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Skam 3×2 Recap

This is an episode I like to call “Who’s gay? Not me.”

It opens with Isak searching for Even on Facebook while, conveniently, Eskild’s also looking for someone to hook up with on Grindr.


Eskild wants his opinion on a guy.


Isak’s really trying but Eskild says he doesn’t need to be gay to know someone’s attractive.

Eskild says he has a great gaydar and Isak asks what are the signs to recognize someone.

Eskild doesn’t try to push Isak but instead he says maybe talking about fellatios is a sign, which probably clicks in Isak’s head because of his previous conversation with Even.

Then Noora calls.

Later Isak tries to learn Even’s last name from the group list.

So not gay.

He searches for him again.

He finds his Cinderella prince.


Sana catches him.

Isak asks for the weed.

Then their teacher interrupts with her usual ignorance towards Sana.

I love how Isak looks at Sana afterwards.



Emma attack!

Poor baby.

In the meantime, Vilde is asking the real questions. No caption needed.


Jonas is embarrassed for Magnus while Mahdi and Isak are mostly amused.

Later Isak googles Even’s favorite director Baz Luhrmann and decides to watch Romeo and Juliet.


He makes a search for Even again. #Obsessed

Then he decides to go on Grindr.

The next day, something surprising happens.

Caught off guard.

Then Even finally says “nice chat”, breaking the ice.

Suddenly Isak realizes he needs someone to buy booze.

So their adventure begins.

Even tells Isak he forgot his ID so they need to go to his place.


Isak sees his drawings.

Then the seduction game continues, don’t even tell me Even doesn’t know what he’s doing.


He knows.

I won’t caption the next scene because it’s perfect on its own.

Adorable alert!

Then they just spend forever looking at each other, stealing glances. Isak is getting more daring while Even’s already there.

Again, just leaving these moments as they are because they speak on their own:

Even seems a bit troubled for a moment there while Isak simply watches him.

Even’s mission seems accomplished because Isak’s not even trying to hide the way he looks at him anymore.

Then they prepare food together, still flirting and acting silly.

Isak’s so happy he decides to ditch his friends to spend more time with Even.



They eat and Isak ends up rapping because he’s happy.

Then people come and Isak’s not so happy about it.

Even introduces his girlfriend.

I feel you, baby.

How dare you, Even? We were rooting for you.

*Holds Isak close*

Shh, I know, baby. It’s okay.

Even’s been in a relationship all this time and you can almost hear Isak’s heart breaking.

Meet me in the next recap to see what happens next! *wink wink*


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