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Hannibal “Digestivo” Photo Recap

Hello Fannibals,

I’ve wanted to recap this show for some time and now that I’ve finally had the chance, I’m happy to start my recaps with what turned out to be one of my favorite episodes.

Digestivo began with Will completely blissed out.

h (31)

While Jack seems a little stressed.

h (5)h (1)

And to be honest, things don’t look so good from Will’s point of view, either.h (34)

Then the Italian police show up.


Hannibal doesn’t seem fazed of course. He’s always ready for a change of plans but it’s still rude to come uninvited.

h (3)

Then the cop cheerfully tells his men to cut Jack’s head open before he leaves with Hannibal and Will.

h (49) h (46)

Jack’s been going through too much lately.

h (55)

But our favorite mysterious lady shoots the guys and asks Jack where Will and Hannibal were.

hbsh (65)

Seriously, Jack had enough of Will and Hannibal and their murderer friends. But he’s also glad to be alive so he tells Chiyo where they were taken: Mason Verger’s farm.



Alana and Margot are spending quality time until Margot received a phone call from an Italian dude about Hannibal’s capture.
h (74)h (76)
h (75)

No such luck. Alana seems haunted by thoughts of Hannibal, even though we haven’t seen her deal with her emotions in a healthy way (other than her collaboration with Mason to capture and torture Hannibal) this moment reminded us just how deeply disturbed and wounded she was. It’s sad.

In the meantime Hannibal and Will aren’t having a great time either.

h (91)

Well, Will is unconscious mostly.


Mason checks how much fat Hannibal has on him by sticking a knife in his back.

h (101)h (103)

Later Mason takes them to his pig kingdom.

h (109)

And he tries to get a reaction from Will.

h (114)hbnsh (111)

Let the poor guy rest for a minute, will you?

h (118)  h (113)

But Will is hilariously like: “Let me sleep.”

whh wwill

So Mason praises Hannibal instead, saying he’s the best pig ever.

h (124)h (s)

Hahah, of course he’s flattered!

(Why did I wait so long to recap this show, honestly?)

Mason learns that Jack isn’t dead and he’s suspicious of Alana.

h (142)h (141)

Love Alana’s poker face.

Then it’s dinner time. Hannibal’s enjoying himself.

h (168)

He tells Mason how he’s similar to Jezebel.
h (185)h (186)

But Mason is like, “Jesus loves me and he’s got me a new face,” and looks at Will pointedly.
h (188)

Poor Will.

Mason says Cordell will perform the surgery. And Cordell walks in like:

h (191)s

He’s here for all your face-cutting needs.

Then Mason really goes for it and tells Hannibal how he and Will remind him of that “cannibal who advertised for a friend and ate him and his penis before he died.”

That’s a long way of saying “You’re so gay for each other” really.


Hannibal’s reaction is of course:

h (199)

Then the camera cuts to some sausages.

h (201)

And then Will’s expression.


Yup. He wasn’t hungry anyway.
Mason reminds Hannibal one more time how all this will end.

h (204) h (207)

And Will finally seems to wake up a little.


Seriously, it’s too much for Will. It’s not just about Mason eating Hannibal, or cutting Will’s face, but doing them both? Cold.

“You’re going to eat him… with my face?” 

h (220)h (222)

Hannibal tries to manipulate Mason by making him think about what he’ll do after he’s done with Hannibal but Mason’s not having it.h (224)

So Will hilariously gives him some ideas.

h (227)

h (229)

Then he tells Cordell to moisturize Will because he’s “dry”. (brb dying)h (238)h (239)

Hannibal asks which parts of him will be eaten first. Cordell tells him the whole process.

h (245) h (254)sd h (248)

I’m still laughing as I write this just as I did during this whole dinner scene.

Hannibal and Mason keep talking and I love how Will sits absolutely still until the right moment.

h (267) h (271)

This scene is getting more and more fabulous.

h (298)

Well, he’s frustrated and under stress and reasonably hangry (hungry + angry).

But in the end, it didn’t really do any good.

h (289)

Well, other than…

h (291)h (293)h (294)

*Sigh* Little Will all grown up and eating faces. *Wipes away tear*

h (295)

An understatement.

Then Cordell brands Hannibal.

h (318)h (320)

Hannibal and Cordell talk about how Cordell will cook Hannibal one more time.

h (336)h (333)h (341)

Cordell says he’ll come back to cut his body parts later. Hannibal’s like: Okay. As long as you do it right.

