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Penny Dreadful, S1E6 “What Death Can Join Together” Photo Recap


The episode began with Vanessa and Malcolm assessing the situation of her room after The Master‘s visit.

pd (296) pd (295) pd (294) pd (293)
I know right? We’re still waiting for that sexy dandy vampire, show.

And Vanessa, considering she’s the one being haunted by the guy, simply would not tolerate this.
pd (290) pd (289)
Malcolm thought she should try harder to communicate with the monsters.pd (287)pd (288)pd (286) pd (285)
Malcolm asked her if she didn’t think of Mina and sort of blamed her for everything.
Vanessa had a good answer for that.
pd (284) pd (283) pd (282)
Of course, I don’t actually think it’s Vanessa’s fault that Mina decided it would be fun to hang out with a vampire.

What I don’t understand is why she would actually hang out with a vampire if he looked like that. Like what would make a person go and say hi to a creepy bald dude with red eyes and a cracked jaw? (Some explanation is necessary on his disguise powers. )

Anyway, it was the morning after for Ethan but we didn’t get to see his walk of shame, which in my opinion must have been hilarious if he just took off without waking Dorian up.

Just imagine a naked Ethan tiptoeing around the house and thinking:
“Let me just get my underpants from the creepy portrait room.”
pd (281)
When he went to his room? Brona was sleeping on the bed, coughing blood as usual.
pd (280) pd (279)
Ethan just went next to her and they cuddled which was very tender and heartbreaking. (Though I did laugh at Ethan trying to fit in because he seems heavy and I was worried for Brona for a second.)
pd (278) pd (276)
Aww, anyway, Brona asked him what he did.
pd (275) pd (272) pd (273)
She told him Dorian was a devil basically 😀

Back at the Murray residence we had Vanessa connecting to God knows what
pd (270) pd (269)
She heard screaming and went to tell Sir Malcolm what she thought it meant.pd (268)pd (267) pd (266)pd (263)
While they were trying to figure it out, they had a visitor.pd (265) pd (264)
Guess who:
pd (262)pd (261) pd (257)pd (256)
Sir Malcolm looked at him suspiciously.
pd (255) pd (254) pd (253)
Still he surprised us and told Vanessa she could take a day off from all the weirdness.

Vanessa was very excited.
pd (251)
Now this scene was hilarious.
Vanessa went upstairs to get her coat and Sir Malcolm just stared at Dorian.pd (242)pd (250)
He slowly approached him and his expression changed gradually.pd (249)
Dorian as always, had his charm on and apparently even Sir Malcolm liked him.
pd (248)
pd (246)
pd (245)
Dorian told him he was sorry for taking Vanessa away and Malcolm thought he was cute so he warned Dorian that Vanessa was “her own creature”.

I just love how subtle everyone thinks they are in this show.
Then he stared at him some more.
pd (244)

We saw someone we were very fond of (Remember Fenton?)
pd (243)
(It’s okay, honey. At least you get to stay pretty. We can’t say the same for your master.)
Victor was getting ready to work on him.
pd (241)pd (240)
He seemed contemplative and slightly disturbed but he got to work all the same.pd (239)
Speaking of Caliban…
pd (238)
He had a visitor.
pd (237) pd (235) pd (234) pd (233)
She gave him her fake blood tube because it was clogged.

Then she told him how her brother had an accident but she still liked looking at him which of course, made Caliban feel all the things.
pd (230) pd (229)
Back at the Murray’s:
pd (226) pd (228)pd (227)
Well this is what actually happened:
Malcolm was checking relevant news regarding Vanessa’s visions.
Victor told him Fenton wasn’t like the other creature but he didn’t have any other information.
pd (212) pd (210)
But he really wanted some attention. He asked if he would come along for their secret mission.
pd (224)
Malcolm wasn’t interested.
pd (223) pd (222) pd (221) pd (217)
pd (209)pd (214)pd (208)
That was difficult to watch but that’s karma for you. Victor.
You’re not exactly the dad of the year.
I mean, who runs away from their made-out-of corpses-screaming-bloody-murder-first born??

Anyway, Sembene had lines! And he was very dramatic.
pd (207) pd (206) pd (205)pd (204)
He told Malcolm what he didn’t want to hear: That he could have to kill her to save her.
pd (203)

Then we were back with Vanessa and Dorian, who are the cutest.
Dorian had offered her to have her photo taken and she said she agreed because it’s hard to say no to him.
Dorian was very touched. Later they talked about how photos capture people’s souls, you know, the usual.
pd (190) pd (189) pd (188)
Dorian said he would protect that piece of her soul (*Puts on shipping goggles and squeals*)
Later he approached her and they continued their intriguing coversation about souls and immortality.
pd (200) pd (194)pd (197)pd (199)pd (198)
I just can’t. The subtle confessions again.

