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Outlander, The Watch Photo Recap

Hello Outlander lovers, We're back with another "Thoughts During" recap. So, where were we? Yes. Jamie's in trouble. I can hear you say "When isn't he in trouble?" and I agree, dear reader. This precious cinnamon roll seems to be too good for the world and he should be protected at all

Outlander, Lallybroch Photo Recap

Lallybroch began with Claire telling Jamie about her flying adventure, which seemed to amuse him like a little kid. Finally home: Jamie's afraid of having a little Jack Randall running around Lallybroch. He would never. Jamie keeps having black and white flashbacks, but he remembers the reds vividly. Jenny's very happy to see him. He

Outlander, The Devil’s Mark Photo Recap

Hello sweethearts, This too is a "Thoughts During" kind of recap. Enjoy! This witch cell's not good enough for my babies. The guard didn't believe Claire's married to Jamie. "I'm King Arthur." Okay. Geillis is mocking him. She speaks for me now. (I love Geillis.) All the insults in this show sound like made up

Outlander, “By the Pricking of My Thumbs” Recap

Yep, not a full, long recap this time. Just thoughts and some cuteness. This should save us time. (My recaps take 2 days to complete, not even kidding. So, this is delightfully easier for me and much shorter for those who'd been reminding me the length of my recaps, I hope.) Let's

Outlander, The Reckoning Photo Recap

Yass! We're back! How excited were you? Last time we saw him, Jamie was sitting in the window with a gun pointed at Douchebag Randall. And finally, here we are after months that felt like forever. Hello stag! Oh, they added a lil' something for us. Surprise. The episode is from Jamie's POV: So Jamie was

Outlander, Both Sides Now Photo Recap

The mid-season finale was here and it was just as horrible and perfect as Outlander has promised to remain so far. The episode started with Frank harassing the police because they couldn't find Claire. Honestly this is what it looked like: Meanwhile: Jamie and Claire were kinda sorta on their honeymoon and they were