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Birthday Notes To Myself (And To You)

Happy Birthday to me and everyone who’s ever had a birthday happen to them!

Congratulations! You’re born. You’ve come so far! Whooo!

*throws confetti*

So dear me (and you), here are some thoughts:


Everything has some goodness in it, no matter how you feel at the moment.


You can be angry or frustrated but it doesn’t mean you stop loving yourself. Sometimes you’ll need to be patient with yourself the same way you need to be with others. Your mistakes have nothing to do with your worth as a person. Know that you can never be less deserving of the good things in life, so when you feel bad, be kind to yourself and treat yourself as you would treat someone you love.

You deserve love and you deserve your love the most.


Send people nice messages when can’t be there for them.

Kind words are better than nothing.


You might have a fear of the unknown. Keep going even when you’re not sure what will happen. When you experience something different it’s normal to be worried. You don’t know how strong and competent you are yet. You’ll always adjust and learn new things in life.


When you read, you meet friends. Words that comfort you feel like they’ve been written by the people you’ve missed your whole life. Sometimes your new friends are ghosts of writers, sometimes old thoughts that feel like they belong to collective dreams. There’ll be places which offer unconditional peace, fictional worlds traveled through sacred pages we all share. It’s like a secret magic we don’t really acknowledge. You’ll remember you’re not alone, that you’ve never been alone.

When you write you’ll make friends, it’s like giving gifts, so many new dreams shared, endless worlds created. Those who read will remember they’re not alone, just like you. They’ll know you far better than anyone could.

It’ll feel like a timeless forever, always preserved and untouched. Never to be lost.

Somewhere you can always go.


Worrying willl exhaust you.

If you can change the situation, do your best.

If you can’t change anything, worrying won’t prepare you for whatever you need to do.


There’s truth in what makes you happy.

Fear can be misleading, so try not to make choices based on fear.


When something doesn’t make you happy, if it keeps hurting you, let it go. It can be a feeling, a person or a situation you might leave behind to move on. If you’re hurt, please try to make the choices that will bring you closer to what you truly want in life.

Start paying attention to what you enjoy instead, let the things you love provide you shelter and bring you comfort.

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