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Penny Dreadful 3×07 Ebb Tide Photo Recap

Hello My Dear Dreadfuls,
Here we are, finally continuing the recaps. Remember where we left off?
This episode starts with Brona standing in a graveyard, looking sad (but chic).
She notices a woman and starts talking to her.
Lily: Was it a girl?
Woman: Yes, ma’am. My little girl it was… She was.
Lily: My heart breaks for you.
Then quickly it becomes her presidential campaign.
Lily: Please know that the day a good woman will have to undergo such indignity is almost past. We will not have to suffer, our children to starve and freeze and die dishonored on cold hills. We will not be hungry forever. We will rise. And know that your daughter rests in good company.
We find out she’s visiting her daughter’s grave.
This was sad to see.
Later Vanessa’s sleeping at the museum, while Renfield literally creeps on her.

He licks her neck but thankfully Dracula, aka Doctor Sweet comes to the rescue.

Then he wakes her up.

She’s simply glowing. Aside from the unreal beauty that is Eva Green, Vanessa shines with happiness in this scene. Yup, those sparkles are all her.
Vanessa: You’re too good.
Dracula: I hope you always think that.
Vanessa returns home and sees John, who’s been waiting for her to have a little chat.
I love these cuties.
He tells her he’s worried about going back to his family because of the way he looks and who he’s become.
John: How can they bring this beast into their lives?
Vanessa: I see no beast. I see a kind and loving man. A father and a husband.

I love his face here.

He’s like “That sounds fake but okay”.

It’s the best.

Vanessa asks him if he remembers about the time they spent at the hospital together, telling him she loves him for his kindness. He doesn’t remember.
John:Have you found something like happiness?
Vanessa: That’s like a strange tune, unknown to me. I’m trying to sound out the measures.
It’s bittersweet to see Vanessa like this.
John: Join the dance.
Vanessa: We both should. We have been unhappy long enough.
John: No matter the consequences?
Vanessa: Let us dare.
John: And if we’re rejected?
Vanessa: Can we be more lonely than we are now?
John: Then let us dare.
Vanessa: And may the lost souls be found.


Hope for acceptance and love is real but the consequences? We’ll see.

Meanwhile in America:



Ethan: There was a moment in my life where I had a chance for something different. A woman offered me her heart. A woman I love. And I walked away. I have to try to make that right… My people are in London now. That man inside there. That woman I told you about. My friends. That is my tribe.

Kaetenay has a vision of Vanessa and Ethan:

“It’s too late.”
He tells them about the vision. (skip this part to avoid spoilers about the finale)
*Sigh.* I’m saving the rest of my rant for the finale recap.
Moving on, Dorian isn’t too happy with the way things are at home.
Lily starts to tell a story.
(Are you surprised?)
Lily: There’s an old tale, from Ireland, where I once lived. We have there an ancient tradition of keening. After a death, the old women gather together and sing the most poignant and beautiful lamentations. It’s a way to sing the soul to a better place, a place of divine peace or rapture even. But several years ago, the old men of the Catholic Church decided they did not approve of this pagan practice as it circumvented their rituals and mysteries. So they convinced the court to arrest these good, true women and put them on trial. Of course, they were found guilty and sentenced to death. So the women were led to the gallows, all in a row. And as the ropes were tightened around their throats, they began to keen. And as they fell and as their necks snapped, their song echoed for a moment, sounding their way to immortality.
Lily: My doomed, keening women. Shall we be immortal? Shall we sing from the gallows, too? We must have the faith of those women. We must have their strength and commitment. We must be bloody or nothing else! And now you must prove your commitment to our great cause. Go now. Every one of you. Rise up. Rise up! Go into those dark streets you know so well, those foul alleys and secret back lanes and find me a bad man! A faithless husband. A cruel lover. A rich despot. A scrofulous john f*cking some girl just like you, and quick with the back of his hand while he’s at it. Find him and bring me his right hand! Cut it off and hold it bleeding to your breast! Bring it here, fling it on this table, and we shall sing out our joy! Prove yourselves to me!  Prove yourselves to me!
Not happy at all.
John listens to Vanessa’s advice and goes to see his wife, calling her from the shadows.
Sometimes I can’t stop myself for going for the worst jokes. This is one of those times.
But then she hugs him.
Aww. Nice reunion.
Back at Dorian’s mansion, there’s a pile of hands on the table.
I told you.
Dorian’s angry with Justine. He immediately goes to Lily to complain.
But she’s busy with comforting a sad girl.
We know Dorian’s a delicate flower that needs constant attention, otherwise he becomes deadly.
Back at home, John finishes telling his resurrection story.
He’s surprised with his wife’s reaction but it’s heartwarming to see it.
John: The sun will never shine so bright for me now that I have walked in darkness. I cannot be the man I was.