We see Mason’s eel again which is very pretty.

h (359)

And Mason tells Margot he’s got a surprise for her.

h (375)h (386)

he says he didn’t throw away her eggs and the surrogate is resting but he doesn’t think it’s right for Margot see her yet.

h (403)

It’s obvious how Margot truly had enough of this guy’s torment but he doesn’t really take her all that seriously.

In the meantime Alana comes to see Will, who’s really resentful when he realizes she helped Mason find Hannibal.

h (409)h (410)h (412)

Seriously, it looks like they just left him in the dining room so they don’t have to carry him back and forth.

Alana explains herself.

h (422)h (425)

“Or maybe you wouldn’t.”

h (428)h (432)

Then he tells her she needs to evolve since her plans did. h (452)sda

He says she’ll need to spill blood, herself or through someone else.


Margot visits Hannibal.

h (462) h (463) h (465)

She tells him Mason will give her a baby but it looks like she doesn’t really let herself believe it.

h (478)

Hannibal says Mason will always deny her and even though he obviously wants to manipulate her, he also sounds honest and almost compassionate.

h (495)h (496)

He then offers to take the blame if she kills him, saying it would be therapeutic for her to do it herself.h (522)h (521)

Then Alana joins them, asking Hannibal to save Will.

h (540)h (552)

Hannibal promises and tells Alana to pull some of his hair so they can frame Mason’s murder on him.

Alana asks him if she could ever understand him and after a pause he answers, “No.”

The exchange sounds like:

h (572)h (580)

I know, Alana but get yourself together.

Margot is also pretty and she probably won’t have you thrown out of a window.

h (588)

Then Alana leaves the knife and Hannibal frees himself.

So the scene goes something like this:


No? That’s not what happened for you? Okay, moving on.

Will is being prepared for face removal surgery.

h (614)

And Mason decides it’s a great time to preach.

h (618)h (621)

You can remove Will Graham’s face but bring up religion when he can’t even escape? Too far.

In the meantime, Margot and Alana find the surrogate.

h (643) h (641)h (647)

Mason you horrible nightmare.

Margot tells Alana to take the baby out, while we see Cordell tell Will that he’ll perform the surgery without anesthesia because… sadistic pleasure.

h (655)

We see some cutting and bloody face removal scenes.

And Margot holds her dead baby.

h (663)

Mason woke up like dis:

h (671)

But nope, it’s not Will’s face.

h (670)

Guess who’s carrying his bff/lover like a bride? This guy!


Hannibal and Will are safe thanks to Chiyo who was perched on a tree shooting errbody that came after them.

How is Chiyo real? She’s basically Batman. And what does she want? Will we ever truly understand?

Anyway, Margot has things to say to Mason.

h (704) h (706)

He’s so… *frustrated sigh*

This is kinda satisfying though:

h (720)h (721)h (741)

Sorry, I have a stomach so I won’t be capping the eel moment. Just insert a “NOT NOM” joke for me.

h (748)

Goodbye Mason, thanks for all the creepy moments we didn’t truly need. I’d also like to thank God especially because you won’t be back. *Highfives the murderess ladies and steps back carefully*

Finally Hannibal asks Chiyo what I want to ask Chiyo. (But in a more subtle way.)

h (779)h (781)

Hannibal seems vulnerable for a moment before he says yes, he did eat her but he didn’t kill her. (Read the book, Chiyo because that’s as good as you’re gonna get now.)

h (788)

Chiyo looks like she’s about to say, “Fine, okay then, bye” but Hannibal tells her she’s like iron and silver.

h (824)h (825)h (823)  h (826)  hhc

Okay now, obviously he means she’s strong and graceful enough to endure anything (or something since Hannibal also says this to Clarice in the book.) And reminding her she doesn’t need to cling to her obsession (him). At least that’s what I think he means.

We see a tea cup breaking.

h (835)

Then he walks in as Will wakes up.

This scene is so casual and almost peaceful in a way none of their scenes has been. Hannibal even has a genuine smile on his face and Will just slowly sits up, looking like a kid as he often does. Hannibal sits by his bed and they start to talk. But of course, it’s all about metaphors.

whhh (871)h (873)

He says their teacup can’t be fixed. Too broken.

h (889)

Hannibal looks sincerely hurt by this.

I mean yeah, just because you start cutting a guy’s head open with the intention of eating him he tells you it’s over.


h (891) willsc

I just want to be serious for a moment because Hugh and Mads are amazing actors and this scene was truly heartbreaking when it could be a lot more cheesier with the dark romance thing they’ve got going on.

