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Penny Dreadful 2×06, Glorious Horrors Photo Recap

Hello Dreadfuls,

“Glorious Horrors” begins with Mrs. Murray’s dead body and her maid’s glorious scream.


Remember how errbody got some lovin’ the previous episode?

We see our first couple: Victor wakes up to find Lily making breakfast and he has a serious case of heart eyes.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h05m55s644sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h06m12s204 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h06m11s451sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h06m33s152

Even though I know Victor’s been a problematic person in almost everything he’s done so far, his happiness in this scene is touching considerin how lonely he’s been. Of course he could try meeting actual people instead of making them in his basement, so we know there’s no excuse for what he’s done to Brona/Lily.

Our other dysfunctional couple Evelyn Poole & Malcolm Murray:

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h06m52s111 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h07m01s230

She borrows a piece of his hair for her new doll, lovely.

We see the other couple that recently got it on: Dorian and Angelique.

By the way, Angelique is simply gorgeous in this scene.

g sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h07m14s617sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h07m11s060

It’s all great until Dorian comes up with an idea: He’ll throw a ball so everyone will see how unique they are.

Angelique warns him about how reckless it is (they were harassed in the previous episode) but Dorian says he likes the “thrill of the forbidden” and that sounds more than a little selfish. *Sigh* Dorian. Why do you have to be so exhausting sometimes?

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h07m26s424 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h07m27s322sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h07m29s877

In the meantime our favorite trio tries to come up with a way to break the bad news.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h07m47s941 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h07m57s075 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h08m11s906 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h08m04s880 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h08m17s099 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h08m13s480sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h08m21s131 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h08m14s109sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h08m19s836sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h08m21s517sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h08m22s010 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h08m39s842 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h08m41s652

He takes it well, to say the least and the trio is confused.

Next scene explained Malcolm’s real problem.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h09m09s775 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h09m22s676

Why do these people insist on kissing dead people and puppets?

Later, our beauty and the beast story continues:


Of course you won’t be getting a straight answer from John.

The trio speculates about Malcolm’s behavior.


Sembene says “This is not him.”


I love how Vanessa can just say everything with one single, soul piercing look.

Then this guy shows up.


Protective Vanessa sending psychic messages to her beau.


I admire his ambition because he asked Ethan to come back to America even after he got half his face eaten off.


To be honest this conversation was mostly:

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h16m48s441 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h16m46s040sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h16m56s893

The Museum Family is the worst in my opinion:

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h17m07s042 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h17m05s476

This dude has problems and he’s the main monster on the show.

I think this character is a great representation for the “everyday evil” we have in the world. It’s someone who’d use any means to get what he wants, simply because it’s convenient for him. He looks like a kind, decent, respectable person. He’s talented and a hard worker as well but he can easily hurt others as long as he has something to gain from it. Take notes, everyone. Real life monsters are much much scarier than the Lady Gaga vampires or nekkid witches on Penny Dreadful.

In the meantime, my favorite siblings (I love their “weird family” vibe) are just spending some quality time together.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h17m10s559 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h17m11s498 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h17m16s222

Victor’s face when he hears John’s name:


Vanessa asks about his flower with her cute face


And he admits his feelings for Lily.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h17m22s595 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h17m26s882

Then Dorian shows up after months like:


 ♪ ♫  Hello from the other side ♪ ♫

I’ve truly missed Vanessa & Dorian interactions. They’ve always felt interesting together and I actually thought Dorian would have a bigger part to play in her story with the Devil but I’m still waiting for him to have something real to do in this show other than hitting on errbody.


He tells Victor he likes his flower (because of course he does) and Victor’s like “what the” but then Dorian quickly invites them to his ball.


It’s awkward for Vanessa so she tries to come up with an excuse.


So Dorian makes it easy for both of them:


But when she calls him “Mr. Gray” he asks her “Is it not Dorian? After all this time.”


There goes my heart.

He gazes into her eyes in a way that makes me want them back together for a moment but then he leaves.



Later Vanessa goes to Malcolm’s room to tell him about the ball but he has a small crisis.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h17m43s377 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h17m44s487 lol

Ah, Malcolm.

In the meantime Evelyn and Ferdinand are having a similar chat.


She tells a nice little story:

“Did you know that during the Renaissance… women used to put poison into their eyes? A little drop of belladonna to dilate the pupil… to simulate erotic excitement. But like all addictions, it took more and more to produce the desired effect. So they slowly… killed themselves. What won’t we do for beauty?”


Then suddenly, it’s about God.
“Despite what you may think… I didn’t turn from God. He turned from me. From all of us. Look around. You tell me, where is He… in this city of perpetual suffering? In this life? You tell me where.”

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h18m05s570 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h18m08s416 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h18m07s307 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h18m07s781

Ferdinand is my favorite but I’m slowly beginning to appreciate Evelyn with her heartbroken evilness.


Later Victor tells Lily they’ve been invited to a ball and they’re happy as ever.


What a dork.

I can’t help but feel for Victor even though he’s half cupcake half dudebro.

We meet Ethan while he’s busy checking out the creepy museum guy’s recreated crime scenes. And Inspector Rusk comes to harass him as usual.


Why don’t these guys leave my Ethan alone? Damn his charms.


But Ethan turns him down with the remaining sass in his system. Once again.


Rusk tells him he’s pretty sure Ethan’s involved in the murders and that he’ll find the proof. Ethan’s visibly troubled after Rusk leaves. He walks outside and immediately looks like a stressed kitten.