Marjorie: You were lost. And now you are home.

She brings him home to their son, who’s reasonably shocked to see his father.
But it’s all good in the end. See? Vanessa was right.
At the ship, Kaetenay asks about Vanessa to communicate with her.


Kaetenay makes the connection and sees Vanessa.


He warns her not to get close to the night creatures.

Kaetenay: You are a great, fertile bitch of evil and I love you for your fertility and your power. You are the woman of all our dreams and all our night terrors. All the Night Creatures are gathering around you. See the moonlight catching the raven’s wing. The sheen on the fox’s pelt. The scent in the air when night birds take wing. They make you drunk with love. Don’t be deceived by them, Vanessa Ives. They are false lovers. And if I know anything, it is this. You are made for the day, not the night.
Vanessa: There, sir, you are wrong.


Back at the ship:
Meanwhile, Dr. Seward is listening to Vanessa’s records and Renfield shows up.
He’s totally a vampire intern.
Back at the Murray Residence, a friend is visiting.
It’s Catriona Hartdegen.
I’m so in love, not even kidding. (Where’s her spin-off?)

Because we all need one.

She tells Vanessa all about Dracula.

Cat: He’s a tactician above all. He’ll approach you with stealth and strategy, not a frontal assault. He’ll seduce you, not attack you. And most of the legends agree on a few points. His human form is unexceptional, so that he may walk easily among us. He’s served by semi-human familiars and he’s said to dwell in the House of the Night Creatures.

Vanessa knows who it is.
That sweet tempered bastard.
In the meantime, Dorian and Lily argue, which mostly goes like:
*Dorian shrug*
Lily: My women are not mad, Dorian.
Dorian: Nor are they “your” women. More and more you’re a lion tamer at the circus.
Dorian: Ooh, spoken like a man. All women are “cats” and prone to backstabbing and treachery, is that it?
Dorian: Is it all mankind you despise, or just men? And when do you turn your eye on me?
Lily: Don’t be silly. You’re my beloved.
Dorian: Where are our dances in the midst of your revolution? Where are our whispers and collusions? Our exalted superiority, shared with no others?
Lily: You’re not jealous?
Dorian: Sadly, no. What I am is bored. I’ve lived through so many revolutions, you see. It’s all so familiar to me. The wild eyes and zealous ardor, the irresponsibility, and the clatter. The noise of it all, Lily. From the tumbrils on the way to the guillotine to the roaring mobs sacking the temples of Byzantium. So much noise in anarchy. And in the end it’s all so disappointing.
Lily: You’re behaving like a spoilt child, which is exactly what you are.
Dorian: And you have disappointed me most of all. We had the potential for true mastery, a cosmic darkness. What have you created? An army of depraved whores. A slave ship bound for a ruinous shore. And will you be there when it founders? We’re at the ebb tide, my darling. One of us needs to change our ways. And I think it should be you.
He helps Victor kidnap her.
This traitorous bastard!
She wakes up to this moment in hell.

