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Part 1: He holds out his hand. His fingers are long and strong, somehow they feel safer than the bridge you're standing on. His face is sunburnt, freckles splashed generously. From birth, he was touched by the sun. You would think Apollo doted on him as a baby; loving him, claiming him

A serpent that eats its own tail (Poem)

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The map of love and the song of loving

Sometimes you feel everything at once. Imagine a tiny explosion in your chest. With it, all of your strongest emotions surface. Your past blends with now and now pulls the future and hands it over to you. You suddenly embrace your dreams, fears, all of it. You see the exact moments

How To Know If You Love Someone

People write about love all the time. What is is, what it means, how you know if you love someone. What I want to talk about is when what you feel is not love, and how not to love someone. I don't think we really love someone if we believe we're entitled