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Penny Dreadful “And Hell Itself My Only Foe” Recap

Hello my dear Dreadfuls!

This episode opens with a beautiful Ethan sleeping peacefully.

And this guy wakes him up.


Everybody has a crush on Ethan Chandler but this guy took things a bit too far by stalking him.

And then he has the nerve to point a gun at Vanessa.


Then it escalates quickly.


Vanessa stabs him as Ethan kicks his head.


Team work! *High-fives*

Vanessa: So now we are homicides together.
Ethan: It was him or us.
Vanessa: And that excuses everything?
Ethan: I don’t know.
Vanessa: You did that to his face?
Ethan: Yes.
Vanessa: What are you?

Then Victor shows up asking them to come back with him.


Meanwhile, Malcolm’s fighting his fears.
Evelyn and Hecate bicker.
Ah, nothing like family.
Speaking of family, our lovely gang are back together but someone’s waiting for them.
Rusk on the move:
I love his face here.
And their faces too.
Rusk tells Ethan he’s suspicious of something otherworldly going on.
Ethan’s expressions are everything.

Rusk knows his real name!

This guy is truly obsessed.

Sembene and Ethan reunite and Ethan shows his real feelings.
Later, Lyle admits his affiliation with the witches.
But it’s the fullmoon.

Sembene loves his Ethan so the decision is made.

Mr. Putney and John have a little chat.


John: True evil is… above all things, seductive. When the Devil knocks at your door, he doesn’t have… cloven hooves. He is beautiful and offers you your heart’s desire in whispered airs. Like a Siren, beckoning you to her ruinous shore.
Putney: And what do you do, when that Siren sings?
John: You save your soul… or you give it to her.
Putney: But then you’re damned.
John: But you’re not alone.
Putney: Interestingly, I thought about putting Pandora and her wicked box in the exhibit. But in the end I didn’t. I mean, how could you show what the box contained?
John: I could tell you. A mirror.
John’s clearly tempted by Lily’s offer to rule the world as monsters but he also seems to find his “reflection” wicked and ruinous. He sees the truth beyond his desires and I appreciate how he’s trying to resist them.
Lily and Dorian on the other hand…
Of course she does.
Lily: You must like hidden things, for you hide things very well.
Dorian: As do you.
Lily: I don’t know what you mean.
Dorian: Don’t you, Brona?
Lily: Or is it Lily now? Or is it some divine admixture of both?
FINALLY SOMEONE RECOGNIZED HER! It was so satisfying to hear her confirm that she remembers everything and knows exactly who she is.
And then she makes him kneel and they develop their unique relationship.
Back at the Murray’s:
Victor: Scientifically speaking, life’s nothing but a series of chemical reactions. So, to accelerate or decelerate that process is of no great matter. It gives us that illusion of power in a life with little, does it not? And, yes, it becomes an addiction, this… seeking transcendence. Much like your addiction to God.
Vanessa: I’m sorry she hurt you. I’m sorry you feel so unloved. You are a beautiful monster. And there are those who could love you… and shall. Life awaits you.
They make such cute siblings.
And let me just say, I live for this show’s dialogue, every word of it. Thank you, John Logan. Also thanks to Abel Korzeniowski for the music, it’s glorious and poignantly used in every scene.
Sembene: You should tell her all.
Ethan: Why?
Sembene: She will take your pain and make it hers. That is what she does.
Ethan: Don’t you think she has enough to worry about?
Sembene: She is without limits.
Ethan: And your limits?
Sembene: I have been much feared and hated in my life. By my people, by yours. These marks mean I was a slave trader. This is my sin to live with. But in this house I have found kindness among the unkind. So have you.
Ethan: I’ve not had many friends in my time… but I’m proud… to count you among them.
Bros for life. I have emotions in my eyes, don’t mind me.
Ethan has another fan waiting for him in his room. Are you surprised?
While Ethan’s distracted, Vanessa leaves.
Mr. Putney’s daughter wants to explore her father’s new work and he asks John to help.
Sembene tells Ethan Vanessa’s gone.
Dorian and Lily play their new game.
SHE BIT OFF HIS EAR and Dorian’s excited.
Of course, a match made in hell.
And what’s Lavinia Putney upto? Trapping her “friend” John, maybe?
Yup. The whole family’s horrible.
Back at the Murray’s our babies are getting ready for war.
I adore Lyle for having the kind of personality that could flirt with Ethan even when all this is going on.
By the way, have you noticed how Ethan has even more suitors than Vanessa?
Sembene reminds Ethan what we all know.
It’s not just a bad idea. It’s the worst idea you’ve had so far but we know you must go to save Malcolm and Vanessa.
The Putney family tells John they’ll make money using him as a freak attraction.

He’s the worst villain this show has ever seen and probably will see because he’s so real. Now I know why I never liked this guy and his family.

Our brave squad’s reached their destination.
Lyle cutely prays as Victor waits for him.
Ethan: Don’t let me hurt our friends. Promise me. On your life.
So much foreshadowing. So much pain on the way.
In the meantime, Vanessa meets Evelyn.
Then Hecate shows up and harasses her.
Vanessa isn’t fond of this family, to say the least.
Hecate traps Ethan and Sembene.
Victor meets his own children when he tries to help Malcolm.

Proteus! How I’ve missed that sweet angel, even if he’s only a sad ghost living in Victor’s imagination.
Later Ethan realizes they won’t make it out and he tries to shoot himself in the head but Sembene stops him.
Sembene: I am just a man. You have been chosen by God. My friend, Ethan Chandler.
So? You’ll just let him eat you? You could at least shoot him on legs, Sembene. He has healing powers. (Right?)
Vanessa meets her doll version.
But then Satan speaks through it.

Ethan transforms and goes for Sembene’s throat.
Not fair. That’s all I have to say about Sembene’s death. I waited for two seasons for his storyline, anything more but we had so little.
My only two disappointments on this show were the two death this season: Angelique and Sembene. I wish they were given another chance to have their own storylines. Their deaths were too tragic.
I’ll see you in the next recap. Let’s see what happens together!

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  1. Let’s begin…
    “Bros for life”
    “Badass Squad”
    “‘Ello we’re the true monsters”
    “ten points for me”
    “This is not the time Caliban. Daddy’s busy”
    How much I love Ozge’s recaps? Priceless.

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