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Sense8 Introduction Recap

(There’ll be a lot of spoilers in this recap.)

Let me introduce you The Sensates.

The story begins with a lady giving birth.


She sees people who’re not there.


We meet her children one by one.


She shows up everywhere like:


Meet the Sensates:

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Meet their lovers/friends:


This is their spiritual dad, Jonas:


It takes some time before Will understands his messages.

The sensates start having moments of connection.

Riley and Will start seeing each other.

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Every time the Sensates share a moment they end up thinking they’re hallucinating.

Lito and Will’s scenes are the best. Lito’s filming a scene and Will’s actually working:


Sun has a visitor at work:


Lito having an existential crisis:


Lito and Sun seem to share a bond through their discomfort.

We quickly learn Lito’s hiding his sexuality while Sun’s repressing her true feelings.

Sun is having her period, causing Lito to show more emotion and sensitivity than usual.


Favorite Lito moments when he’s stuck in traffic:


Honestly. He’s the best at comedy.


“I see you villain! With your villain moustache!” – Actual line.

Lito happens to have the best boyfriend in the world: Hernando.


And Nomi has the best girlfriend: Amanita.


Kala has a cute fiancé called Rajan but she doesn’t really love him. It’s okay, they’re still cute and he’s a great guy.


But then she sees Wolfgang and magic happens:


Nomi makes a touching video about going to Pride.


Nomi: I was afraid of this parade because I wanted it so badly to be a part of it. So today, I’m marching for that part of me that was once afraid to march and for all the people who can’t march – the people who living lives like I did. Today, I march to remember that I’m not just a me but I’m also a we. And we march with pride.


She faints when she sees Jonas and her mother shows up like a nightmare at the hospital.


She refuses to call Nomi by her name and preferred gender pronouns.

Oh and she also wants to lobotomize her.

s1091s1093 s1092

Riley uses music to connect to the other sensates, comforting Nomi while she’s in the hospital.


In the meantime, Lito and Hernando get caught by Daniela.


But surprisingly, she’s more than happy with the situation.


Meanwhile, Amanita comes to Nomi’s rescue.

s1648 s1642

Riley gets in trouble with bad people and some dirty money so she runs away, smiling rarely but cutely.


Kala and Wolfgang get to share more moments where they hear each other’s voice in different rooms, romcom style.


Look at that cuteness. That’s Wolfang’s cheeky smile for you.


Capheus fights a gang that stole his mother’s medicine and Sun helps him beat them.


In a great scene of karaoke, Kala and Wolfgang sing “What’s up” as the rest of the Sensates join them through their connection.


It’s great how no one’s truly freaking out about suddenly being able to connect with strangers.


Instead they support and care for each other.


Dani wants to stay with Hernando and Lito.

s1943 s1946

Will and Amanita help Nomi escape the hospital.


Will’s happy face after they succeed:


The scene Amanita takes her away in a cab makes you feel like you’re trying to escape with them.

I was holding my breath until they were safe.


Dani’s ex shows up.

s2394 s2395

Later Sun sacrifices herself for her selfish brother and distant father. See how fast I skip over the depressing stuff? Real fast.

This is her saying goodbye to her dog before she goes to prison.


She gets to see the other sensates too.


Nomi’s like: Gurl, don’t do it.


Riley and Will grow closer, sharing drinks and talking on the phone.

s4673 s4633

Kala sees Wolfgang naked at her wedding and she faints before the ceremony is complete.

She wakes up to see her adorable family.


Wanna know who else are adorable?

Capheus and Riley.

s3713  s3714s3715


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These two are the cutest.


After a happy night out, Lito, Hernando and Dani come home.


And Dani’s ex is there.


Hernando defends Lito’s honor.


Kala complains to Ganesha about Wolfgang.



s6212 s6202



Their connection is basically the rain and the Sun meeting.


Riley’s going home and Capheus reminds her how lucky she is to see the clouds.


Capheus: Hey, you are so lucky.
Riley: No, I’m not lucky.
Capheus: Of course you are. You are flying, above clouds.
Riley: Privileged, not lucky.
Capheus: You are lucky ’cause you are still able to see your father. That is something I dream about, but will never happen again.
Riley: I’m sorry.
Capheus: It’s OK. I lost my father, but I still have my mother.
Riley: I wish I could see the world that simply.
Capheus: Riley, look out of the window. Those are actual clouds.
Riley: But what if something terrible happens because of me going back?
Capheus: What if something wonderful happens?

