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Aladdin (2019) Recap

The movie opens with Will Smith telling and singing his kids the story of Aladdin. As the opening song ends, we see images of people, various pets and end up with an evil-fabulous looking man, who’s sacrificing people to some talking cave.

Okay, the magic cave says “diamond in the rough”. We’re looking for a diamond in the rough, ladies and gents. Anyone seen- nevermind, got it. In the following scene we meet this dashing young boy and his monkey, while two women try to distract and steal from him.

You can’t steal from the prince of thieves. He’s got your number.

In an unsurprising turn of events, the thief lady is so offended she tells on him.

Aladdin of course, having stolen the lady thief’s necklace, gleefully runs away to sell it.

The pawn shop lady isn’t impressed, offering him a single bag of dates only.

Aladdin accepts, only to end up giving the bag to a seemingly hungry kid and his family.

and stealing hearts

Coincidentally, a woman happens to be doing the same for other hungry kids, although she’s giving them bread that wasn’t paid for.

Of course the street vendor is angry at this strange woman who acts like she hasn’t been to the real world where people have to pay for bread. But Aladdin sees what’s happening and interferes.

Aladdin asks the woman to trust him as he stares into her soul, which totally works and he tricks the vendor with her help. It goes like this:

She seems to be under Aladdin’s spell.

It takes the vendor some time to realize he’s been tricked. They walk away and Aladdin lends her his monkey Abu to guide her back to his place *wink wink* while he’s chased by angry men.

He breaks into a song and kind of stumbles into an house in the meantime.

Happy ladies

They continue to run away, which includes jumping from building to building.

This is how Aladdin persuades a woman he just met to literally take a leap of faith

Aladdin seems to be perfectly comfortable in this setting.

Meanwhile, the angry fabulous evil looking man continues his search for the diamond in the rough.

The poor man tells Jafar he’s the second most powerful man after the Sultan so why bother looking for diamonds and pretty thieves, which really gets on Jafar’s nerves.

Then we’re back at Aladdin’s where he’s showing some hospitality.

Aladdin can tell she’s from the palace and as she makes excuses for the princess who doesn’t leave the palace, we understand she’s actually her.

Yup he’s gone.

Then they see the ship of a new prince coming to court the princess, so she has to leave.

What happens is the princess thinks Aladdin stole her bracelet, when in fact it was Abu who was to blame. Of course, she says she was naive to believe him considering he was a thief. She then leaves him behind to be insulted by a random guard or something.

wow, going straight for the heart.

At the palace, Prince Anders arrives and tries to charm Jasmine.

Rajah’s not impressed.

In the meantime, Aladdin decides to crash the palace.

Of course, he’s got no clue she’s indeed the princess herself.

He also steals her hair pin to guarantee a date. That’s an interesting tactic.

On his way out, he gets caught by the guards and Jafar takes him to the cave.

Diamond in the rough is finally found.

Jafar convinces Aladdin that this is the big break he’s been needing.

Aladdin saves a flying carpet from being squished like a total hero.

Aladdin takes the lamp.

And Abu sees something he likes…

…which tempts him and the cave starts to crumble down because that’s what you do when someone steals your treasure.

Jafar tells Aladdin to give him the lamp first, then he’ll help him not die, basically. Being the Disney villain he is, he definitely has other plans though.

Ja. That’s Jafar/Scar for ya. He steps on Aladdin’s sweet little hands and leaves as he falls down. But wait, the flying carpet saves our diamond in the rough and points at the lamp for a way out.

A genie comes out and puts on a whole show for Aladdin.

Aladdin is impressed, to say the least. But he also has some tricks up his sleeve, including getting himself out of the cave without officially wishing for it.

These two become friends fast.

Aladdin gets 3 wishes and the first *official* wish is to become a prince.

After some hilarious and cute moments, Genie gives him a makeover and a new background story with a made-up country and everything.

He says yes to the dress his new style.

Now it’s time to visit Jasmine.

They put on a grand show, with elephants and dancers and a whole musical number.

When it actually comes to introducing himself though, Aladdin has some trouble.

The Sultan greets him and makes small talk.

With Jasmine it’s even worse.

Genie is deeply embarrassed but Aladdin or “Prince Ali” can’t help being an awkward goofball.

Then they get invited to the party, where Jafar literally crawls out of the shadows to hypnotize Aladdin.

Genie tries to get Aladdin to talk to Jasmine.

He gets what he deserves for it.

Then they dance, and by “they” I mean it’s mainly Aladdin who puts on a show with Genie’s help.

It’s a bit too much for Jasmine but Genie’s loving it.

Later Al visits Jasmine in her room to defend himself.

She asks him to show her Ababwa, aka his non-existent country.

Thankfully Genie, who’s busy strolling out with Dalia, helps him by adding the country to the map. 

In the meantime, Rajah decides he likes Aladdin’s face.

Al jumps of the balcony, because he likes to impress. Come on.

And then he shows up on top of the flying carpet and tells her to come see the world with him in a very Jack Dawson-ish manner.

Cue song and the flying carpet ride

They have plenty of moments.

Jasmine realizes he is in fact Aladdin and tricks him into admitting it.

He then convinces her he is Prince Ali, who was just pretending to be Aladdin before.

Then they share a kiss.

Later that evening

Yes, Aladdin drinks from *Genie voice* that cup.

The next morning:

Jafar has an agenda.


Thankfully Genie is alerted when Abu and the carpet throw the lamp in the water and Aladdin touches it by chance.

Later the jury confronts Jafar.

Jafar uses his ussual tricks.

Yes. Aladdin figures it out.

Yup, drinking from that cup again.

Genie is sad.

But Jafar is quick to scheme and steal the lamp when Al and Genie are on a break.

Of course he wishes to rule first.

The city immediately changes color when he takes over.

I just love Joaquin Phoenix here. (JK, it’s actually Navid Negahban)

Then Jasmine breaks into a song.

One more wish for Jafar makes him the most powerful sorcerer.

He sends Aladdin to the ends of the Earth.

Jasmine’s had enough of this guy, tbh.

That’s actually a pretty decent message. Even if you’re Jafar. Kinda.

Abu has feelings.

Genie sends the carpet to save his friends, of course. Aladdin returns to the palace like an infuriating ex.

Jafar is completely clueless at this point as he falls painfully hard into Aladdin’s trap and wishes to become the most powerful being.

It’s sad like…

Then he becomes a red genie.

And he goes back right into his new lil home, a lamp.

The most powerful being who is not in control, is not truly powerful at all.

The Sultan looks pretty shaken by it all.

Aladdin makes his last wish, which is setting the Genie free.

Genie talks to Dalia for romantic reasons.


Sultan tells Jasmine she can rule everything now, including her heart.

She goes after Aladdin.

So smooth, walking slow so she can come after him. We know your game, Aladdin. Just kidding, he thought she wouldn’t forgive him but he was wrong.

They share a kiss.

And time passes.

Oh, it’s the wedding.

True fairytale style.

It’s cute and of course everything ends with the wedding because that’s how fairytales end right? No, we will most definitely be seeing more of this story where the street rat became friends with a genie and a flying carpet, then became a prince and married the PrincessQueen of his heart.

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