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Penny Dreadful, S1E5 “Closer Than Sisters” Photo Recap

Hey guys!
We started the episode with Vanessa writing a letter to Mina who is supposedly the captive of a vampire.

(Don’t worry, I won’t continue using this font.)

She said she’d been writing to her for a while now but of course, she had no way of sending the letters. So it was more of a therapeutic act she did for herself. So she began to tell their story.

Vanessa and Mina were friends ever since they were children. They were also neighbors.

They got to live in these super cool mansions near the beach. (Which are the most expensive ones on Sims and in real life I suppose.)

Vanessa offered Mina to get in the water and just swim until they got somewhere?

Mina said no, and we were thankful that one of them was able to think logically.
But Vanessa considered that a lack of courage.

As our Vanessa narrated the story we learned that she spent her time with Mina and her brother Peter.

And she was deeply interested in stuffing animals and making them appear as lively as possible. She mostly sounded like:

Peter wasn’t so enthusiastic about this particular hobby.

Then Mina and Vanessa started to talk about their dream men.

Peter wanted to grow up to be the sort of man his father would approve of and take with him to his adventures.

On the other hand, I don’t know if it’s me but everything that came out of young Vanessa’s mouth sounded like:

Then Malcolm Murray returned from one of his expeditions even though we didn’t know how long he’s been away.

A handshake? I know men (especially men of Sir Malcolm’s status) have a way more distant relationship with their sons but reallly? Your son’s missed you. He probably thought you could have been eaten by lions.

Oh well, I guess we should be thanking that it wasn’t an awkward nod instead.

Then he hugged the girls and it was hard to watch Peter’s expressions.

I loved how he had a similar relationship with his wife.

uh so polite and annoying. But look at the kids’ faces:

Then Sir Malcolm remembered his son for a second (or felt sorry for the strange boy at his house) and gave him a present. And not surprisingly it belonged to an animal.

Very telling scene.Later Malcolm was putting on a show with a cannibal story and entertaining his and Vanessa’s family.

We learned that Vanessa and her family are Roman Catholic.

Mina found it awkward.

Uh oh. After dinner, for some reason, Vanessa decided Mina and Peter were hiding and she needed to find them. What she found out instead was her mother’s affair with Sir Malcolm.

Vanessa ran back to her room and started praying.

Vanessa says she felt something change in her after that night and she decided to go along with her urge for small acts of wickedness.

Mina on the other hand didn’t have a clue:

Then we jumped forward in time

Vanessa and Peter were playing around.

And Mina was engaged:

Vanessa didn’t really appreciate that.

In the meantime:

Vanessa, as she was writing the letter, admitted to not wanting Mina to marry because she didn’t want to lose her. Also she thought that Mina would get to experience life before her.All the same, they did cute things and at this point I decided to make these because I had a feeling I wouldn’t get a chance later:

(Enjoy while you can)


Okay, I’m done.

Vanessa basically seemed to think this way:


You know how everyone has controlling, envious friends like Vanessa who are prone to getting possessed by the devil every now and then. They are still your friends, guys. Don’t abandon them. (Run, run fast and never look back)

Later Peter was complaining to Vanessa about wanting to go to Africa.

But his father still didn’t seem to know who he was.

pd (37)

He was also worried about Vanessa being alone because you know, they were practically siblings.

pd (32) pd (33)

Same, Peter.
Vanessa was so afraid of losing them she tried to convince him to stay with her.
After that cringe worthy moment Peter hilariously ran away.

pd (40) pd (41)

Vanessa was heartbroken and needed guidence:

pd (42) pd (43)

Then she actually heard something.

pd (44)

The voice seemed to be giving her ideas.

pd (47) pd (48)

Later that night at Mina and Moustache Guy’s engagement party or something she was suspiciously cheerful.pd (49)

Then she shared another cute moment with Mina.

.pd (51)

Later nothing creepy was going on

pd (54) pd (56)

Or more accurately: Vanessa, don’t. That could have been the name of the episode as well.
Later Vanessa ran into Mina’s fiancé:

pd (59) pd (61) pd (62) pd (63)

I don’t know if she had planned this but it was working.

pd (64) pd (65)

Vanessa started to talk about her favorite hobby: making dead things appear alive.
The moustache dude was enchanted.

pd (69)

Then somehow this happened. Mina caught them in the act.


pd (70)

Understandably, Mina was devastated.
Vanessa wanted to talk to her and explain why she did it.
Her mother stopped her because this was a scandal and everything.

pd (72) pd (73)

Vanessa reminded her mother that she is one to talk and she should mind her own business. (ouch)
Also it was good that she mentioned her father because no one interacts with that guy and I was starting to think he was a ghost.
I found it hilarious that Sir Malcolm was just waiting by the gate??

