Penny Dreadful 3×08 “Perpetual Night” Photo Recap

Hello my dear Dreadfuls, As you know from the last episode, Vanessa has "accepted" herself and her role as the mother of evil, bringing the end

Penny Dreadful 3×07 Ebb Tide Photo Recap

Hello My Dear Dreadfuls, Here we are, finally continuing the recaps. Remember where we left off? This episode starts with Brona standing in a graveyard, looking sad


Daredevil: Introduction

Hello Daredevils, This will be a an extremely spoilery introduction/review/a sample of my Daredevil feelings (with cartoon hearts and flowers, just in case any of you


Birthday Notes To Myself (And To You)

Happy Birthday to me and everyone who's ever had a birthday happen to them! Congratulations! You're born. You've come so far! Whooo! *throws confetti* So dear me (and

Things To Do When You Need Hope

Someone asked me what I do when I need hope, so I made a list: If it’s not a temporary feeling, I talk to someone to tell them

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