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Penny Dreadful, 3×06 “No Beast So Fierce” Photo Recap

Hello my precious dreadfuls!

(Let’s continue from the previous episode because I want to share the excitement with everyone. I promise I’ll complete the rest of the season after the finale.)

So let’s have a quick “previously on Penny Dreadful”:

Vanessa had a date with a cute nerd she met in the museum.

But he wasn’t exactly what she thought he was.

Kaetenay met Malcolm.


Lily’s building her own army.

Ethan goes to the darkside because of guilt and hot witches.

They summon snakes to kill people.


Rusk hates Ethan even more now.


Vanessa tells Alexander she can’t date now.


Henry and Victor bromance and magic science together.

And the episode starts with Ethan and his dad trying to solve their problems.


Ethan learns he caused the deaths of his siblings and his mother, which seems to help with his transition to his dark Ethan persona.
Mr. Talbot: You will repent. Or I will send you to hell myself.
Ethan: I’m done repenting… And I belong in hell.
Then Rusk shows up because he’s had enough and thinks everybody should surrender already.
Such a cool family.
Speaking of dinner…
Dracula’s minions are eating a naked guy so Renfield can’t help but wonder.
Okay, this is what he really says:
(Never trust me on what they really say)
Renfield is convinced and he wants some of that “fat juicy” thing.
 Vanessa visits her lovely friend Mr. Lyle, who’s leaving soon.
Seriously? He better be back, show.

Okay, John Logan, you know how to make up for things.
Vanessa: Oh, whatever will I do without you?
Ferdinand Lyle: Oh, my dear, your life is far too glittering for an old man like me. Condemn me to the sand and dust. Write often… and think of me only when you dance.
The hug in gif form because of cuteness.
In the meantime these two science dudebros plan to kidnap Lily.
What could go wrong with this plan?
Guess who founded a “murder dem boyz” club?

Aren’t these two the best? I’m not sure Dorian knows what he’s doing but he seems to be having fun.
I kinda like them but at the same time they’re both unpredictable.
So here’s a cute kiss.
Later Lily gives her speech.

Lily: You must be quick, and you must be vicious. We are not women who crawl. We are not women who kneel. And for this we will be branded radicals. Revolutionists. Women who are strong, and refuse to be degraded, and choose to protect themselves, are called monsters. That is the world’s crime, not ours.

It’s Justine’s turn to practice.
Dorian: I shan’t go easy on you.
Justine: Then you’ll play the part of a John well. I suppose you’ve had a lot of practice? How many women have you paid to debase? Treat me as you did them. f*ck me, you filth. Beat me, you c**t. Photograph me while you do it, so you can pleasure yourself after.
May I just say how much I love this scene?
Lily considering Dorian’s death but then she decides to keep him.
Dorian, for once (or twice now because Vanessa rejected him before) in his life, isn’t indispensable. That probably hurts his immortal heart.
Meanwhile, John gives his son some water and a hug.
It’s going great until he sees John’s face.
This kid’s kinda rude and it breaks John’s heart.
Later we meet a delightful warrior lady kicking ass.
Guy gets mad.
The nerve.
Then it suddenly becomes a cool shampoo commercial.

I don’t know about you but I’m already head over heels.

Catriona: Catriona Hartdegen. Most likely not on the league table, I’m afraid. Not for lack of trying. And, strictly speaking, I wouldn’t categorize that as cheating, more as creative improvisation to assure a victory, which is, as you know, rather the point. Good day, gentlemen.

Look at this cuteness.

Even Vanessa’s proud/impressed.
So are we.
The ladies meet.
We learn that Catriona studies death. She’s a thanatologist. That catches Van’s attention.

Catriona: Usually folks have run a mile by now. Most people find that rather off-putting.

Vanessa: I’m not most people.

They have drinks and talk about Dracula.

Sometimes Eva’s beauty makes me pause the scene.

Cat (Yes, I’m calling her Cat now) tells her what Dracula is.

Which is true.

Catriona: The peasants believed that he fed upon it. That he was… well, a vampire… You don’t blink at that.

Vanessa: I never blink.

I laughed out loud at this scene because it acknowledges Eva Green’s super power. (at least one of them)

Is it obvious I ship it? Don’t answer that.

Then the ladies team up.


Back at Dorian’s mansion:

Dorian shows up while Lily and Justine are dancing.


