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SKAM Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

It opens with a party.

Boys are talking about getting girls and Isak wants to prove his skills.

He finds a target.

He knows how to get her attention.

Then things escalate.

Boys decide to leave.

Isak has a bit of a crisis.

Later the cops come and now he has another crisis.

Sana sees his lousy attempt.


But the night ends with Isak running away with Jonas.

The next morning, we learn Isak’s mom sends him texts like this:

And his roommates give him some daily lovin’.

At school:

Someone catches Isak’s attention.

What a convenient coincidence, but is it really?


In the meantime the boys are chatting. Magnus is confused.

Later Vilde and Sana show up to convince them so they join the Kose Group.

Later in class:

Then Sana comes, telling him she has something he wants but he needs to join the Kose group with his squad.

The teacher, who seems a bit clueless, tells them to work together.

Later Isak finds himself in the Kose group meeting.


Then Emma shows up.

Needless to say, it was awkward.

Isak’s really uncomfortable with the whole thing so he leaves, not noticing the looks of someone special.

Isak runs into an unexpected cutie at the WC. Just another convenient coincidence.

This guy’s really fond of paper towels.

Isak just stares at him until he’s noticed.

But in fact:

Isak’s completely baffled.

He tells Isak to come outside.

It doesn’t take long before the conversation gets deep.

You can imagine Isak’s expression.

Then Emma shows up again.

Isak can’t seem to understand her attraction to him.

Then we learn the cute boy’s name: it’s Even.

Then the three of them sit there like:

Uh oh. What will happen now? Find out with me in the next recap!


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5 thoughts on “SKAM Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

  1. this is delightful & perfect. probs snorted the hardest at the ‘jonas: girls like pleasure; magnus: ???’ panel. looking fwd to ep 2!

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