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Perception Of Happiness

Sometimes we see happiness as a whole that should never be imperfect or fragmented. When we're kids we're prepared to be happy. As we grow up we assign certain emotions to acts, often going from one extreme to the other and not realizing there's a balance in life; a way that

Happy Rain (Poem)

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Birthday Notes To Myself (And To You)

Happy Birthday to me and everyone who's ever had a birthday happen to them! Congratulations! You're born. You've come so far! Whooo! *throws confetti* So dear me (and you), here are some thoughts: Everything has some goodness in it, no matter how you feel at the moment. You can be angry or frustrated but it

What To Do When You Need Hope

Someone asked me what I do when I am down. So I made a list. What To Do When You Need Hope: If it's not a temporary feeling, I talk to someone and tell them what I'm worrying about and I actually let them comfort me. I try not to argue