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Game of Thrones S7E3, “The Queen’s Justice” Recap

The episode opens with Jon and Davos arriving at Dragonstone and Tyrion and Missandei greeting them.   Missandei asks them to drop their weapons.    They have small talk. Dragons want to greet them too.   These two have a sass-off. Later: Later in Dany's presence:    Calm down Jon Snow. You're melting. Dany asks if he's ready

Hannibal 1×2 “Amuse-Bouche” Recap

The episode opens with Will practicing his gun shooting skills. But then someone unexpected shows up. It's Garret Jacob Hobbs, the man Will killed, aka his new best friend. He wakes up to Jack knocking on his car window. Something tells me he doesn't really wanna know. They examine Hobb's cabin.     Do you