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Outlander, The Garrison Commander Photo Recap

01 (Warning for spoilers, some gruesome content and dark humour)

Hey guys! Are you surprised I chose the darkest episode of the series to begin my recaps? I’m not. And I’ve been meaning to recap this show for some time so here you go. The episode began with the decent and adorable Lieutenant offering Claire help, leaving Claire with two choices: Let the Scottish men she came to understand and love be harmed by English soldiers, or lie and continue her journey as she planned.

We waited patiently for a WEEK for Claire to make her choice. Dougal seemed pretty anxious about it while Jeremy Foster seemed like he really wanted to get back at Dougal for humiliating him. 2 3 667             Dougal was pleasantly surprised. 8 But Lieutenant Jeremy Foster seemed like he wanted Claire’s company anyway and to make sure she was actually safe. What a nice guy. It was super classy of him to stand up to them on his own when he thought Claire was in trouble. And Claire definitely loved interacting with someone who showed her respect.11But Dougal was like: We come in a pair, lad. 89 10 Claire felt better already. 1213to1 They arrived in a Scottish Village with English Soldiers making faces at Dougal and spitting around. Dougal’s face says it all. Jeremy was really happy bringing Claire to General Lord Thomas.15 Which made sense in the following scene: 16171820212322324424 He was all over Claire and Claire loved every second of it. It also helped that they had claret. 24526277 Then it was time to introduce Dougal: The Sass Chief.28 He stopped Jeremy and explained who he was which can easily be summed up as:2930 The General didn’t seem to understand Dougal. And then he made fun of his accent. (a low blow) 32 Our amazing social justice blogger Claire kindly spoke up.3334 This dude had a problem with it. The other dude also seemed to be disgusted. The one closer to the screen seemed unfazed.68But the General was:69 Then he continued to be a cute snob.7072Dougal found the opportunity. And he took it which sounded like: 7374 Lol This was the General’s face after Dougal told him he should have stayed in London:7576 (I just want to say this was an epic performance by John Heffernan.) Back to Claire: 7880 Jeremy was very eager to defend the honour of his General. But Dougal was like:828190 This dude had stayed away from ladies for far too long, I’m telling you. 9192 He was impressed but Dougal was actually proud of her.9394 After they insulted each other Lord Thomas told Dougal he couldn’t sit with them. Dougal didn’t care.9596 (Again, what a performance) Later Claire told the men her story (which were all lies)97Everything seemed perfect because Lord Thomas was so into her he believed every word and said Lieutenant Jeremy Foster would accompany her in her journey home. 99a1 Then this happened.ewdjıoef It was the douchebag doppelganger ancestor of Frank. Lord Thomas thought they were under attack and was very worried for his claret. (I’m telling you, this man is a gem)120921kdsfkfd Claire didn’t bother to hide her true feelings.lklkkllknjkjdkmkflfsddsdsdsdlfklkffmdöömföfd Their interaction quickly shifted.jrkjkekjegdskfmdmdsf Since Lord Thomas told him he was dirty Captain Douchebag decided to put on a show.kfdlkfddskkldsldssd It was hilarious.LDLKDFLDFLDfdkfdfdd I live for this man’s facial expressions. If this was The Office we’d be getting so many good camera stares. Then Black Jack Randall expressed his concerns about Claire. dkllkdldfkfdlkldflkddmödmdmödsdlkdsklsklöçöfdçödf Of course that didn’t stop him.mödömdödmfdnmdfdnmmöömmöömmmömööm He made everyone feel awkward and sad with his dead soldier story. So Claire couldn’t restrain herself.hsjhsjhshjsmöömömdmlmlmmllmlmfdslmskdkjdskjdsdskjdsömmöcömcxcöx Claire was once again amazing with her wonderful, compassionate declarations on human rights but she forgot about keeping herself safe in the meantime. Of course her values were ignored and dismissed as “woman not understanding politics”. But she reminded them she was talking about morals. In her vulnerable state, Jack kept manipulating her.mncnmcnmcxmncNKNKNKNNKThen basically this happened.KNKNKNKmdmösömdsödsmcmcxmöcxmvnmvnmvvcnmcmncxmncx She tried to convince The General that she was indeed loyal to the King, not the Scottish people. Lord Thomas didn’t really seemed convinced. Then she had to go to operate on a man downstairs who needed his leg to be cut off. out6 (1268)nmmnd A Doctor showed up asking her if she’d faint at the sight of blood. Claire shut him up and they got to work. cccccccccccc With people eating a few tables away.mömmööm Claire turned back upstairs with the hopes of finding Lord Thomas again. But instead there was this nightmare:kjııpppp She remembered shaving Frank back in her own time which was an important reminder that she had trouble seeing this man as who he was. Black Jack made it look like he was going to cut the young soldier’s throat for a second there. nbhThen started this major scene between them that went on for ages and we all had stomach cramps.vmmvcmvccnnmxmxcöcmmThis guy is a master manipulator of course.fdnmfmnd He asked Claire to tell him her story after he apologized. cxxcmdnmfndfoppddcxcxcxccx Claire saw no way out other than telling a sob story she made up on the spot.bvlcsnap-2014-09-16-23h11m25s12vnmnmvnmvvcotoıtorrererre