Lily: You’ve chained me.
Victor: It’s for your own protection.
Lily: It’s for yours. What are you going to do to me?
Henry: We’re going to make you better.
Lily: Better than what?
Victor: He means we’re going to make you well.
Dorian: As you were before.
Lily: As I was before what?
Victor: Before. When we were happy.
Lily: When you were happy, you mean.
Victor: Lily, we’re going to try to make you healthy. Take away all your anger and pain and replace them with something much better.
Lily: What?
Victor: Calm, poise, serenity. We’re going to make you into a proper woman.
*screams into the void*
That’s the most terrifying scene in anything ever.
In the meantime Ethan and Malcolm compliment each other, sharing a sweet moment where Ethan thanks Malcolm for murdering his father because he couldn’t do it himself.
Ethan tells him he doesn’t regret meeting them.
Ethan: You’ve seen what I come from, that dragon that raised me, that land that reared me. I’ve known very little grace in my life. But I did with her. And with you.
Back with Vanessa, she looks ready to kill Alexander “Dracula” Sweet. This scene happens:

Vanessa: The House of the Night Creatures.
Dracula: Where you are loved.
Vanessa: Stop it.
Dracula: Where you belong.
Vanessa: You’re more cruel than I could have imagined.
Dracula: How am I cruel? To love you?
Vanessa: You’ve lied to me from the first moment. You tore my heart.
Dracula: Have I lied? You met a man who marvels wide-eyed at the miracles of nature. So I am. You met a man who has known pain and tragedy. And so I am. You met a man who wanted to possess you for his own ends but, instead, he fell in love. That’s the man I am, and the monster.
Vanessa: Even now you twist at me. All the years. All the assaults on myself, on my friends. On my dear Mina, who died with your teeth on her throat! How dare you speak of love?
Dracula: Dare with me.

Vanessa: I will not lower my head and feed with the animals. I will never serve you.
Dracula: No, I don’t want you to serve me, Vanessa, I want to serve you. The Mother of Evil. What has my life been? A series of shabby identities in vulgar worlds. From one tragic age to another. Always in search of that one thing I cannot attain! Have mercy, please!
Vanessa: This is the only mercy I can offer you.
Dracula: Then do it. Better to die now than walk another day without you.
Vanessa: So it’s a love story, is it?
Dracula: You know it is. We have been shunned in our time, Vanessa. The world turns away in horror. Why? Because we’re different. Ugly. Exceptional. We’re the lonely Night Creatures, are we not? The bat, the fox, the spider, the rat.
Vanessa: The scorpion.
Dracula: The broken things.
Vanessa: The unloved.
Dracula: There’s one monster who loves you for who you really are. And here he stands. I don’t want to make you good, I don’t want you to be normal. I don’t want you to be anything but who you truly are. You have tried for so long to be what everyone wants you to be. What you thought you ought to be. What your church and your family and your doctors said you must be. Why not be who you are instead?
Vanessa: Myself?
Dracula: You will never be alone again. I will love you till time has lost all meaning.
Vanessa: Yes.
Dracula: Do you accept me?
Vanessa: I accept myself.
He’s such a smooth talker and master manipulator, in the end he convinces Vanessa or maybe she chooses his “kiss” because she’s tired of fighting her true nature. We know a part of her always wanted to surrender to her darkness but I didn’t actually expect her to do it. Still, it was pretty exciting to watch.
What did you think of this episode?

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2 thoughts on “Penny Dreadful 3×07 Ebb Tide Photo Recap

  1. This was the last “Penny Dreadful” episode worth watching.

    Your recap will likely be the last time I have anything to do with those last two episodes. Though I am certain, your considerable humor will make it worthwhile. 🙂

  2. “We know Dorian’s a delicate flower that needs constant attention” Hahaha so true
    Also, I don’t think I ever noticed before how much Dracula and Vanessa have in common with Hannibal and Will!

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