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13 Reasons Why 1×01 “Tape 1, Side A” Recap

“Get a snack. Settle in. Because I’m about to tell you the story of my life.”

(Warning: 13 Reasons Why is not a happy show. Although I use humour to recap the episode, the events are still sad and frustrating. Just a heads-up.)


This is Hannah. She’s got things to tell us. She’s dead but that doesn’t matter.

We meet Clay, who sees/imagines her everywhere.

He’s often interrupted at times like these.


That’s Justin.

Yup. Justin’s like that.


Later we witness Clay’s flashbacks while he remembers certain moments with Hannah.

Guess he liked her.

He sees her parents, who’ve come to take her stuff from her locker.

In the bathroom he sees Tyler taking photos from the window.

His face says it all. Sadly, that’s it. Clay doesn’t really seem to speak his mind.

From what we’ve seen so far, he mostly walks around and reacts to things around him.

Notice the writings on the wall?

Then Bryce comes in.

We receive random pieces of information about these characters. Bryce tells Tyler to get out and starts talking to his mother on the phone, changing his expression completely.

Then Courtney comes up asking Clay how he’s doing.


He has such thoughtful friends, doesn’t he?

Actually you know what?

I like him the best:

Meet Tony, he gives Clay a ride home and plays him a tape.

“Love will tear us apart” plays while Clay remembers Hannah again.

They worked together? Cute.

Back in present day, he arrives home and there’s a surprise waiting for him.

He finds tapes in it.

Oh, it’s Hannah!

But of course, he gets interrupted again.

He breaks the boombox so he goes over to Tony’s to “borrow” his walkman.

He listens to the tape.

She mentions the map she prepared for her listeners so he rushes home to get it.

He has an accident on the way.

Yup, now he has a wound on his forehead which has the primary function of letting us know if we’re watching the past Clay or the present Clay.

Later, he visits the spot Hannah talks about and we have another flashback of a party where we meet these dudes.

Zach and a happier version of Justin.

Hannah is charmed.

*alarm bells*

So that’s how it begins.

Hannah is really into him so she gets his schedule and waits for him outside his classroom.

*rolls eyes*

Then she goes to watch his game and Clay shows up.

They’re so cute.

Hannah shows her support for the team. (Justin)



All these flirting and rom-com scenes make me dizzy.


Hannah makes Justin get on the school bus to seduce her.


Ladies, do not fall for these moves.

Hannah tells him she forgot her book and gets off the bus, leaving him there.


IF I had only seen this part of the show, I’d be thinking they’re adorable. So far.

Clay keeps listening the tape and “watches” them during their first date at the park.

Hannah says Justin kissed her and nothing else happened but the story Justin told everyone seems to be different.

Then Tony shows up because he seems to be stalking Clay.


He notices his walkman and tells Clay to keep it but be careful while he’s riding his bike.

“You don’t wanna hurt yourself.”

And then he drops the bomb, he knows about the tapes.

“Eisenhower Park. That must mean you’re about ready for side two.”

Hannah: (voiceover) See, I’ve heard so many stories about me now that I don’t know which one is the most popular. But I do know which is the least popular. The truth. See, the truth isn’t always the most exciting version of things, or the best or the worst. It’s somewhere in between. But it deserves to be heard and remembered. The truth will out, like someone said once. It remains.

Later, we learn that Justin shows the photos he took in the park to his friends and Bryce forwards one where Hannah’s underwear can be seen to the whole school.

In present day, Clay’s having trouble with his mission.

Back in the past, Hannah can’t even react to the situation so she kind of seeks comfort in Clay’s company but he’s angry with her.


Clay notices Justin coming out of the guidance counselor’s office and we hear Hannah say: “I know you probably didn’t mean to let me down. In fact, most of you listening probably had no idea what you were truly doing, but you’ll find out.”

Then he sees Hannah again.

Honestly, I don’t know if I can recap this show without sadness taking over me and regretting my decision.

Tell me what you think and see you in the next recap.

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