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Sense8 Introduction Recap

(There'll be a lot of spoilers in this recap.) Let me introduce you The Sensates. The story begins with a lady giving birth. She sees people who're not there. We meet her children one by one. She shows up everywhere like: Meet the Sensates:    Meet their lovers/friends: This is their spiritual dad, Jonas: It takes some time before

Westworld: Introduction Recap

This recap will be spoilery if you haven't watched the first six episodes of Westworld. Let's meet the Abernathys first. Peter Abernathy and his daughter Dolores live a simple life, starting every day with some father daughter time. But in truth: You might ask "Why's there a fly on her face?" Because why

American Horror Story: Murder House “Pilot” Introduction Recap

Meet the Harmons: Happiest family in the world. They buy a new house. The real estate agent warns them about the previous owners' deaths. Yup. Violet's into this stuff. They also have a cute dog. We get the impression that Ben Harmon's in need of some serious lovin'. But Vivien gives him the cold shoulder. Their daughter

Penny Dreadful 3×08 “Perpetual Night” Photo Recap

Hello my dear Dreadfuls, As you know from the last episode, Vanessa has "accepted" herself and her role as the mother of evil, bringing the end of days. So this episode started her voice-over: "And then all light will end and the world will live in darkness. The very air will be pestilence

Penny Dreadful 3×07 Ebb Tide Photo Recap

Hello My Dear Dreadfuls, Here we are, finally continuing the recaps. Remember where we left off? This episode starts with Brona standing in a graveyard, looking sad (but chic). She notices a woman and starts talking to her. Lily: Was it a girl? Woman: Yes, ma'am. My little girl it was... She was. Lily: My

Penny Dreadful, 3×06 “No Beast So Fierce” Photo Recap

Hello my precious dreadfuls! (Let's continue from the previous episode because I want to share the excitement with everyone. I promise I'll complete the rest of the season after the finale.) So let's have a quick "previously on Penny Dreadful": Vanessa had a date with a cute nerd she met in the museum. But

Penny Dreadful “And Hell Itself My Only Foe” Recap

Hello my dear Dreadfuls! This episode opens with a beautiful Ethan sleeping peacefully. And this guy wakes him up.   Everybody has a crush on Ethan Chandler but this guy took things a bit too far by stalking him. And then he has the nerve to point a gun at Vanessa.   Then it escalates quickly.   Vanessa stabs

Penny Dreadful, 2×08 “Memento Mori” Photo Recap

Hello Beautiful Dreadfuls! Memento Mori opens with Lily lovingly talking to her one night stand, who's busy being dead. "You're a very silly boy. That's what I like about you. Men should always remain boys at heart. Filled with childish games, with Snakes and Ladders and blindman's bluff. How sad that boys

Penny Dreadful 2×7 “Little Scorpion” Photo Recap

Hello my dear Dreadfuls, Penny Dreadful is finally coming back so let's remember the last episodes of season 2 together (before I recap the season premiere). To me, every episode of this show feels like a love letter to the audience, it's often heartbreaking but so damn beautiful and alluring at the

The 100 3×11 Nevermore Photo Recap

Is it too late for a recap? Let's get to it. Previously on The 100: Clarke and Jasper had the most awkward road trip ever. The Blakes were being The Blakes. How much do I love all of these people sharing scenes? Too much. Though not as much as I love these two. Yes,