Amanita and Nomi’s sexy time and Hernando and Lito’s sensual moments ends in a Sensate orgy.


Look at these babies:


Riley’s back home.


Where she makes out with Will.


When Lito gets blackmailed by Dani’s abusive ex, Dani has to go back to him to protect Lito’s image because he’s not ready to come out.

Hernando’s disappointed so he breaks up with him.

He has a beautiful moment with Nomi.


Nomi: When I was eight years old, my father made me join a swim club. At that age, I was really uncomfortable with my body. I didn’t like to be naked, especially in front of other boys. But you had to take a shower before you could go in the pool, so I would do it, but I would wear my suit and a tee shirt. And the boys would tease me, but I would try to hurry and… ignore them, and it– it worked for a while. And then one day it didn’t. I don’t know how it started, but I remember having this feeling that something bad was going to happen.
Flashback: (boy’s voice echoes: Hey, f****t! Why do you shower with your clothes on?) (boy 2: Because he ain’t got a dick.)
Nomi: I made the mistake of standing up for myself.
Flashback: (You got wood, f****t? (boys snickering Let’s strip him!) (Young Nomi: No, no, no, no!) (boys laughing)
Nomi: The hot water came from the same boiler that heated the radiator. I still have scars on my stomach from the second-degree burns.
Lito: Stop it! f*cking monsters. I’m sorry.
Nomi: That locker room might have made my father the man that he is, but it also made me the woman that I am. After that, I quit the swim club. I quit trying to fit in, trying to be one of them. I knew I never would be. But more importantly, I didn’t want to be. Their violence… was petty and ignorant, but ultimately, it was true to who they were. The real violence… the violence that I realized was unforgivable… is the violence that we do to ourselves, when we’re too afraid to be who we really are.

If you’re done crying your eyes out, you can smile at Lito drunk dialing Hernando.

s6956 s6931

Later he helps Wolfgang get rid of his cousin who’s trying to murder him.

I know, things escalate quickly on this show.


And then Wolfgang helps him save Dani.



Later Lito goes to see Hernando.

s7413 s7420s7434

And Dani shows up.


Capheus and Riley share some moments over the people they lost.


Riley: I’ve never told anyone. I couldn’t go to the funeral. He was my husband, I loved him, but I– I couldn’t say goodbye.
Capheus: But you have now.
Riley:I don’t believe it’s possible. Death doesn’t let you say goodbye. It just… carves holes in your life… in your future… in your heart. 
Capheus: My sister was born when I was eight. She was so small and delicate. I carried her around all the time. Her eyes were huge… full of so much joy and mischief. I loved her. But we did not have any food. Our mother was unable to produce any milk. If we did not give her to the nuns, she would have died. Saying goodbye was the… hardest thing I’ve ever done. I never saw her again. I cried as if she had died. In a way, she did. But… in another way… she lived. That day, I learned life and death are always so mixed up together, in the same way some beginnings are endings… and some endings become beginnings.
Later Will comes to Kala’s rescue when she’s in trouble.

s7785 s7792 s7807 s7808

You don’t hug a sensate that doesn’t want to be hugged.

Kala and Capheus get to talk as well.


Capheus: The bed keeps you in the slum. The flat screen takes you out.


Later everyone remembers their birth as Riley’s father plays the piano.


Later, Wolfgang’s busy thinking.


Sensates team up but of course Lito has to talk about their orgy.

ss111 ss114 ss112  ss118ss120ss113 ss126

Sun kicks some butt, killing Capheus’ enemies.


In a rescue mission to save Riley, Sensates team up.

ss214ss220 ss291

In the end Riley is saved.


And the sensates are together.


I adored these characters. They’re all unique and lovable in their own way: Capheus’ optimism and joy, Sun’s strenght and dignity, Will’s sense of justice and his desire to protect others, Lito’s child-like innocence and goodness, Wolfgang’s badassery and loyalty, Kala’s grace and intelligence, Riley’s sensitivity and creativity,  Nomi’s courage and wisdom. They complete each other and that’s why it’s so much fun to watch their dynamics.


  • Who’s your favorite sensate, the one character you relate to the most?
  • Which sensate’s story influenced you more than you expected?
  • What were your top five favorite moments in the first season?
  • What do you like the best about each sensate?
  • If you were connected to other sensates who would they be?

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  3. God bless you for making this incredible piece of art. I watched this season a long time ago and needed a refresher before watching season 2 and I can’t stop laughing.

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