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Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 2 Recap

Where were we? Oh, Eun-Tak had followed Shin to Canada and declared her decision to marry him.

Noticing he doesn’t turn her down, she smiles really big.

Later she starts running around, visiting different stores and meeting friendly people.

She’s so happy.

Shin isn’t exactly as excited.

Later while they’re walking together, she tries to catch a falling maple leaf but he’s faster.

As usual, she asks for some money.

Shin’s answer never changes.

We see him revisit his past and get sad all over again.

Let’s admire the beauty that is Kim Shin together:

In the meantime, Death is busy with work. He interrupts a couple that’s fighting.

Later he tells the man he’ll be spending a lot of time suffering for his sins. It turns out he is the guy who hit Eun-Tak’s mother with his car.

After her Canada adventure, Eun-Tak goes to school and ends up being scolded.

Eun-Tak keeps smiling at the leaf Shin caught.

Meanwhile, Shin’s troubled because she could come after him to Canada and he tries to understand how she followed him.

He realizes Reaper can’t follow him through doors, which confuses him further.


He annoys Reaper with his dismissive attitude.

So Reaper gets a bit competitive and pushy.


Deok-hwa shows up, wondering if Reaper knows Shin’s true identity.

Later the lady in red gives Eun-Tak some spinach to take home and eat with her family.

Her cousin finds her guidebook and the scary aunt gets mad and beats her.

Eun-Tak cries as she eats her kimbap.

In the meantime Shin’s wondering what Eun-Tak is.

He finally shows up at her door.

He pretends she was the one who summoned him.

Eun-Tak meets Sunny.

She doesn’t waste any time and asks for a job.

She can’t wait to tell her boyfriend.

I laughed out loud at his miserable face in this scene.

Eun-Tak seems to want a piece of that steak.

Later he returns home, irritated.

As Reaper gets ready for bed, Shin shows up.

Shin wants help with his image because Eun-Tak summons him when he least expects it and he wants to look intelligent and sophisticated.

Shin exhausts the Reaper and it’s amusing to watch their relationship grow.

Later Shin disturbs Reaper again when he’s trying to sleep.

I could watch these two forever.

Reaper wakes up to this.

Reaper wants revenge while Shin’s being all cute by himself.

He begins singing the Goblin song: “The goblin’s panties are smelly…”

That’s my favorite phrase in Korean. joo-geul-lae?” (Is this how it’s spelled?)

Later Deok-hwa comes to Shin’s room when he’s feeling sad.

Before Shin can tell him he’s actually a Goblin, Deok-Hwa says he already knows.


Back to present:

Isn’t Gong Yoo simply the cutest? (He is the cutest.)

Later this happens:

Eun-Tak summons Shin.

But she sees Reaper instead.

Then Shin shows up.

Eun-Tak confronts Shin and asks him why he lied about being the Goblin. He tells her it doesn’t matter because she’s not his bride.


Then she tells him she won’t summon him again.

So Eun-Tak leaves.

I love their interactions so much, if the drama was only about their friendship I’d still watch it.

Later our main couple’s got the blues.

Shin still expects her to summon him, even mistaking Deok-hwa’s smoking as a sign.


Then Shin sits around all sad, making clouds in the house.

Reaper knows what’s up.

Deok-Hwa doesn’t back off though.












So Shin ties him up on the stairs.

Later  Reaper goes out to catch Eun-Tak and Shin follows.

Reaper just wants a cup of tea and some company.

Eun-tak looks for the ghost she met before to learn why she thought Eun-Tak was the goblin’s bride and ends up having a chat with the ghosts.

Eun-Tak’s aunt goes to the chicken shop where Sunny calls an imaginary Oppa to threaten her.
Later gangsters try to kidnap Eun-Tak because of her aunt’s debt.
Shin asks Reaper how he could pay the rent for the twenty years. Reaper says he’s been saving the money people leave for the dead for the last 300 years.
*sigh* I have feelings.
Reaper makes a plate fly out of the window and Goblin gets really mad because it was from the Louis XIV era.
In the meantime, Eun-Tak’s in trouble and her birthmark glows, letting Shin know something’s wrong.
Surpisingly, Shin and Reaper stop fighting and show up together.
The best part of the scene was they came to save her together.
Oooh. You don’t mess with these two. Good luck, gangsters (but not really.)

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