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Hannibal Episode 1 Apéritif Recap

You’re gonna love this show.

The story starts with Special Investigator Will Graham at a crime scene.

We see that he uses his imagination, intuition and empathy to understand how the killer commits the crime.

Will shares his gift with his students.

After his lecture, Agent Jack Crawford asks for his help with a case.


They visit the parents of an abducted girl.


Will is sensitive about pets in general.

Will tells Jack the girl was taken from home so they decide this is the crime scene. When they enter her room, they find her dead body.

Will removes the father from the room.

Later Will gets deep into it before Beverly Katz interrupts.

One thing you should know about Will is his love for dogs.

He actually goes home and drives back after he gets some food.

And that’s how Winston’s adopted.

This is the rest of the family.

Will finds comfort in his dogs’ company because this is how his nights mosty go:

The dead have no manners, clearly.

Will’s losing his cool while Jack wonders if he’s stable.


We see a cute girl waving at her father.

Later Jack talks to Alana Bloom about Will Graham.

She doesn’t approve of Jack’s decision to put Will out there.

The answer is yes.

Will shares his thoughts.

Get used to it, Zeller.

Guess who we see next? And he’s eating.

Meet Hannibal Lecter.

The next time we see him, he’s with a patient called Franklyn.

Hanni doesn’t like that. You know what else he doesn’t like? Cops who come to question him.

Better listen to him, Jack.

By the way, get used to these interactions between Hannibal and Jack:

Hannibal realizes Jack respects him, which is a plus.

There’s a list like that, I’m sure.

So this is when boy meets boy:


*loooving youu is easyy cause you’re beautiful*

The next day:

Will figures out the contrast between the murders, seeing what he couldn’t see before.

Jacks asks him about the new killer.

Later we see a glimpse of The Stag.

The next day Hannibal shows up at his door like:

Of course he prepared him breakfast.


Hannibal clearly loves making people eat people.

Hannibal: We could socialize, like adults. God forbid we become friendly.

Will: I don’t find you that interesting.

Hannibal: You will.

Will: How do you see me?

Hannibal: The mongoose I want under the house when the snakes slither by.

They’re ready to solve the case together.

Will finds the suspect.

Hanni calls the guy to warn him.

So when they arrive, it’s too late.


Will shoots Garret Jacob Hobbs after he slashes his daughter’s throat.

Hannibal’s content.

Jack realizes he effed up.

Will visits Abigail and sees Hannibal by her side, holding her hand.


Then they just create this image of a new family together.

What do you think of this trio? Let me know in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Hannibal Episode 1 Apéritif Recap

  1. “carnivore gentlemen” OMG I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING
    Also, this recap is just PRECIOUS *fluffy cannibal feels intensify*

  2. Oh my God, oh my God, new recap from you! You made my new year clearly 🙂 It was fun again, I love your style so much.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Please do more <3 I just finished the show for the first time around this holiday. I need to consumer everythinnngg involving this show~

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