Dorian just looked her straight in the eye and told her that the immortal in him recognizes the immortal in her and they should just make it official already.
pd (191)pd (193)pd (196) pd (195)
The sudden intensity in Reeve’s eyes basically prove how good he is as Dorian.
His transition from the cute charmer to the insatiable immortal underneath is impressive.

And the same goes for Eva’s performance as Vanessa.
Because doesn’t everyone just love the transition we witness
from this
pd (201) pd (187)
to this:
pd (185)
Because I love it.

Anyway, back at the theater Caliban gave the actress a thoughtful gift.
pd (184) pd (183)
But then he found out she had a boyfriend.
pd (182) pd (181)
He spent some time humming and sobbing.

Back with the cuties:
pd (180)
They just didn’t want to say goodbye to each other. Dorian asked her what she was doing later and she offered to have dinner.

Then we saw someone drawing a detailed body. Who could it be?
pd (179) pd (176) pd (177)
Pretty much.

Thank god the new and cute addition to our cast arrived.
pd (175) pd (174)
He was obviously a mentor to Victor and he wanted to talk about love instead of work this time.
pd (173) pd (172)
pd (170) pd (171) pd (169) pd (167) pd (166) pd (165) pd (163) pd (159) pd (161) pd (157) pd (160)
Yup again.

Back at the Murray residence Vanessa was gorgeous.
pd (151) pd (150) pd (156) pd (152)
And Malcolm agreed.

I know I said I hated him but I don’t. He has his moments of humanity and decency (even adorableness).

I love how Vanessa asked him if it was too showy.
pd (148) pd (147) pd (145) pd (144)
I also loved how he did this:
pd (153) pd (155) pd (154)pd (143)
Laughing forever at how they were waiting for her to leave the house.

Then we were back with Brona (sadness) who seemed to realize that she probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy the finer things in life (Like Ethan) when she dies.
pd (138) pd (137)
She asked him to just stand there and he was very goofy about it.pd (140) pd (131)
She told him not to kiss her anymore because he could get sick. (isn’t that a bit late for that?)
pd (130) pd (129) pd (126)
Of course this is how Ethan works. Tell him NOT to do something and he’ll get right on that.
(It might also because he might be kind of immortal as well but who knows.)

Then he met the rest of our courageous tough men.
pd (123) pd (122)
They were going to find the monster and save Mina.

In the meantime, Van Helsing wanted to teach Victor about the monster they were looking for.
pd (121) pd (120) pd (112)pd (114)
It is true.

Back with the league of extraordinary gentlemen, Malcolm realized how upset Ethan was.
pd (110) pd (109) pd (108)
Malcolm offered to have her hospitalized but Ethan thought those places were like prison and he wanted to take care of her himself.pd (107) pd (106)
Malcolm said it would be hard to love her but Ethan told him he’d love her anyway.pd (104) pd (103)
Then we were with Vanessa and Dorian who were having dinner at a fancy restaurant, where Dorian said he was jealous of anyone around her.
pd (102) pd (101) pd (100) pd (98)
Vanessa appreciated that.
Then they talked about life experiences and different ideologies.pd (95) pd (94)
Vanessa didn’t question how old he is when the talked like an immortal. But she was deeply observant of his feelings.pd (91) pd (89)
Dorian seemed very interested in actually being understood.pd (92)
Then they had one of most intriguing conversations in the show.
I’m gonna get serious for a moment because the actual dialogue is beautiful:

Vanessa: I think Mr. Gray, there are tremors around us. Like the vibrations of a noted music. A hidden Music. Some might be more attune to them than others. What do those people do? Those who have been chosen.
Dorian: They endure uniqueness.
Vanessa: To be alien. To be disenfranchised from those around you. Is that not a dreadful curse?
Dorian: To be different. To be powerful. Is that not a divine gift?
Vanessa: To be alone.
Dorian: To be seeking.
Vanessa: What?
Dorian: Another.
Vanessa: Like you?
Dorian: Who shares your rarity.
Vanessa: Then you are no longer unique.
Dorian: Nor are you alone.