Just look at Will’s poor face here. There’s a kind of peace after finally getting closure and deciding he doesn’t want any more cannibal drama. He also seems to wonder how Hannibal’s still hoping for whatever he has in mind. Because after they tried to kill each other so many times, albeit half-heartedly, Hannibal saves him and talks about the mind palace they’re sharing. It must be exhausting.

Hannibal: Your memory palace is building. It’s… full of new things. It shares some rooms with my own. I’ve discovered you there, victorious.

Will: When it comes to you and me, there can be no decisive victory.

The beautifully messed up connection these two have is almost entirely defined by their isolation and their need to be understood. So when they couldn’t mend their bond they tried to break it violently. And because of that same bond, just like Will says, there can be no decisive victory for them, at least not against one another.

Basically it’s been a rollercoaster of madness, so I don’t blame Will for wanting to end it. And honestly, I was surprised Hannibal felt differently after everything that happened.

h (904)gvdh (943)oph (948)

Will: I’m not going to miss you. I’m not going to find you. I’m not going to look for you. I’m not going to think about you anymore. I don’t want to know where you are or what you do.

Hannibal: You delight yourself in wickedness and berate yourself for the delight.

Will: You delight. I tolerate. I don’t have your appetite. Goodbye Hannibal.

This seems to wound Hannibal the most.


You can see Hannibal battle with himself.

h (996)h (1009)

Hannibal simply leaves without a word and Will is like:
h (930)

But then, just when you think it’s all over Jack comes.

h (1026)h (1028)

Guess who shows up.

h (1045)  h (1043)h (1047) h (1050)h (1052)h (1056)h (1062)

What just happened?

Hannibal decides he doesn’t want to run any longer and he’ll miss Will terribly so he thinks it’ll be cool to chill in prison for a while?


*Sigh* Show, you give me emotions but you don’t always make sense. (But the next episode can’t come soon enough.)

What did you think about the episode? Let me know in the comments!


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25 thoughts on “Hannibal “Digestivo” Photo Recap

  1. LOL this was so funny. I wish you could do it with the whole 3 seasons but whatever you do, I want to read it!

  2. Your humor while recapping allows me to get over the horrifying moments in the show. But I truly appreciate your reverence for when the writing gets real and intimate like Will and Hannibal’s parting scene. Great having you back!

    1. Thank you! This was a great episode and I loved that moment. It was touching and the acting made me feel for both of them. I’ll miss this show if it doesn’t get a fourth season.

  3. Your humor while recapping allows me to get over the horrifying moments in the show. But I truly appreciate your reverence for when the writing gets real and intimate like Will and Hannibal’s parting scene. Great having you back!

  4. That’s the most perfect recap that ever was and ever will be !! I almost died laughing (well, except for the break-up part where I almost died drowning in my tears but well). That’s just awesome ! Thanks for sharing :3

  5. Oh, this was wonderful <3

    Of course he surrendered, he's ever the manipulator.
    Will just said "I never want to see you again. Run away."
    And he knows he probably won't see Will ever again if he runs.
    But if he surrenders…there's a cozy little mental hospital up the street.
    People do crazy things when they're in love! 😉

  6. Just saw the section of this that’s on and came to read the rest. Great job, especially loved the Will quotes, exactly matched his expressions, which made them even funnier. Have never been a fan of the whole Will/Hannibal romance claims, just a lot of wishful thinking from the “wish it was the case crowd” unlike the tangible proof with Margot/Alana, which I loved! I know it’s a double standard, but what what can I say, I’m a straight guy, and we all do that.

  7. Really impressed with your work! Linked here from the Hannibal reddit – looking forward to reading your other stuff. Keep it up!

  8. I’ve only read this and your recap for the finale (oh and Penny Dreadful, please to finish that!) and your recaps are pretty fantastic! Will does just spend the entire season screaming internally, doesn’t he? Your recap of Mason’s scenes are delightful and also reminded me that completely absurdly Margot gets some therapy from Hannibal in the middle of the suspenseful escape plan happening. Hannibal’s still fucking polite despite being hogtied in a pigpen awaiting execution by Cordell, and gives a shit about Margot because he’s all ‘these people think they have problems, you got it BAAAAAD girlfriend!’ I love HanniLOL.

  9. I didn’t know you were doing Hannibal and now I have a treasure trove to read! I was keeping it together pretty well till the eel with the pretty flower. Pure gold…

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