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Meet Coffee Prince

Here's a short and possibly slightly spoilery introduction to Coffee Prince. First, let's meet the characters. Han Kyul is a pretty, boyish man who owns a coffee shop. And as if his existence isn't enough on its own, he does things like this: I love you too, Han Kyul. Just look at this cute

Daredevil: Introduction

Hello Daredevils, This will be a an extremely spoilery introduction/review/a sample of my Daredevil feelings (with cartoon hearts and flowers, just in case any of you is allergic), so beware. I'd been excited about this show since the first trailer came out but I didn't really have high expectations, just hoped it

Mozart in the Jungle: A Sweet, Magical Composition

After accidentally binge-watching the first season (which consists of only 10 episodes) I have to say that Mozart in the Jungle is a beautiful show. Here is a spoiler-free review for you. It's basically about what happens behind the curtains at the symphony and how musicians handle being musicians. Even though the characters

What We Do in the Shadows: A Vampire Comedy

What We Do in the Shadows is a New Zealand horror comedy mockumentary about four vampires who share a house together. It's directed and written by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement who also play Viago and Vladislav in the movie. Let's meet them. This is Viago. He likes not getting burned by

Why The 100 is Promising

My The 100 recaps are on the way and my love for this show will be told in great depth, that I can tell you. But for now I just want to say that I'm so happy about the honesty of the creators and writers of this show. The relationships can