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Hannibal 1×2 “Amuse-Bouche” Recap

The episode opens with Will practicing his gun shooting skills.

But then someone unexpected shows up.

It’s Garret Jacob Hobbs, the man Will killed, aka his new best friend.

He wakes up to Jack knocking on his car window.

Something tells me he doesn’t really wanna know.

They examine Hobb’s cabin.


Do you really need to be told, Jack?

Jacks shares his suspicions about Abigail.

Will’s already protective of her because A) he sees her as a victim and B) he killed her father so there’s a considerable amount of guilt there. In the meantime they figure out someone’s been there before them.

Meet Freddie Lounds, she likes making trouble.

Will’s students congratulate him.

And he gives a lecture on Garret Jacob Hobbs.

Later Alana comes, trying to warn him about Jack.


But then Jack shows up, telling him he’ll need to be evaluated by Hannibal to keep working with Jack.


So the decision’s made.

Will: Therapy doesn’t work on me.
Jack: Therapy doesn’t work on you because you won’t let it.
Will: And because I know all the tricks.
Jack: Well, perhaps you need to un-learn some tricks.
Alana: Why not have a conversation with Hannibal? He was there. He knows what you went through.
Jack: Come on, Will. I need my beauty sleep!



Will: Jack thinks that I need therapy.
Hannibal: What you need is a way out of dark places when Jack sends you there.
Will: Last time he sent me into a dark place, I brought something back.
Hannibal: A surrogate daughter? You saved Abigail Hobbs’ life. You also orphaned her. That comes with certain emotional obligations, regardless of empathy disorders.
Will: You were there. You saved her life too. Do you feel obligated?
Hannibal: Yes. I feel a staggering amount of obligation. I feel responsibility. I’ve fantasized about scenarios where my actions may have allowed a different fate for Abigail Hobbs.


Is this not how the scene went?

Will: Jack thinks Abigail Hobbs helped her dad kill those girls.
Hannibal: How does that make you feel?
Will: How does it make you feel?
Hannibal: I find it vulgar.
Will: Me too.
Hannibal: And entirely possible.
Will: It’s not what happened.
Hannibal: Jack will ask her when she wakes up, or he’ll have one of us ask her.
Will: Is this therapy, or a support group?
Hannibal: It’s whatever you need it to be. And, Will, the mirrors in your mind can reflect the best of yourself, not the worst of someone else.

Oh, Hannibal, you giant manipulator.

Randomly, some kids come across mushroom people in the forest.

Beverly’s the one to give Will the news (isn’t she really cheerful about it too?)


She ends up teaching him how to shoot.

Later Will sees the new crime scene.

Freddie’s there too.

Will works his magic.

He goes to see Hannibal about the incident.

Hannibal: It’s stress. Not worth reporting. You displaced the victim of another killer’s crime with what could arguably be considered your victim.
Will: I don’t consider Hobbs my victim.
Hannibal: What do you consider him?
Will: Dead?
Hannibal: Is it harder imagining the thrill somebody else feels killing, now that you’ve done it yourself?

Will: The bodies were covered in fungus.
Hannibal: The structure of a fungus mirrors that of the human brain an intricate web of connections.
Will: So maybe he admires their ability to connect the way human minds can’t.
Hannibal: Yours can.
Will: (laugh) Yep. Um yeah, not physically.
Hannibal: Is that what your farmer is looking for? Some sort of connection?


I CAN’T deal with the faces he makes when complimented.

Guess what? Freddie’s there to get information on Will.

Hannibal easily figures out she’s there under false pretenses and secretly recording everything.

He successfully intimidates her.

Later Jack and Hanni have dinner.

Will realizes how the killer chooses his victims.

So they come to arrest him but he’s not there. Also, Freddie’s written an article about Will.

And Hannibal seems amused.

Jack confronts Freddie.

Later, Will has a dream at the hospital.

He wakes up to see Alana reading to Abigail and they talk.

Alana: Abigail Hobbs is a success for you.
Will: She doesn’t look like a success.
Alana: Don’t feel sorry for yourself because you saved this girl’s life.
Will: I don’t. I don’t feel sorry for myself at all. I feel, um I-I I feel, um good.

Freddie talks to the cop who was suspended because of her.

Or not.


She tells Jack that the mushroom guy made her talk about Will.

Jack calls Will to warn him and Will realizes he took Abigail.

He chases and shoots the guy.

Eldon: The journalist said you understood me!
Will: I don’t.
Eldon: Well, you would have. You would have. If you walk through a field of mycelium, they know you are there. They know you are there. The spores reach for you as you walk by. I know who you’re reaching for. I know. Abigail Hobbs. And you should have let me plant her. You would have found her in a field, where she was finally able to reach back!

For a moment Will has feelings.

But he’s not gonna change his mind.

Later he talks to Hannibal about this and Hannibal really tries hard to convince Will that he likes murder.

Hannibal: When you shot Eldon Stammets, who was it that you saw?
Will: I didn’t see Hobbs.
Hannibal: Then it’s not Hobbs’ ghost that’s haunting you, is it? It’s the inevitability of there being a man so bad that killing him felt good.
Will: Killing Hobbs felt just.

Hannibal: Which is why you’re here to prove that sprig of zest you feel is from saving Abigail, not from killing her dad.
Will: I didn’t feel a sprig of zest when I shot Eldon Stammets.

Isn’t this whole conversation like:

Hannibal: You didn’t kill Eldon Stammets.
Will: I thought about it. I’m still not entirely sure that wasn’t my intention pulling the trigger.
Hannibal: If your intention was to kill him, it’s because you understand why he did the things he did. It’s beautiful in its own way giving voice to the unmentionable.
Will: I should’ve stuck to fixing boat motors in Louisiana.
Hannibal: A boat engine is a machine, a predictable problem, easy to solve. You fail, there’s a paddle. Where was your paddle with Hobbs?
Will: You’re supposed to be my paddle.
Hannibal: I am. It wasn’t the act of killing Hobbs that got you down, was it? Did you really feel so bad because killing him felt so good?
Will: I liked killing Hobbs.
Hannibal: Killing must feel good to God too. He does it all the time. And are we not created in his image?
Will: That depends who you ask.

Hannibal: God’s terrific. He dropped a church roof on 34 of his worshippers last Wednesday night in Texas, while they sang a hymn.
Will: And did God feel good about that?
Hannibal: He felt powerful.

After this conversation, how doesn’t Will understand Hannibal’s a murderer already? Don’t ask me.

Does Hannibal really see how killing someone makes Will feel or is he simply trying to manipulate him? Both, probably.

Meet me in the next recap!


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  1. Omg I haven’t even seen this show but I loved these so much! So damn funny. Lost it at “God loves murder”. Keep it up 🙂 Also waiting for another Skam recap. PS: Sorry for my english.

    1. Thank you, you’re so kind! Happy you liked the recap. I’m working on another Skam recap. And your English is fine =)

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