everyone will accept their decision or they will die and Clarke is happy.


So no more war? Clarke’s suggestion to change things isn’t truly mindblowing so I guess we can say Lexa really really really really really likes her and I’m happy for them. As long as nobody’s killing each other I’m gonna be happy.

Just when you might think “Oh, okay then, finally we’ll have some peace,” back at Arkadia RAVEN TAKES THE THING AND HER PAIN DISAPPEARS AND A.L.I.E is like:

RV  a7871a7936a7978

Raven… you deserve so many good things in life. I’m just not sure if this is one of them.

*Sigh* This recap took me days to complete because it was emotionally exhausting with all the betrayals, angst and especially the love. Do I regret it? Hell naw. I just need to sleep for a week now.

❀ ・゚:*✧・゚:* \★~(◠‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧❀

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  1. I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS RECAP. Such great work. Thanks for sharing. To me, good recaps are every bit as important as good fanfic. 🙂

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