pd (74) pd (75) pd (76)

pd (82)

Sir Malcolm was mad at Vanessa for hurting her daughter and destroying his family.

pd (77)

She was so upset she fainted and started to have seizures. This was obviously the devil or Amun Ra? possessing her.

pd (78)

Mrs. Ives was worried about Vanessa and also heartbroken about not being able to see Sir Malcolm anymore.
And when she told her daughter about a clinic that could help her situation Vanessa’s reaction was:

pd (80)pd (81) pd (84)

So they went to seek help from this dude:

pd (85) pd (88)

I might be the only one who’s still confused about this but Vanessa is possessed by either
A) Amunet
B) Amun-Ra
C) We just don’t know

pd (89)

I might need to calmly rewatch and figure it out.
Anyway, whoever was inside Vanessa wanted to share a story about drowning slaves.

pd (90)

It could possibly be related to the doctor in some way but I couldn’t be sure although he was definitely startled.

pd (106)

Being addressed like this wasn’t pleasing to whoever was in possession of Vanessa’s body at the moment.
And this became my favorite Penny Dreadful scene.
Just enjoy.

pd (92) pd (93) pd (94) pd (95) pd (96) pd (97) pd (98) pd (100) pd (101) pd (102)

This is the best. Eva Green’s greatest performance. It can’t possibly get better than this.

pd (107)pd (104)pd (103)

That was amazing.
Then this happened, which was sad.

pd (108)

She was being treated really badly. Ice baths, cold showers and everything.

pd (109) pd (110)

But this moment was lovely and surprising.

pd (111) pd (114)

Now back to working on her like she’s a can of tomatoes.

pd (115)

Fast forward: Vanessa’s back home.

Her parents:

pd (116)

Then someone came.

pd (119) pd (120)

Mr. Ives couldn’t care less.

Thankfully it was Peter! He was going to Africa. I wish we didn’t know how that story ended.

pd (121) pd (122)

pd (127)

pd (123)

I feel sorry for Mr. Ives

pd (128) pd (129)


pd (130) pd (131)

Vanessa recognizes him and asks him to kiss her.

pd (132)

But he does because he’s a good person.

pd (133) pd (134) pd (135) pd (136)

Note to self: Goodness is overrated.
And do NOT kiss people before going to dangerous expeditions. Ever.
Poor Peter seemed terrified.

pd (137) pd (138)

When Mrs. Ives asked him what Vanessa said he decided not to tell her. (Good choice)

pd (139) pd (140) pd (141) pd (142) pd (143)

Later we were back with Vanessa and she had a visitor.

Don’t you love it when Egyptian Gods pop up in your bedroom and talk to you about Keats?
(I don’t. It’s a problem.)

pd (146) pd (147)

That was Amun Ra, right? Because the “serpent” is his other name.

But anyway,why Sir Malcolm Murray? Why couldn’t he come up in the shape of Chris Pine? *Sigh*

pd (148)

He reminded Vanessa that she was the one who invited him to her life by desiring dark things in her life.

pd (149)

Then he seduced her by Keats’ poem about death. Soo smooth.

The thing is, if Amunet is inside Vanessa and Amun Ra is with her here, then what else should be happening for them to unite because I’m confused since this already happened?

pd (150) pd (151) pd (152)

Poor Mrs. Ives died at the sight of Ancient Egyptian Gods sex.

At the funeral, Mr. Ives had enough.

pd (153) pd (154)

Later Vanessa was taking a walk.

pd (155) pd (156)pd (158)

Then they greeted one another.

pd (159) pd (160) pd (161) pd (162) pd (163) pd (164) pd (165) pd (166)

That’s exactly what happened.
So Vanessa decided to check her facts with Sir Malcolm Murray.
He was harsh on her.

pd (168) pd (169)

But Vanessa told him he didn’t know what she had gone through and that he was a despicable bastard.
(or something along those lines)

pd (170)

Which pleased him.
Because that’s Malcolm Murray for you.
pd (173) pd (172)

Then Vanessa stopped writing the letter and she gave us a sense of things to come:pd (174)

Guys, WE DIDN’T SEE VICTOR AND ETHAN AND DORIAN this episode. I missed them terribly.

But I did enjoy seeing Vanessa and Mina’s story, as well as Peter’s (Poor, lovely Peter)

Now I hate Sir Malcolm Murray with the fire of a thousand suns. And I rarely hate a character. So this is a compliment to Timothy Dalton I suppose?

However, I love how good of a character Vanessa is. She is conflicted, desperate, strong, weak, horrible and good at the same time. Well-written (and therefore flawed) female characters are hard to come by so I think we are lucky to have met one in this show. I’ve seen comments criticizing that her possession was caused by her sexual actions and betrayal of a friend but I think it is mostly about her own judgement and perception of herself.

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