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Penny Dreadful 2×06, Glorious Horrors Photo Recap

Hello Dreadfuls, "Glorious Horrors" begins with Mrs. Murray's dead body and her maid's glorious scream. Remember how errbody got some lovin' the previous episode? We see our first couple: Victor wakes up to find Lily making breakfast and he has a serious case of heart eyes. Even though I know Victor's been a problematic person

Penny Dreadful 2×05 “Above the Vaulted Sky” Photo Recap

Hello Dreadfuls! Above the Vaulted Sky starts with Mrs. Poole magically torturing Mrs. Murray, doing what she does best. Which results in this gross scene: Mrs Murray seems to be badly affected by this, honestly this woman has been through so much. I feel for her. Her daughter Hecate is worse in my opinion

Penny Dreadful, “Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places” Recap

Hello my sweet Dreadfuls, The episode began with Vanessa reliving the horrible flashback because Ethan thought she needed to share it with the whole gang. Victor, as always, looked suspicious because he's a man of science and Vanessa was talking about witches.   I just love how he apologizes immediately to Vanessa. They're

Penny Dreadful “The Nightcomers“ Photo Recap

Hello my dreadfuls, The Nightcomers began with Ethan seeing Vanessa's finger painting blood scorpion. He asked her what it was. She stared off into the distance and began the flashback. So she was standing outside of some lady's home and she couldn't get any closer because of the blood drawing on the

Penny Dreadful, “Verbis Diablo” Photo Recap

Hey my Dreadful babies, continuing from where we/I left in Penny Dreadful, "Verbis Diablo" began with a scared and sleepless Vanessa telling Malcolm she had enough of the naked witches haunting her and she couldn't tell the difference between her dreams and reality. Malcolm was sympathetic. He comforted her and made a

Penny Dreadful, Fresh Hell Photo Recap

Hello my precious Dreadfuls, The new season is here! How excited are you? Before we start, a reminder of what happened last season: First I want to start by congratulating myself for watching this in the middle of the night. -Nice job, Özge -Why, thank you. Let's get on with the recap then. Snow and peaceful first

Penny Dreadful S1E1 “Night Work” Photo Recap

Hey there Dreadfuls, Warning for spoilers, dark humor and possibly disturbing content. Also, even though I've already recapped the later episodes, I will be pretending I have no idea what's going on, so bear with me. The first episode began with us sharing an intimate moment with a nameless lady (whom I shall

Penny Dreadful S1E8 “Grand Guignol” Photo Recap

The episode began with Malcolm and Vanessa discussing her dream about Mina and how she could be in the theater. Malcolm said he wanted to save Mina even if it meant killing her to end her suffering. She asks him if that will bring him peace, he basically tells her not to

Penny Dreadful, S1E7 “Possession” Photo Recap

  The episode began with the Devil just enjoying some quality time with Sir Malcolm and cleverly criticizing beauty norms. She/he/it had a point. And Malcolm knew something wasn't right. He calmly asked her about randomly levitating the other night. Then this happened That Mina sure is a creeper. If

Penny Dreadful, S1E6 “What Death Can Join Together” Photo Recap

  The episode began with Vanessa and Malcolm assessing the situation of her room after The Master's visit. I know right? We're still waiting for that sexy dandy vampire, show. And Vanessa, considering she's the one being haunted by the guy, simply would not tolerate this. Malcolm thought she should