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The Witcher – Recap

Seen The Witcher yet? There's something beautiful about calmly enjoying a show like this without having too many expectations from it other than hoping it

The 100 Season 6 Trailer Recap

"Book II" of The 100 begins. The 100 Season 6 trailer is finally here. First, we hear Montys voice-over. The new planet awaits. Kane is hopeful. Bellamy and the others

Movie Recaps

Emma 2020 Recap

I adore Emma. It's one of my favorite books ever. As someone who's seen and loved most of the previous adaptations, my favorite remains the


Perception Of Happiness

Sometimes we see happiness as a whole that should never be imperfect or fragmented. When we're kids we're prepared to be happy. As we grow up

The map of love and the song of loving

Sometimes you feel everything at once. Imagine a tiny explosion in your chest. With it, all of your strongest emotions surface. Your past blends with now