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Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Recap (K-drama)

Ever wondered how someone becomes a Goblin?

Here’s the story.

It’s 1968, Paris.

Gong Yoo ‘s standing outside.

He warns the kid not to run away from home and tell his stepfather to take care of him, also gives him tips about his exams.

He clearly knows everything about the kid’s future.


We hear the narrator say: He is water, fire, and wind, and also light and dark. And once, he was human.

He is a general named Kim Shin fighting for the King.

“Shin” means God and the people start to see him that way because of his victories.

Then King’s men stop Shin on the way to the palace.

The King has declared Shin a rebel traitor. His second-in-command doesn’t take it well.

Shin demands an answer from the King.

We understand that it wasn’t actually the King’s idea.

They threaten Shin with killing his family if he doesn’t sacrifice himself.

In the end he lets his man kill him.

Later he’s left on a field to die a slow death.

“This sword that has been stained with the blood of thousands, and its owner’s blood as well.  how could it not happen?”

So this is how people become goblins. Their soul seeps into something stained by their blood and in this case Shin’s sword is the magical object.

Centuries later, we witness an accident.

We meet the Grim Reaper, who just wants to have some tea with the souls.

Later Goblin and Reaper meet.

These two will be the best, I can feel it.

In another flashback, we see how Shin is resurrected and takes revenge. We learn that he’s cursed to live forever and witness the deaths of those he loves. This is his award and punishment. Only when his bride takes out the sword he’ll get to rest in peace.

Then he finds out his old servant has passed away but his grandson’s up for the job.

They go on a trip together.

He makes cute tricks for the boy.

But of course there’s some nasty people on the ship.

So that’s what happens when the Goblin gets mad.

Nine centuries later:

Shin’s chilling while a woman who had an accident cries for help.

He can’t resist and shows up next to her.


He saves the woman, making flowers bloom in winter.

Reaper’s disappointed and suspicious.

Later the woman gives birth to a daughter, who the spirits call “Goblin’s bride”. Hmm.

When she grows up, her mother notices that Eun-Tak sees ghosts.

On her birthday, Eun-Tak realizes her mother’s not alive anymore.

She’s had another accident and died, wanting to comfort her daughter before she left for good.

The reaper shows up at their door.

Seriously. Reaper realizes this is the girl who should have died years ago but the old lady shows up to tell him off.

Old woman tells Eun-tak she’ll suffer a little with her new family.

Years later, Eun-tak’s not having the best time. Ghosts want to be her besties.

But then…

Goblin and Eun-tak run into each other one rainy day, making eye contact.

Later we see that Shin’s really tired of everything and he wants to move away for a while, hoping to find his bride somewhere else.

You can’t convince me rich people don’t call their servants Alfred and pretend they’re Batman at least once every day.

I would.

Oh, wonder how Eun-Tak’s doing with her aunt and cousins?

Her aunt throws a bowl of rice on her head, asking for her mother’s insurance money.

Yup, I think she’s had it a bit worse than Harry Potter.

In the meantime, Goblin has the blues.

Eun-Tak prays for someone to make her life better.

And Shin hears her!

He shows up, asking her what’s her deal.

She thinks he’s a ghost.

She asks him to give her the flowers he’s holding and he does. When she asks what they mean, he says “Lovers”.

He tells her he can make her wishes come true so she asks for money, a life without her family and a boyfriend.

Shin says she should say goodbye to her family soon and she should start applying for a job in a chicken restaurant.

Then he disappears.

When Shin returns home, he sees someone there.

Shin’s servant’s grandson Deok-hwa tells Shin that the Reaper rented the house.

Shin burns the contract.

But of course that’s not the original and since Reaper’s already paid he won’t be leaving.

They keep bickering as they look into each other’s eyes, which seems like the start of a great duo.

Later Eun-Tak summons Shin again.

Eun-Tak tells him there must be a reason why he answers to her calls, asking is it because she’s a “fairy”?

Which makes him leave immediately.

So at church, she summons him again.

He can’t do everything, Eun-Tak.

She summons him again at the library.

They talk and Eun-Tak tells him she knows he’s the Goblin.

And that she’s the Goblin’s Bride.

He’s curious if she sees the sword but he doesn’t get the answer he’s looking for.

He leaves through a door and ends up in Canada, realizing Eun-Tak followed him, which she shouldn’t be able to do at all.

She decides he’s the man of her dreams and tells him her decision to marry him.

I mean, can you blame her?

Shin’s totally baffled and stares at her, not knowing what to say or do.

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