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12 Monkeys “Splinter” 1×01 Recap

12 Monkeys is simply one of the best shows on television and one of my personal favorites. If you want to remain spoiler free you should probably avoid this recap, however I definitely recommend you catch up with this wonderful show in any way possible before the third season starts.

Let’s get on with the recap and see what happened in the first episode.

The story begins with a distressed guy waiting in the back of a cute lady’s car.

He asks about a man named Leland and points a gun at her.

She tells him she doesn’t know who Leland is supposed to be but he gets really mad and makes her keep driving.

Cassie, trying to gain some control over the situation, introduces herself and asks his name.

He says it’s Cole and he tries to convince Cassie that he’s a time traveler, scratching a watch that looks exactly like the one Cassie has, causing a scratch on hers as well.

Either he’s really good at magic tricks or he’s really a time traveler.

When the cops arrive, Cole makes Cassie promise to meet him two years later.

Then he gets shot by the police and disappears right before her eyes, leaving her no choice but to believe him.

Two years later:

Obviously waiting hasn’t been that much fun for Cassie. Right when she’s given up hope Cole shows up and we have a little “united by fate” moment.

He’s wounded and yes, it’s the bullet wound from two years ago.

Cassie treats him and as he sleeps we have glimpses of his memories.

Look at this precious child. Isn’t he the most endearing protagonist ever already?

After waking up he sees Cassie.

Let’s speed things up. This is only the beginning of our adventure.

He could probably use a lot of it.

A lot of this too.

They eventually find who and where Leland Goines is.

Ahah these two and their clumsy flirting warms my heart.

They run into Cassie’s ex Aaron, who works for a senator.

Cole’s face tells everything.

Long story short, they see Leland.

Of course, you can trust Cole with it.

Okay, that wasn’t really the best way to handle the situation.

Leland is as annoying as you would expect him to be.

Cole does what he must and tricks Leland. He creates a little paradox, grabs Cassie and runs away.

After Leland shoots at them, Cole kills him.

He says goodbye to Cassie and disappears once again.

Later Cassie’s sad because nothing changed and no one will believe her.

Will Cole be back?

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