I could probably write pages about them after this conversation but I’ll cut it short.

We understand that even though Vanessa sees the truth of the world and knows that she isn’t ordinary, she doesn’t hope to find someone or something to make it easier. And Dorian is the complete opposite. He is actively seeking something deeper and permanent even though he may not admit it to himself.

pd (86) pd (85)
Their scenes together reveal a lot about their characters. A lot of vulnerability and depth.

And again, I want to give props to Reeve Carney for going from the chill, charming young boy to the lonely and desperate immortal in a second. Since his character still keeps his mystery and little is revealed about him, the scenes where he lets the real Dorian take a peek are all we have.

Moving on, this was a very cool shot:
pd (84)
Our heroes were ready to face the creatures.

In the meantime,
pd (83) pd (82)
Van Helsing educated Victor on some popular literature and taught him the word “vampire”

Btw, don’t you just love how EVERYTHING he heard just freaked him out?
I was like “Boy, you raise the dead!”
Oh, right, that’s science.
pd (67)pd (66)
Then we were back with Dorian and Vanessa who was at Dorian’s place.
pd (79)
Right?? I’m so happy Vanessa thought the same way I do. Those portraits just looking at you all the times must be annoying as hell.
pd (78)
pd (77) pd (76) pd (75)
Then he just began creeping up on her.
pd (73) pd (72)
He was like “What u hidin, gurl?”
And Vanessa practically told him she had something she couldn’t unleash in her subtle ways.
(*sigh*, the people in this show, I swear)
pd (70) pd (69) pd (68)
Okay, this show handled consent pretty well in my opinion.

If an immortal bastard who is used to getting his way can ask, so can everyone else, right?

Later we saw our vampire slayers and a bunch of vampire clones.
pd (65)
Their master was just zzzz
pd (63)
Or as I like to call him:

Which was just as well because he isn’t any more charming when he’s awake.
pd (62) pd (61) pd (60) pd (59) pd (56)
What was happening, you guys?
Someone just grabbed our precious Van Helsing and
pd (55) pd (58) pd (57) pd (52) pd (53)pd (49)pd (54) pd (50) pd (48) pd (43)
Caliban, I feel sorry for you and everything but NO.

Then we went back to Dorian and Vanessa going upstairs for some quality knitting.
pd (42) pd (41)
Back the ship of vampires everyone woke up at the same time because why not???
pd (40) pd (39) pd (38)
Those vampires just wanted some love.
pd (37) pd (36) pd (35)
Sembene regretted everything.
pd (34) pd (32)pd (33)
I am sorry but this was hilarious so bear with me.
pd (31)pd (29)pd (28)pd (27) pd (26)
Thankfully they ended up killing everyone.
pd (25)
Back at the Gray residence, some heavy knitting was taking place.
pd (24) pd (23) pd (22)
Dorian just grabbed something sharp from under his pillow and handed it to Vanessa who loved it. (Because it’s good for knitting)

Back at the ship Mr. Sleepy was annoyed.
pd (21) pd (20)
So he just took Mina and fled. Malcolm tried to stop him but everything was on fire so that didn’t really work out.

Back with Vanessa who was busy unleashing stuff.
pd (19) pd (18) pd (17) pd (15)
Uh oh.
Vanessa just got up and left Dorian who seemed confused. (Poor Dorian, at least Ethan waited until morning)

Back at the Murray residence Ethan was giving Malcolm a piece of his mind.
pd (13) pd (12) pd (11) pd (10) pd (9) pd (8) pd (7) pd (6)
Ethan was pretty straightforward with Malcolm about trusting Vanessa.
And it seemed to work.

Then we saw Dorian going to his secret place and looking at his portrait (Thank god we already know about his portrait because the show is surely taking its time with the revelation.)
Dorian’s portrait had enough.
pd (5)
But it took on his scars anyway.
pd (4)
In the meantime, Sir Malcolm was excited about talking to Vanessa and telling her some stuff he hadn’t before.
pd (3)
But Vanessa had other plans.
pd (1)
(I made this out of four caps just because)


I know some of you think possession isn’t really necessary when we have so many other issues to deal with before the finale but I can’t wait. I love this storyline and I’m sure Eva Green will do wonders with it.
Also the idea of a possessed Vanessa and her interactions with the rest of the group is just thrilling to me.
Just imagine the conversations with Victor and Ethan considering The Devil knows everything. *wiggles eyebrows*

We will have fun! (said the recapper about a gory drama)

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