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Meet Coffee Prince

Here’s a short and possibly slightly spoilery introduction to Coffee Prince.

First, let’s meet the characters.

Han Kyul is a pretty, boyish man who owns a coffee shop. And as if his existence isn’t enough on its own, he does things like this:


I love you too, Han Kyul.

Just look at this cute bastard, look at him carefully because you’re gonna fall in love with him.



Then there is this precious cupcake Go Eun Chan. She spends her days working her butt off to feed her mother and sister. She also dresses like a boy to work comfortably in whatever job she can get.


They meet in hilarious conditions and set up a deal and end up being friends but here is the thing:

Han Kyul thinks Eun Chan is a boy and gives him a job in his Coffee Shop where only Princes (Men) can work. Eun Chan decides to let him think he’s a boy as long as he gets to work there but things happen and they develop feelings and more things happen. (I know, I’m trying to keep this only slightly spoilery.)

Let’s leave it to them to introduce each other:


He is.


Also true.

This cute bastard and the fierce cupcake do cute things to each other like:image

(She drew on his milk!!!) Look at his happy face.image

They get drunk and sing.


They’re just… affectionate. All the time.



They’re very lovey-dovey.

I love how this show doesn’t care about gender roles all that much.

Also there are so many other characters you’ll adore.


This is Han Sung, Han Kyul’s cousin and lovely human being / musician, he is with Yoo Joo who’s a perfect angel princess (actually, she’s an artist but you get my point).

He’s with Yoo Joo and they’re are adorable together.

It’s so much fun to watch the other Princes who all have their unique and adorable personalities and storylines:


Everyone is great, including Han Kyul’s adorable and usually angry grandma. You’ll love them all even when you’re not happy with their choices.

It’s a sweet, heart-warming K-drama with the magical ability to make you happy when you watch it. It’s also available on Netflix!

Some quotes:

Han Sung: I envy you. No matter what you’re going through, you still manage to look up at the stars and appreciate them like a little kid.

Eun Chan: It’s really low to cling to someone using love as an excuse.

Han Sung: I really missed you.

Yu Ju: When?

Han Sung: When the wind blew, when I walked, when I fell asleep alone at night, when I woke up alone in the morning.

Han Kyul: I’ve realized I can’t be responsible for your life. But I can be by
your side, watching over you. I’ll take that instead. When you hold the hand of your first child, when they go off to school, when you marry your children. Ah, proposing is so embarrassing.

If you’re not familiar with K-dramas you might be confused about some tropes in Coffee Prince, but you’ll get used to them.

Some of my favorite reviews sum up how I feel about the series:

  • “My initial viewing of Coffee Prince was like a first kiss with someone I really, really liked: there were bells and rose petals and choruses of angels.”
  • “My relationship to this drama has progressed much in the way actual
    romances do: It started with love at first sight. I watched episode
    after episode in rapt, starry-eyed euphoria, unable to believe how
    much I liked everything about them.”
  • “If only Coffee Prince weren’t so wonderful, every other Korean drama ever made would feel like less of a let down. In addition to being objectively wonderful, there’s just something about it that makes me smile uncontrollably.”
  • “If a mad scientist kidnapped me and spent a decade doing invasive psychological profiling to be used in creating a drama tailored just for me, Coffee Prince would so be the result.”
  • “Eun Chan and Han Gyul share the single most sublime love in all of Korean drama. “
  • “Fundamentally, Coffee Prince is made of the same old Korean drama building blocks: it includes Cinderella romance, birth secrets, and a family’s attempt to break up the lead couple. But what it does with these building blocks is something altogether different: It creates a window into a warm, cozy world of blue skies and bright sunshine, a world that feels like our own, but ever so slightly better.”

Also it has such a lovely, calming soundtrack, I love listening to it when I feel a bit sad or anxious.

Some of my favorite songs (but I encourage you to explore the whole soundrack):

4 thoughts on “Meet Coffee Prince

  1. I’ve been watching kdramas for 10 years now and, although I’ve drifted away from the romcom genre, Coffee Prince is still in my top 10.

    1. Exactly, It’s a classic I love to revisit from time to time. I fall in love with the characters all over again.

  2. The greatest joy I’ve had in the past week was reading that YOU gave a recap of Coffee Prince. I haven’t read it yet because I am savoring the idea with giddt anticipation. I wl write more when I complete my read. *OMG… GONG YOO!

    1. I simply adore this show and I wish I could have recapped it fully but K-Drama recaps get copyright infringement notice even though they are technically parodies, so, sadly maybe I’ll get away with recapping a few scenes later but not whole episodes. =)

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