He looks tough when he’s around other people but I’m genuinely worried he’s going to burst from the stress one day.

Back at the Murray Residence Vanessa shyly asks Ethan to come to the ball with her.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h18m55s969sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h18m56s831 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h18m57s078sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h18m58s473

He leaves and Vanessa looks sad.


It’s another thing they have in common; Vanessa has a cool exterior but a lot of insecurity issues, especially when it comes to intimacy and trust. It meant a lot more to her to go with Ethan than with anyone else. Why am I getting deep about this episode and their feelings? Projecting much? Probably. Let’s move on.

At the ball, Dorian and Angelique dance and it’s cute.


Hecate is still angry at everything and wants to do have her way but Ferdinand’s not having it.


Then Dorian meets Lily and our hearts skip a beat because he’d recognize her, right?

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h20m02s075 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h19m59s828

He does seem to recognize her for the same reason he recognizes most people.


Probably because of her new situation he can’t take his eyes off of her and asks her to dance with him.


Of course you are.


At the Murray Mansion, Ethan is alone with Sembene.


What could it be, I wonder.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h21m28s962 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h21m28s017 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h21m28s962

Sembene has one of the hardest jobs in London.

Later at the ball Vanessa shows up like a perfect princess.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h21m31s695 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h21m36s196 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h21m37s638

Her adorable face is adorable.


Lily and Dorian finish their dance.


Victor has an internal crisis.


It escalates real quick.


Later Dorian and Lily dance again as Victor watches.


I know I’m being hard on him but JUST BEING HONEST because:


I also feel like Vanessa here.


Finally a guy who kind of looks like Malcolm shows up, completely brainwashed.

And by that I mean washed clean like a baby.


Vanessa senses Evelyn immediately.


They greet each other.


At least he looks happy.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h22m43s473sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h22m42s410 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h22m46s910

Malcolm and Victor leave them alone so Vanessa and Evelyn have a little chat.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h22m49s312 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m00s975

Vanessa tells Evelyn he’s changed after he met her.
Evelyn: “I suppose we could say you’re something of a ward to him?”
Vanessa: “A friend, I like to think, who cares a great deal for his welfare.”
Evelyn: “Sounds like a warning. Do you disapprove?
Vanessa: “Would it matter if I did?”
Evelyn: “But of course. I hope to be welcome in your life, Vanessa.”

It basically goes like this:

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m02s782 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m03s964 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m04s824 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m05s529 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m06s758sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m07s909 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m08s272

I love it.

Back at the Murray’s, Ethan makes Sembene chain him to a wall.


Poor Sembene.

At the ball, Vanessa watches Dorian and Victor like it’s a documentary on f***boys.


Ferdinand Lyle asks to escort Vanessa home because he’s worried for her.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m42s838 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m43s133 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m45s244sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m44s377 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m49s757

But the witches want to dance.

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m58s196 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m58s498sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m59s438 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h23m59s757 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h24m01s553

Just admire her angry face.


Then sudddenly it starts raining blood.


I know it’s probably scary for Vanessa but visually it’s also really beautiful with all that red.


Vanessa POV:


Poor baby.


She finally faints.


And back at home:

sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h24m40s929 sgvlcsnap-2015-11-12-19h24m51s583

Wow, what a night.

Glorious Horrors, indeed.

❀ ・゚:*✧・゚:* \★~(◠‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧❀

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13 thoughts on “Penny Dreadful 2×06, Glorious Horrors Photo Recap

  1. Yass! Happy to get the notification email, I look forward to these probably more than I should!
    I so love your view on stuff and the way you describe things.
    (See, “stuff and things” are perfectly perfect.)
    Looking forward to your next work, M.

  2. ,With your renewed interest in writing PD recaps I’ve had the most delicious time rewatching all the episodes. Now I have your glorious recaps to complete the picture. Love this one (surprise). I do have a feeling about Dorian inviting Vanessa. I think this ball was really planned by him for her, and her alone. Instead of sending a nice little calligraphy invite like. He must have sent every other person he decided to do it up close and personal. Like murder. He had to see her face when he mentioned girlfriend. And although she did a beat, she wasn’t broken up by the idea and that infuriated Dorian – Ii mean, he was actually curt! There was more intensity in his telling her not to call him Mr. Gray than when that rogue spat at Angelique at the Opera.
    I’m so glad you bring out the details of each episode. The Blood Waltz was stunning visually. I haven’t seen such startling use of blood in a scene since Kubrick’s The Shinning.

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it! I think Reeve and Eva have great chemistry so their scenes have a bit of extra magic and intensity no matter how small but I also like to think that the attraction between Vanessa and Dorian is still there and their connection will influence the future of the show even if they don’t get together. For some reason I really like to see them together.

    2. Thank you, glad you liked it! I think Reeve and Eva have great chemistry so their scenes have a bit of extra magic and intensity no matter how small but I also like to think that the attraction between Vanessa and Dorian is still there and their connection will influence the future of the show even if they don’t get together. For some reason I really like to see them together.

  3. I am soooooooooooooo happy you got back to Penny Dreadful!! The season just isn’t complete without your recaps! I love that they make me giggle when the show is So Dem Seereeous!

    And Gah yeah Eva Green is so dang brilliant, looking a mess, looking gorgeous, acting like crazy, saying volumes with just a look…just always on point. Love her. And love everyone else does their honest best to keep up. No mugging or mushing their way through.

    And of course, Victorian gothic… *drools* I want all the things! Can’t wait to read more recaps! Love it!

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