She was really good with her tears running down and everything but this dude just didn’t buy it. Then he randomly got up and started drawing her, being the maniac that he is.dffdfdf898956564out6 (1257)out6 (1262) She tried to be assertive and take control by deciding to wait for Lord Thomas. Black Jack had other ideas.out6 (79)out6 (1309) Jamie! So happy to see you. Except not in these conditions.out6 (1213)out6 (1295) I apologize in advance but the only way I’ll survive this is making light of it like Jamie does.out6 (63)out6 (94) (Yes, I had to cover it up.) Jamie didn’t waste time provoking the maniac.out6 (1239)out6 (99)out6 (96) Jamie is just this brave puppy and this shouldn’t happen. But back to the Creep Lord who was having intense emotions:out6 (90)out6 (1321) Jamie decided not to give Jack the pleasure of his screams. So he didn’t make a sound.out6 (105) I never understand what the people who watch this stuff actually expect?? I know you don’t have TV or the Internet but this is just nasty. Anyway, our precious Jamie did his best to remain dignified while Jack seemed to like that. (Please don’t think I’m trying to make Jack or what he does seem “cute” or “funny” with the rest of this scene. He is horrible. But the point of my recap is attempting dark humour to deal with what he does and what he feels as well as Jamie. If you’re not okay with that please ignore this post.)out6 (1231)out6 (86)out6 (1229) He basically told Claire Jamie wouldn’t beg and he thought that what “they” were doing was amazing.out6 (1291) Dougal only frowned as he watched the scene but you could see he thought it was inhuman with the tiny sparks of emotion in his eyes.out6 (83)out6 (1206)out6 (1307)out6 (1318) Jack COMPLETELY lost his control. (I actually watched this whole scene cringing so sorry for the Kesha song but I think it explains Jack’s point of view perfectly.)out6 (82)out6 (97)out6 (1221)out6 (98)out6 (1217)out6 (111)out6 (1308)out6 (1225)out6 (91)out6 (100)out6 (101)out6 (106) I think the scene showed us that Jack actually has no limits and people didn’t like that. Because they were only promised an “acceptable” amount of violence and this was stepping out of line.out6 (102)out6 (14)out6 (80)out6 (1234)out6 (5)out6 (10) At this point my respect for Jamie has no bounds. All this and he’s still good as gold. He’s basically a hobbit. (The hair should have been a clue) Let’s live in denial a little.out6 (1315)out6 (1270)out6 (43)out6 (1285) Claire really wanted to believe that even though she was horrified. Could he actually be decent again?out6 (17)out6 (1252) He told her maybe he’d start with helping her get back home. She was so relieved.out6 (13)out6 (1250) But not really.out6 (1199)out6 (61)out6 (32) He made this ball of anxiety kick Claire repeatedly. out6 (1220) Dougal had amazing timing. Maybe two minutes ago would be even better.out6 (1297)out6 (1316)out6 (66)out6 (1237) He told Jack there’d be consequences (war) if he didn’t let them go now.out6 (1189) Jack told him he’d be seeing Claire the next day.out6 (1298) As they were on their way back Dougal gave Claire one final chance to reveal her identity in an unexpected way.out6 (1215)out6 (1326)out6 (1219) She told him she wasn’t a spy and she was really mad he asked her that after what just happened.out6 (1226)out6 (1331)out6 (1202)out6 (1327)out6 (1196) Dougal explained why wasn’t going to kill her.out6 (87)out6 (1312)out6 (1197)out6 (1192)out6 (1320)out6 (107)out6 (109) He said he’d love to grind her corn and he was gross and funny at the same time but mostly gross. Then he explained who he had in mind.out6 (1286)out6 (1233) Who else??? Suddenly the whole atmosphere of the episode changed. (I think this is going to happen a lot) out6 (1211)out6 (1282)out6 (1194)out6 (1330)out6 (1275) Jamie seemed more than okay with it. Then he said he’d just marry her because she healed him a couple of times and he owed her. (lol)out6 (118)out6 (1272) He presented a sound argument if you ask me.out6 (103)out6 (119) Your eyes are saying other things, Jamie boy. Though Claire was more worried about his love life.out6 (1289)out6 (1325)out6 (1195) Claire seemed to be reasoning with herself.out6 (114)out6 (1222)out6 (84) The second Claire mentioned honeymoon Jamie was like “Aye, I’ve already packed” I am gonna cry.out6 (1245) Claire asked Jamie if her non-virgin status bothered him which seemed like she was trying to give him a reason to not to want her as a wife. out6 (7)out6 (40) And we waited for him to answer with a dramatic pause.out6 (113) Jamie’s a virgin. Yes.out6 (1208)out6 (121)out6 (1261)out6 (116) Then he hilariously told her that he basically can’t wait.out6 (1314)out6 (1294)out6 (108) I laughed at the sight of everyone just waiting for them. Claire followed quickly.out6 (1235)out6 (1283)out6 (1269) Cut to Jamie’s awkward/excited goofy face:out6 (1296) But the best part was seeing that Murtagh, who’s been probably shipping them from the first moment he saw them together, was even more happier than Jamie himself. That’s a huge grin:out6 (1274) I don’t know about you, but I’m Murtagh.out6 (1319)

THE WEDDING NEXT WEEK! *throws confetti*

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  1. I just gotta tell you that I love the Outlander photo recaps. Rolling on the floor, they are so funny! I really hope you keep them up.

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