Dorian: Could we have a moment alone? I fear Justine does not know her place.
Lily: She says the same of you.
Dorian: My place is at your side. We are equals. Partners. Immortals. What has she to stand alongside me?
Lily: She has the soul of me. The very heart of who I was before I was this. She has the anger… and the hate. And the loss.
Dorian: And are you no more than that?
Lily: Sometimes that is all I am. I remember every man who ever used me. Every filthy alley. Every cruel bastard who hurt me and bent me to submission. All of Brona’s shame and debasement. And everything she lost along the way. That is something you cannot know, Dorian.
Dorian: But they can.
Lily: It is who they are.
Dorian: Then let us be someone else.
Lily: Fantasy, is it?
Dorian: It is our world to make.
Lily: Then we shall. But I’m committed to them now, you understand that?
Dorian: There’s so little I understand, but… I understand this.
Lily: And this… If only this were true, Dorian. If only this were all.
This scene was really tender and touching. Billie Piper is brilliant this season and keeps adding depth to her character with how she portrays her. Also Reeve Carney
easily pulls off Dorian’s vulnerability and loneliness.
Then Victor breaks in and hilariously gets caught.


In the meantime, Dr. Seward talks about killing her husband.

She tells Vanessa to hang out with Alexander Sweet. Good advice, Doc!
Seward: You have to trust people, Vanessa. They can surprise you.
Vanessa: They can also disappoint you.
Seward: You’ll never know if you keep having drinks with me.
Back with the other murder club:

Victor: I have developed a serum, a medicine of sorts. I can take all your anger and rage and make it go away. Make you whole, and human. Free from the burden of hate. Unblemished by sadness.
Lily: My sadness is my own. I would never give it up.
Victor: But I can make you who you were.
Lily: And you think that would be kindness? I have suffered long and hard to be who I am. I want my scars to show.
Victor: We were happy.
Lily: No, Victor, you were happy. I was just waiting. For all of this.
Justine: You seek to violate us and call it a kindness.

I love how Dorian’s the one to be like “Come on now, murder? Isn’t that a bit excessive?”

Lily decides she’s sentimental about him.

“Hear me, boy. Mend your broken heart elsewhere. Ease your conscience with another. I am done with you. The next time I see you… I’ll hold the razor myself.”
Dorian’s worried Lily might feel the same way about him some day.
Love this dynamic.
Just in case you didn’t realize yet, Mr. Talbot’s not the nicest dad.
Malcolm’s upset at the treatment.
I know I used this line before but it needs to be there.
These two are back at it again:
Meanwhile Hecate can’t sit still.
Ethan finally decides to show which side he’s on.
This dude’s hella angry at Ethan’s dad for killing his men.
He just shoots the guy.
I love this family.
Vanessa visits Alexander at the museum:
Honesty at its best.
This scene was so entertaining, I loved Christian Camargo’s facial expressions. He lets you know how Dracula’s really feeling during that conversation.
“Excuse me? Creature? Rude.”
Also, what are the chances of running into a look-a-like of your ex in this part of the museum?
So Alexander “Dracula” Sweet introduces her a new love interest.

Alexander Sweet: Desmodus rotundus. It feeds entirely off the blood of other living animals. So, of course, I believe what you said because I know such monsters exist. There are creatures whom God has cast into darkness and cursed to the night. This animal feeds off blood because it must. Because it has been afforded no other food source. Because if it does not, it will die.

Vanessa: Am I to feel sympathy for this monster who hunts me?

Alexander Sweet: I have come to love all the night creatures you see around us. They are so shunned… And alone.

Then he makes a big move:

“I love you for who you are, not for who the world wants you to be.” This smooth bastard.
Then they have the sex and Vanessa’s overwhelmed by everything.
Vanessa, my baby, I don’t know what to say. I agree he’s indeed a hottie but why do you have to make the worst decisions when it comes to love?
At the same time, I kinda love Dracula and a part of me would like to see them have a deeper connection but I don’t know how to feel about it just yet.
Back with the Talbots, things escalate just as quickly.
Everyone’s dying, when I was just beginning to like most of them.
These two are ready to kick Ethan’s third dad’s ass but he tries to manipulate Ethan.
It works.
He threatens to kidnap Ethan again so Malcolm shoots him.
Seriously, we don’t need this storyline to continue. Thanks, Malcolm.

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2 thoughts on “Penny Dreadful, 3×06 “No Beast So Fierce” Photo Recap

  1. Awwwww. Yes. The Swagger.
    We have 2 sexy shut-your- mouth hotties this episode: Cat and Vanessa , or Cat-ness (excuse the Hunger Games similarity) and Ethan and Sir Mac -Daddy. Awesome!
    This group is one amazing Murderers Road. And now they have a doctor who can write a note of excuse for all of them! LOL!
    So many great moments. Brona/Billie/Lilly just exquisitely evolving. Victors absent- minded Doctor/ psychpathic self bungling around. And mini-murder wife just , well, just a sliver away from Bedlam.
    Thoughts after watching and re-watching a dozen times: love the way Vanessa’s dress draped in the form of a bat’s wings as she cowgirled Dracula. Also, the wide shot of the Talbot dinner ‘party’ with the dead bounty hunter body sprawled on the floor and most everyone nonchalantly chowing down on sirloin steak was just freaktaculous! (My word invention).
    Thanks again for the fun recap. So much is packed into these episodes.

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