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12 Monkeys “Splinter” 1×01 Recap

12 Monkeys is simply one of the best shows on television and one of my personal favorites. If you want to remain spoiler free you should probably avoid this recap, however I definitely recommend you catch up with this wonderful show in any way possible before the third season starts. Let's

Penny Dreadful Finale “The Blessed Dark” Recap

I love this show for how it handles being human. It's honest, painful and beautiful while also giving hope to its audience. In a way it helps us accept suffering and see beauty in darkness. We feel less alone knowing our deepest fears are shared by others. That's why Penny

SKAM Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

It opens with a party. Boys are talking about getting girls and Isak wants to prove his skills. He finds a target. He knows how to get her attention. Then things escalate. Boys decide to leave. Isak has a bit of a crisis. Later the cops come and now he has another crisis. Sana sees his lousy attempt. Later... But

Hannibal Episode 1 Apéritif Recap

You're gonna love this show. The story starts with Special Investigator Will Graham at a crime scene. We see that he uses his imagination, intuition and empathy to understand how the killer commits the crime. Will shares his gift with his students. After his lecture, Agent Jack Crawford asks for his help with a

The 100 Season 4 Trailer Recap

The new trailer is up! Let's see what happens in season 4 of The 100. It gets a bit hot. What's Octavia trying to do? Murphy and Emori have some sweet moments. Raven seems to be in trouble (of course she's in trouble.) Remember when ALIE warned Clarke? So what she

Sense8 Introduction Recap

(There'll be a lot of spoilers in this recap.) Let me introduce you The Sensates. The story begins with a lady giving birth. She sees people who're not there. We meet her children one by one. She shows up everywhere like: Meet the Sensates:    Meet their lovers/friends: This is their spiritual dad, Jonas: It takes some time before

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone Photo Recap

This is how the story of "the boy who lived" begins. We see an old man with fabulous hair and a magnificent beard talking to a cat. They are wizards! Meet Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore. They're talking about leaving a baby at his aunt's doorstep. Dumbledore ain't got time for that. Then a

Westworld: Introduction Recap

This recap will be spoilery if you haven't watched the first six episodes of Westworld. Let's meet the Abernathys first. Peter Abernathy and his daughter Dolores live a simple life, starting every day with some father daughter time. But in truth: You might ask "Why's there a fly on her face?" Because why

American Horror Story: Murder House “Pilot” Introduction Recap

Meet the Harmons: Happiest family in the world. They buy a new house. The real estate agent warns them about the previous owners' deaths. Yup. Violet's into this stuff. They also have a cute dog. We get the impression that Ben Harmon's in need of some serious lovin'. But Vivien gives him the cold shoulder. Their daughter

Pride and Prejudice Photo Recap

Our story begins with Elizabeth Bennet reading Pride & Prejudice. *Birds chirping in the background as Dario Marianelli's beautiful soundtrack plays* She sees Lydia and Kitty listening to their parents' conversation and the girls are simply excited about Mr. Bingley's arrival. Mrs. Bennet feels the same way since she wants the girls to